Geyser designer radiators. Manufactured in all modern materials such as stainless steel and aluminium. Vertical and horizontal radiators in bespoke and popular colours such as grey, anthracite, black and white. A large choice of electric heating radiators at online, direct, cheap prices.

Designer Electric Radiators

Black & Dark Grey (Portrait)
Shiny Chrome, Silver & Grey (Portrait)
Brushed Stainless (Portrait)
White (Portrait)
Cream, Brown & Lacquered Metal (Portrait)
Coloured (Portrait)
Black & Dark Grey (Landscape)
Shiny Chrome, Silver & Grey (Landscape)
Brushed Stainless (Landscape)
White (Landscape)
Cream, Brown & Lacquered Metal (Landscape)
Coloured (Landscape)
Traditional Bathroom Radiators
Mirror Radiators
Buying an Electric Radiator? – You Have Arrived at the Best Website to Cater for Your Needs. Here's why….

When searching for a new electric radiator, you'll be very impressed with the vast variety of styles and designs you'll find here on the Geyser website. Many electric radiators all look the same. Here at Geyser we offer a vast variety of stock colours (and bespoke custom colours). We offer both portrait (upright, vertical) electric radiators and landscape (lengthways, horizontal) electric radiators. This means we have an electric heating solution for the tightest of spaces.

We have a huge range from simple low price electric convection heaters right up to high end, economical to run, German manufactured electric radiators.

More importantly, however, you can read all of our expertly written technical information about electric heating which is unrivalled with any other radiator company you'll find elsewhere on the internet.

What are the different types of Electric Radiator on offer from Geyser?

Geyser offers three broad types of electric radiator:

  • The convected heat electric heaters work by pulling cold into the bottom of the unit and projecting warm air out of the top of the unit. We call these electric heaters and not electric radiators as technically they don't radiate.
  • The radiant heat electric radiators contain a water based, glycol heating solution and these emit heat from within, much like a standard central heating radiator.
  • The radiant + convected combination electric radiators are the most energy efficient as they use both forms of heat described above to achieve their heat; they are either OIL FILLED electric radiators or STONE FILLED substance based electric radiators, which store and emit radiated electric heat, in addition to the convection heat the units also give out.

For more info and in depth technical info on this, click the link to the electric radiators technical guide above.

How can I easily calculate the Wattage Requirements for my new Electric Radiator?

We offer a heat requirements calculator here on our website which caters for both electric heating as well as central heating. This means you can specify on the calculator that you intend to install electric radiators and the calculator will calculate your requirements in watts for you so you can instantly see how many kilowatts (1 kw = 1000 watts) you need from your heating.

Click the link above to calculate your electric radiator requirements or telephone us in 01204 695 387 and we can help you use the calculator over the phone with you.

How soon can I receive delivery of an Electric Radiator from Geyser?

Here at Geyser we spend a great deal of time and effort creating our easy-to-use web site for you to use to find the perfect electric radiator. All of our electric radiators are stocked at our Bolton, Manchester based warehouse meaning we can offer our customers next day delivery on all the models we display online. We also include specific delivery details for any items which are out of stock so you know how long you may have to wait for those products. Why wait for your purchase when you can enjoy your new radiator quickly?

Can you offer a variety of colours / shapes other than standard horizontal White Electric Radiators?

Warm your home up efficiently, but in style, with our wide choice of both portrait and landscape options, all available in a choice of different colours. It's very important to us that's you're completely satisfied with our products and service from the point of ordering, to delivery and easy installation, as well as its performance over time so we always welcome feedback from all our customers via our Trustpilot reviews page. Why not take a look to see what previous electric radiator customers have thought about their purchases from Geyser?

We include professional, clear images of the electric radiators from close up and all angles, which is something you don't often get to see until it physically arrives with you. Our electric radiators are organised into clear categories to make the different orientations and colours easy to select. Browse through our electric radiator range and you will be sure to find what you are looking for.

Where can I read more in depth technical information on Electric Radiators?

You can find more technical information on Electric Radiators by clicking here for our dedicated Technical Advice page.

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