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Geyser sells Designer Radiators, Electric Radiators, Heated Towel Rails and Electric Towel Rails.

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Heated Towel Rails

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BISQUE "Archibald" Heated Towel Rail - Geyser Designer Radiators
BISQUE "Archibald" Heated Towel Rail
Size (mm): 1230h x 525w

Electric Towel Rails

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"Chrome Straight" Electric Towel Rail - Geyser Designer Radiators
"Chrome Straight" Electric Towel Rail
Size (mm): 700h x 450w
TERMA "Incorner Nero" Black Electric Towel Rail - Geyser Designer Radiators
TERMA "Incorner Nero" Black Electric Towel Rail
Size (mm): 735h x 350w

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Designer Radiators

Looking to purchase a designer radiator..? That's maybe how you have arrived here on the Geyser Radiators website? This 'term' may have popped into your head, as you're looking for something a little more stylish than the standard panel radiator? Well now you are here on the Geyser website, let us help you expand on that term, as 'designer radiator' is quite generic, so you now need to ask yourself a few more questions.. Do you need a central heating designer radiator? If you already have pipework in your home, central heating is the more cost effective option. On the other hand, if you don't have any central heating pipework or don't want the high outlay required to install a full system, you should consider installing an electric radiator. Here at Geyser we offer the vast majority of our designer radiator designs in either fuel type, as clearly shown on each product page. We also offer lots of choice across vertical radiator and horizontal radiator designs, as a portrait designer radiator is the more modern choice, due the geometric difference between that and a standard white panel radiator. We also have a vast choice in landscape designer radiator designs, so having a consistent style throughout every room of your home is achievable. With this, rest assured you are on the best website to fulfil your idea of your perfect home, with our designer central heating radiators. Welcome..!!

Towel Radiators

& Heated Towel Rails

Not many people choose to have a standard panel radiator in their bathroom nowadays, as since the introduction of the heated towel rail, you have the combined functionality of drying towels and heating your bathroom at the same time. Many people automatically think of the chrome ladder heated towel rail, but don't let your mind stop there as there are a lot more design oriented towel rail choices than this. Here on the Geyser Radiators website you'll find so much more in the way of designs when looking for a bathroom radiator that also is a towel warmer. We suggest you look in either the stainless steel heated towel rails (Brushed Chrome) category if your taste is more modern or in the sparkling chrome heated towel rails category category if you prefer the conventional heated towel rail designs. We offer a multitude of shapes, sizes and designs from the small en suite size heated towel rail at just 560mm high or the large family bathroom heated towel rail at a whopping 1800mm high. With the addition of towel rail accessories such as towel rings to sit your towel off the bars you can further improve your heated towel rail in many different ways. So browse our heated towel rails section and see what we can do for you.

Electric Radiators

Lots of people are unaware of the extent in designs choices available for electric radiators. People imagine the standard electric heaters found in most modern apartment blocks. Well, you'll quickly see here on our website just how far reaching the styles and designs for electric radiators really are. In as little as 24 hours we can supply you with a fully working designer electric radiator, which can be installed by your electrician at your end in as little as 30 mins. You needn't go the extent of installing a central heating system into every room, especially if they aren't used very often. The heat output of each designer electric radiator is clearly listed and we highlight those electric heating options which give increased heat, such as our high heat output, Circolo range available as black electric radiators, white electric radiators and chrome electric radiators. The information doesn't stop here, be sure to read our dedicated technical advice guide on electric radiators to give you all the help and hints you'll need in purchasing from Geyser and understanding what you'll be receiving. So brows our electric radiators section today and see what we have to offer.

Electric Towel Rails

We can re-assure you that you have arrived at the best online portal for electric towel rails. We literally sell hundreds of these every week and receive great feedback about the products every time. Due to the volume we supply, we have invested in technology to aid us in assembling your electric towel rail to the highest standards. We have a dispensing system which contains the pre mixed heating solution used inside the rails with exactly the right amount of: 1. WATER mixed with 2. INHIBITOR (to protect the electric towel rail from rusting from the inside out), 3. SILENCER (to prevent the electric towel rail from making a bubbling noise like a kettle, when the solution heats up) and 4. ANTI FREEZE (to prevent the solution from solidifying should the temperature severely drop. All towel rail heating elements are provided loose so you can choose which side you prefer to locate this on, dependant on where the electric supply is coming from. You can read more in our dedicated electric towel rails technical advice guide, to give you all the information you need to know about these products. Should you wish to, you can also purchase just a towel rail heating element. So browse our electric heated towel rails section and see what we have to offer.

Dual Fuel

A dual fuel towel rail is one which uses the choice of either the central heating system or the electric supply to power your heated towel rail dependant on the season. For instance in winter you will have your entire central heating system running to power all your designer radiators and heated towel rails. However in summer you may only want the electric towel rail on, for taking a shower in the morning, not the rest of the system. This is where dual fuel allows you to select the electric option and use the electric towel rail on its own. Dual fuel is still relatively new and some plumbers and electricians are not even aware of it. Here on our website we have put together unique 'dual fuel packs' which are pre assembled with all the necessary parts and most importantly detailed fitting instructions with how to assemble and install your heated towel rail. For more information about dual fuel visit our dedicated dual fuel towel rail technical advice guide or look up the dual fuel packs from any central heating towel rail product page. So browse our dual fuel heated towel rails packs today to see what we have to offer.

Stainless Steel Radiators

If you're looking for the highest heat output you can find from your designer radiator then opting for a stainless steel base material is the best option for you. Like for like the stainless steel radiators give more heat as this material conducts heat much better than mild steel with a further exterior (ie paint or chrome). This will mean that your designer radiator will be much cooler to the touch.. and the room will be warmer. As opposed to a the radiator feeling very hot, but not necessarily the room. This is because chrome or painted exterior finishes tend to insulate the product. Stainless Steel radiators are also much less prone to rusting as this is a non ferrous material, therefore you will have a product which is guaranteed for a lifetime and will not need to be replaced in years to come as rust spots have appeared. We have a wealth of designs here on our website in both vertical stainless steel radiators (portrait) and horizontal stainless steel radiators (landscape), so you are able to find the right model for your home. You can read more information in our dedicated outer finish and base materials technical advice guide. So browse our impressive range of stainless steel designer radiators today and find the one that matches your home.

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