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Looking for Dual Fuel? (central heating in winter & electric in summer)

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Electric Towel Rails from Geyser

If you are looking for an electric towel rail, supplied both filled and sealed with heating solution and complete with the required heating element, you have arrived at the best online solution for your needs. Our diverse range of electric towel rails come in an array of finishes, including:

We guarantee that you won’t find a wider variety elsewhere online, as Geyser have the largest online selection of electric towel rails in the UK. With over 150 different sizes and styles, you can rest assured that we have the perfect electric towel rail for you. With such a huge choice it is easy to find the perfect style to compliment your existing bathroom suite.

We are proud to offer the latest designs in contemporary electric heated towel rails guaranteed to suit all modern bathrooms. The options in this category range from simple to beautifully designed intricate styles, giving your bathroom a boutique hotel style makeover without breaking the bank.

Our traditional range of electric towel rails incorporate the more standard features of a central radiator housed within a floor mounted surround. Our unique range of styles in heated towel warmers not only resemble true ‘period’ bathroom accessories for the traditional style of  interior but are a practical addition to anyone’s bathroom.

Note: At present the traditional towel warmers only come in Single Heat and not Variable Heat electric (we shall be launching them in Variable Heat early 2010).

Our ladders rails come in both a straight and curved profile and feature large 22mm diameter tubes (better than the smaller 19mm tubes on a budget end rail). The larger the tube diameter the more heating solution it can store equalling increased heat output. All our chrome ladders rails have a high concentration of tubes, to maximise the heat output, with gaps included at appropriate places for the storage of hand and/or bath towels.

Truly Affordable Electric Towel Rails from Geyser 

Here at Geyser we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices on the web. We always have unique offers on electric towel rails starting at just £79. We promise to beat any price from competitors and then offer an extra £20 off, on all of our contemporary and traditional ranges. Here at Geyser we believe in high quality minus the high price tag allowing you to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom for less.

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