Thermostatic Electric Heaters | White Adax Neo Bianco Horizontal | 370h x 762w mm

Adax "NEO" Bianco (White), 'Convected Heat' Electric Heater
(370h x 762w)

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Adax "NEO" Bianco (White), 'Convected Heat' Electric Heater
  • "NEO" is a range of Electric "Convector" Panel Heaters from ADAX in a contemporary, slimline form to suit all modern interiors.
  • Available in three stock colour choices:
  • In addition you can special order the units:
  • "Convector" heaters work by convecting warm air up into your room through the vents located on top of the unit. They pull cold air in at the bottom, heat this up and project the warm air out at the top. Convection heaters are the standard functional heating you'll find in all apartment buildings or houses without a central heating system.
  • Convection provides super efficient heat up times, quickly transferring your room from cold to warm.
  • The heaters include an intuitive control panel located on the side of the unit and an LED display located on the front of the unit, making it easy to both set and verify the chosen temperature.
  • Each model comes pre-fitted with a UK 3 pin plug, meaning you can simply hang the heaters next to existing sockets in your home. We also offer feet (see accessories section right) if you wish to have them freestanding.
  • Neos have an in built 7 day timer & thermostat, that can be used in one of three modes Home, Office or "Cabin" (see below). Once programmed the units never need to be switched off.
  • For all models you'll need to pre select your desired heating temperatures for:
    • 1. 'Cutback' (basically when you're not at home or asleep and the unit is maintaining the temp not allowing the room to get too cold)
    • 2. 'Comfort' (when you're physically in the room and you require an ambient temperature) .
  • You will then choose to run the heater in one of these 3 modes as described below.
    • A. HOME mode: Suitable for typical homes - gives a low cutback temp overnight & during the working day; gives a comfort temp in the weekday morning and evenings. At a weekend it will only have the cutback overnight.
    • B. OFFICE mode: Suitable for offices used only during the working day - gives a low cutback temp overnight and at weekends, gives you a comfort temp during the day. If you are working overtime you can simply press a button to override the cutback for a 5 hour period.
    • C: "CABIN" mode: Suitable for rooms infrequently used giving a consistent cutback (frost safe) temp which you can easily switch to a comfort temp on your arrival.
  • Initially you'll be required to run the unit for a full 24 hour period at normal room temperature of 22 degrees for the unit to calibrate to the room in which it is installed.
  • When you first programme the timer function you'll be required to press a button over a 24 hour period at the actual time of the day you want the unit to operate (so if you require operation at 2pm and 10pm you'll need to press a button at those actual times of day) once set the unit remembers these settings.
  • If you wish to read the instructions supplied with the heater now ahead of buying it, click here to open these as a PDF file.
  • Note: If you want more advanced timer control other than any of the 3 modes described above (ie more blocks of time which you want the unit to be on/off over the course of 7 days) we suggest you purchase our external 7 day pre programmable timer which can then be set as required and offers up to 28 blocks of time over a 7 day period. (Plus all setting can be programmed at one time for the whole week unlike the unit itself which needs you to press a button as describes above). See accessories section to the right.
  • Note: These units do not offer any form of wireless, infrared or radio frequency operation. For these added benefits you'll need to look at one of more advanced electric radiator ranges on offer.
  • Note: These heaters must not have clothes placed on them and need to be free from obstructions being placed directly in front of them, to allow them to work efficiently.
  • All "Neo" units are landscape (horizontal) and cannot be installed as portrait (vertically).
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  • Heat Output: Watts (element): 1000
  • Heat Output: BTUs (element): 3410
  • Height (mm): 370
  • Width (mm): 762
  • Guarantee: 5 Years
  • Depth [wall to front inc brackets] (mm): 80
  • Base Material: Mild Steel
  • Outer Finish: Matt Smooth White
  • Compliancy: Should have Clearance of 150mm Above Heater and 50mm Below Heater on the wall
  • Volts (element): 230
  • Length of Wire (metres): 1.3
  • IP Rating (Ingress Protection): IP 20
  • Built-In Timer Function: Yes (offers limited control as described - not full 7 day programming)
  • Internal Operating Temp Range oc (of radiator using this element): 5 - 35 Degrees
  • Compatible with our External Timer Device: Yes
  • Quantity of Bars: 1 x flat Coloured Panel
  • Fixtures: 1 x Mounting Bracket and 4 Screws
  • Includes: Digital Temperature Display
  • Manufactured: Norway
  • Weight (Boxed) (kg): 5
  • H x W x D (Boxed) (mm): 790x400x100
  • Volume (ltrs) N/A

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