Thermostatic Electric Radiators | White Atlantic Maradja Horizontal | 380h x 876w mm

EX DISPLAY Maradja White Radiant & Convected Heat Electric Radiator
(380h x 876w)

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EX DISPLAY Maradja White Radiant & Convected Heat Electric Radiator

EX-DISPLAY model but in excellent condition and perfect working order. Bargain.

  • "Maradja" {mah-rad-ja} from Atlantic Group in France is quite simply the best electric radiator available in the UK. Let us explain why....
  • All radiators installed in France are electric, due to the country's investments in nuclear power, therefore French producer, Atlantic have developed this stand-out hero product for use in its native country where electric dominates.
  • "Maradja" in terms of its design and economical features eclipses any other top of its class electric radiator from any other country (including Germany, Italy and Spain).
  • Geyser is proud to offer 5 ranges of Atlantic electric radiator. Here they are ordered from basic to most advanced:
    1. F18 (basic convector heater)
    2. Tatou (radiant heat diffuser)
    3. Oniris (aluminium heat panel)
    4. Galapagos (oil filled)
    5. Maradja (cast iron heat exchange)
  • One of the joys with this offering is you can mix and match different ranges in different rooms.
  • Note: F18 does not feature Smartphone/Cozytouch compatibility but all other models are fully compatible (see notes futher below on Smartphone/Cozytouch).
  • The unit is stunning in its design. Electric radiators can look very industrial and like a commodity product, but "Maradja" features a unique double curve design made from one solid piece of high gloss white aluminium, so it looks much better than any other electric radiatior you'll find in the market.
  • It's a very modern, cutting edge, futuristic design.
  • This material will not yellow over time and will keep its bright white appearance unlike mild steel equivalent models.
  • Features an internal Cast Iron heat exchange, PLUS an additional aluminium heating film beneath the surface.
  • The Cast Iron heat exchange produces heat very economically. It has high levels of "inertia", which is the ability to continually emit consistent heat which is less prone to fluctuations in temperature, so very similar to central heating in its concept.
  • The Cast Iron heat exchange is the main source of the heat once the unit is up and running at full temperature.
  • The additional aluminium film, embedded with a heating element, located under the surface, produces heat very quickly for rapid heat up times of 40 degrees in just 5 minutes. This creates a very homogeneous (even) surface temperature across the unit.
  • "Maradja" is the perfect electric radiator for main rooms - lounges, dining area, kitchen diners in regular use as it will be the most economical option due to its Cast Iron Heat Exchange internal technology.
  • "Maradja" offers extremely low running costs and uses 45% less energy than its competitor units.
  • "Maradja" is focused on reducing energy consumption and ultimately reducing cost to you as the user, the unit actually features an "Energy Consumption Indicator" which actually shows you how much energy the unit is using, dependent on the chosen temperature, in line with the standard traffic light system (seen on all electrical appliances and energy companies) whereby GREEN to AMBER is OK and upwards towards Red the unit is consuming higher than average consumption.
  • All units (except "F18") feature an "Open Window" detection function where if there is a sudden drop in temperature (due to a window being opened) the unit will shut off, to prevent wasted energy consumption trying to compete with an open window.
  • Features a very advanced digital control panel, which displays the ambient room temperature (ie 20 degrees), located on the top of the unit under a neat flip top cover (to ensure children cannot easily access it).
  • Fully PRE PROGRAMMABLE 7 day timer functionality, whereby you set when the unit is on and off over a full 7 day period.
  • However they also have a very advanced AUTO programming feature, which utilises the units SMART intelligence whereby it can create its own cycle of use by monitoring your weekly usage patterns of the room in which it is installed. {Ie units in a dining room will remember the typical hours of the day people are present and gear itself to be operable around those times and in cutback mode when not in use}. Very clever SMART technology.
  • To enable the AUTO programming, models feature a LIGHT and MOTION detectors (located on the front of the unit) which used in combination can detect human presence. The unit then builds up data for the AUTO programming operable times. Note: Other radiators with only a single LIGHT or MOTION detection (and not both as with Atlantic) cannot create this intelligence in the same way as its the combination of the two sensors is needed for true human detection, so don't be fooled when comparing Atlantic models with other models).
  • When there is light and movement detection the unit sends a 5 volt message (from 50 miliseconds to 1 second) to the thermostat to operate. This is high level technical stuff!
  • The unit is operable through your SMARTPHONE or TABLET for full remote location control of the heating. Now you can be on the train on the way home from work; or on your way to your second home for a weekend away and you can switch on the heating just in time for when you arrive.
  • Compatible with Android or Apple (not compatible with Windows Store).
  • Allows you to programme the unit and full visualisation of the energy consumption.
  • You will require 1x additional Atlantic "Cozytouch" bridging device, plus a free to install app called "Cozytouch" on your smartphone/tablet. The bridging device enables the connection bridge between your internet router and the radiators.
  • All units (except "F18") also feature built in IO-HOMECONTROL radio frequency functionality whereby if you are installing more than one unit within a zone of the home, you can pair them all together.
  • The radio signal will synchronise the temperatures, operating modes and the absence/presence detection across all units.
  • Effectively in a given zone (ie a large lounge) one unit becomes the master and all other paired units then become the slave to that master unit. An effective way to wirelessly connect radiators together in the home.
  • Note: You can also zone a floor of the house across multiple rooms. If you only have partition walls this would be no issue but solid walls or a similar constructions could block the radio signal between different rooms.
  • The units are supplied without a plug on the end and should be wired into a Switched Fused Spur.
  • These units are "Class 2" electric products (just like a lawnmower or hand power drill) which means they are double insulated and don't require earthing like Class 1 products do. This means there is no earth wire coming from the unit, just the standard blue and brown wires.
  • The units also feature a black pilot wire, which you can link together in a daisy chain fashion, if you already have a compatible pilot wire interconnection heating system in your home. These controlled systems are provided by companies like DeltaSore or Siemens and Geyser don't supply these systems. Any compatible system needs to use GIFAM code.
  • Note: If you're planning to use "Cozytouch/Smartphone" or "IO Homecontrol Radio Frequency" the black pilot wire need not be used or connected.
  • Features an ASP outlet (Anti Sediment Process) which prevents sediments of dust particles moving vertically out of the unit and leaving dirty marks on the wall above the radiator (as you often see from some electric radiators).
  • These radiators are much more efficient than "storage heaters" and many customers are replacing storage heaters with these devices to save on energy bills and for better performance electric heating.
  • These units carry a 2 year guarantee. Note: Some electric radiators have a 2 year guarantee on the electronics and a longer guarantee on the physical shell. "Maradja" has one standard guarantee on everything (as its the electronics that are the important part in all cases and not the unit - that won't fail). Just like with a Mercedes and its 1 year guarantee and a Kia with its 7 year guarantee - the Mercedes is still the far superior product and it cannot be judged solely on its guarantee period.
  • More Questions? Click Here to Open the Installation and Instruction Manual supplied with "Maradja".
  • We advise if you are local to our Manchester showroom that you come and see the products on display and talk to us about them. If not please telephone us and we can give you further advice over the phone if needed.
  • Alex Ramsay, Director comments: "These are truly the best elecric radiators you can buy in the UK. I personally guarantee you this and this is why we are importing them for the UK market. You will not be dissapointed. Trust me. I am very passionate about what we sell and I love these products, so will you."

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  • Heat Output: Watts (element): 1000
  • Heat Output: BTUs (element): 3410
  • Height (mm): 380
  • Width (mm): 876
  • Depth [wall to front inc brackets] (mm): 144
  • Guarantee: 2 Years
  • Base Material: Aluminium Front Panel, Mild Steel Rear, Cast Iron Heat Exchange Inside
  • Outer Finish: Gloss Smooth White
  • Compliancy: CE Marked
  • Volts (element): 230; Class 2 (Double Insulated Design - No Earth Cable Required)
  • IP Rating (Ingress Protection): 24 (safe for use in bathroom)
  • Built-In Timer Function: Yes (full 7 day programming)
  • Fixtures: 2 Brackets, 4 Screws
  • Includes: Inbuilt 7 Day Programmable Timer
  • Manufactured: France
  • Weight (Boxed) (kg): 18.2
  • H x W x D (Boxed) (mm): tbc
  • Volume (ltrs) tbc

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