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"Maradja" {mah-rad-ja} from the Atlantic Group in France is quite simply the most technologically advanced, energy efficient electric radiator available in the UK.

Maradja offers wifi controlled electric heating operable through your smartphone or tablet device. Features SMART on board technology which can detect human presence to build up databank of usage patterns offering you self sufficient usage based on your movements in the home, when run in the 'Auto' mode. Dual heating incorporating both Radiant and Convected heat means electric radiators with very low running costs. The on board Energy Usage Meter will alert you if your energy consumption becomes too high. All units have built in radio frequency for wireless synchronisation where you can have master units driving other slave units. Features an 'Open Window' cut out feature to ensure you don't accidentally waste energy.

So, as you can see "Maradja" are truly state of the art, advanced electric radiators. Click through the icons below for even more detailed information.

"Oniris" Smart Electric Radiator Range
"Galapagos" Smart Electric Radiator Range
"Tatou" Electric Radiator Range
"F-18" Convector Heater Range
"Tatou" Electric Radiator Range
"Maradja" Electric Radiator Accessories

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