Electric Towel Rails


·       This is a consumer information video, exclusively about electric towel rails.

·       It will answer the 8 questions below to fully educate both domestic end users, and tradesman. 

·       Note: We have separate videos for central heating towel rails… and for dual fuel towel rails (which run on both central heating and electric), so ensure you are watching the correct video.


Questions Answered in this Video (including time markers for each):


[01:14] 1. How do I calculate the required output? 

  • Includes details on two different ways to calculate the required heat output from your electric towel rail’: firstly using our heat requirement calculator and secondly how to work out the basic requirements in your head (if you’re a tradesman on a job etc).
  • See question 5 if you need to replace an element in your existing electric towel rail.

[02:07] 2. What’s the difference between Single Heat & Variable Heat?

  • Gives a detailed overview of the difference between single heat (fixed temperature) electric towel rails and variable heat (thermostatic) electric towel rails.
  • Also includes the features and benefits of both types and how to operate them.

[04:37] 3. What type of heating solution do they contain?

  • Explains how our water based heating solution is mixed with two additives and how Geyser fill and seal its electric towel rails before dispatch to a customer.

[05:27] 4. What Accessories might I need?

  • All electric towel rails are supplied filled and sealed with the heating element. This section gives a detailed overview of the accessory items on offer for ease of use, including: Timers,  Temperature Control Plates, Cable Housing Units and Cover Caps.

[07:57] 5. How do Geyser Calculate the Heat Outputs Listed?

  • Explains how we test the heat output of our electric towels rails.
  • Also gives guidance should you wish to replace the element in your existing electric towel rails.

[08:31] 6. What is the installation process?

  • Gives a thorough overview of what the electrician will do when fitting your electric towel rail and what you need to be aware of as the customer.
  • It also features very important information about commissioning your electric towel rail for thermal expansion during installation.

[11:44] 7. Are there any limitations where I can install and what does I.P. Rating mean?

  • Covers UK wiring legislations as to where you can and can’t install and the hazardous places to install electric towel rails in your bathroom.
Electric Zones for Installing Electric Towel Rails in Bathrooms

[13:17] 8. What’s the overall lifetime and likelihood of faults?

  • Aftercare and troubleshooting guidance for your electric towel rail and information about the after sales service on offer from Geyser.


After watching this video you will know all you need to know, to make an informed decision about purchasing an electric towel rail for your bathroom, utility room or kitchen.

We hope you find this, as part of our series of technical videos, helpful and thank you for watching.

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