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Date: 5th Sept 2011 Title: Design Innovation on Flasteel Radiators = 17% Higher BTUs, New Landscape & Electric Models
  Associated Image 1: Detailed Shot of New Rear Collector Design
  Associated Image 2: Portrait Flasteel 1800x390 (Lifestyle Shot)
  Associated Image 3: Portrait Flasteel 1800x390 (on Black)
  Associated Image 4: Landscape Flasteel 390x1800 (on Black)
Date: 27th Aug 2009 Title:Geyser Launch New Product Catalogue
  Associated Image: Product Catalogue
Date: 15th Jul 2009 Title: Geyser Launch New Range of 'Square' and 'Flat Front' Valves
Date: 24th Jun 2009 Title: Geyser Launch New Range of Electric Radiators
Date: 1st Aug 2008 Title: Geyser Launch New Price Match and Price Comparisons Service
  Associated Image: Strider Radiator
Date: 1st July 2008 Title: Alex Ramsay Appointed as Marketing Manager

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