Single Heat Electric Heating Element | 600 watt Chrome

HT "PTC" Element (for Electric Towel Rail / Radiator), Single Heat, 600watt (Shiny Chrome)

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HT "PTC" Element (for Electric Towel Rail / Radiator), Single Heat, 600watt (Shiny Chrome)
  • Heating element for use in an Electric Towel Rail or Electric Radiator, to heat the solution in the closed off system (just like the element heats water in a kettle).
  • This element is single heat (ie one fixed temperature) and will heat to 65 degrees and then efficiently maintain that temperature. It doesn't have an on/off switch on the unit and will simply be controlled by your switched fusesd spur.
  • This element has a sparkling chrome exterior cap and a grey flex, so will match perfectly with chrome rails or radiators (FYI: we also sell a white cap and white flex version for use with white radiators or rails).
  • This element can also be used in conjuction with our programmable timer.
  • Note: An electric towel rail has to be filled with the appropriate solutions so if you are looking for an electric towel rail (as opposed to just an element), see our Electric Towel Rails category to see our range of rails that we sell as complete packages (pre filled, sealed and inclusive of the element).

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