Designer Radiators | Stainless Steel Cubo Vertical | 2000h x 350w mm

Geyser "CUBO" Brushed Stainless, Designer Radiator
(2000h x 350w)

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Geyser "CUBO" Brushed Stainless, Designer Radiator
  • Cubo {italian for block} is made up of cubular uprights, closely positioned to create a unique looking flat fronted radiator, but with some depth to it.
  • This product will arrive in a bespoke size wooden crate, ensuring it is in no less than perfect condition for you.
  • NOTE: This model is supplied with an internal diverter which is a barrier inside at the bottom, to divert the water up and over inside the radiator to ensure all bars get hot (and the water doesn't just go in and back out again across the bottom). As such the radiator will need to be fitted to the wall the right way up, so this barrier is as the bottom and not at the top.
  • This model mounts both portrait or landscape (you'll find the landscape version in the relevant category).
  • MAY 2017 UPDATE: Heat Output Changes for Stainless Steel:
  • The listed heat output for this stainless steel product (as now seen on this page) has been altered from the previously listed heat outputs for the following reasons:
  • 1. the manufacturing plant used to produce this model has been changed
  • 2. the new models have a slightly different internal water flow
  • 3. a different heat output testing lab was used for the tests.

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