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Element "TEMPERATURE CONTROL PLATE" with 2hr Boost (for Single Heat Elements Only) (White)

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Element "TEMPERATURE CONTROL PLATE" with 2hr Boost (for Single Heat Elements Only) (White)
  • "Temperature Control Plate" for use with a Single Heat Element to give you the extra functionality of:
    • Control of the Temperature
    • 2 Hr Temperature Boost Function.
  • Simple to use, with an "On/Off" button, "2 Hour Boost" button and + and - "Temperature Control" buttons.
  • Please Note: This device is not for use with a Variable Heat Element as the temp control function in this device will conflict with temperature control function within the variable heat element.
  • This unit has a White Finish (it is also available with a chrome finish).
  • IP55 rated, so it is perfectly safe in the bathroom environment.
  • Device can be fitted in replacement of the blank plate (normally situated next to the towel rail in bathroom).
  • Unit is earthed through the Patrice back box in the wall.
  • Can be installed at any height, so avoids you having to bend down to access buttons (like with our variable heat elements as their control panel will always be located at the bottom of the product).
  • How the "2 Hr Boost" Button works: If unit is switched ON the 2 hr boost button will take it up to full temp for 2 hours then return it back to the setting it had before it was pressed. If unit is switched OFF the 2hr boost button will switch on the unit at full temp for 2 hours, then switch it back off again.
  • Unit works on the basis that it regulates the number of seconds per minute that the element is running at its normal temperature.
    • Setting 5: Runs for 60 seconds of every minute.
    • Setting 4: Runs for 48 seconds of every minute.
    • Setting 3: Runs for 36 seconds of every minute.
    • Setting 2: Runs for 24 seconds of every minute.
    • Setting 1: Runs for 12 seconds of every minute.
  • Therefore the winter setting may need to be increased from the summer setting.. as the elements will need more power as it will be colder and there is no true 'thermostatic' control at work here. Power is controlling the temperature.
  • Note: This unit can be used in conjunction with our "Pre Programmable Timer Device", which can be set to switch on this device as required at different times of the day.
  • The plate may be used to operate 2x electric towel rails or 2x electric radiators as long as the combined wattage doesn't exceed 1000watts.
  • NOTE: The temperature control plate is fitted with a built-in 5 Amp circular fuse.
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  • Height (mm): 85
  • Width (mm): 85
  • Depth [wall to front inc brackets] (mm): 15
  • Guarantee: 2 Years (guarantee will be invalid if fitted with a Variable Heat element, as device only for Single Heat elements)
  • Base Material: Plastic
  • Outer Finish: Brilliant White
  • Compliancy: CE Marked. Please Note: Item is fully compliant for use in the bathroom. Unit will work with PTC and non PTC Type Element (Note: All Geyser Elements are PTC Type).
  • Appliance Class: Class 1 (contains an Earth wire)
  • IP Rating (Ingress Protection): 55 (so safe in bathroom enivironment)
  • Internal Operating Temp Range oc (of radiator using this element): Compatible with: 150w to 1000w Elements
  • Fixtures: Fits over a 85mm Back Box (not supplied), 2 Screw Holes, U Cutaway for Securing Cable

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