Mirror Radiators | Chrome Empoli Cromo Vertical | 1800h x 600w mm

Geyser "EMPOLI" Cromo (Shiny Chrome), Single Panel, Mirror Radiator
(1800h x 600w)

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Geyser "EMPOLI" Cromo (Shiny Chrome), Single Panel,  Mirror Radiator
  • This Italian hand-made designer radiator has unique dual functionality as it combines an elegant flat panel radiator with a fabulous floor length mirror down the centre.
  • We offer the "Empoli in 5 different finishes 1xchrome and 4x painted finish (note that paint offers up to 20% extra heat output than chrome due to the fact that chrome insulates the radiator, just like tin foil in the oven). Use these handy likes to swtich between the different finishes:
  • We offer the "Empoli" in 2x chrome sizes and 3x painted sizes:
    • Chrome
      • 1800h x 600w (single panel)
      • 1800h x 750w (single panel)
      • (chrome cannot be made double)
    • Painted Finish
      • 1800h x 600w (single panel)
      • 1800h x 659w (DOUBLE panel)
      • 1800h x 759w (DOUBLE panel)
  • The mirror itself is approx 285mm wide.
  • Mirror radiators look great in the lounge or kitchen for bouncing extra light around the room and a focal point for all of your guests to savour and look into.
  • They also look equally great in the hallway or bedroom where they are perfect for checking your outfit in the full length mirror before heading out for the night.
  • This product is also suitable for the bathroom where the heat from the bars will assist in preventing the mirror from steaming up.
  • We recently donated one of our chrome 1800x600 Empoli models to the Sky1 TV Show, "Bang Goes The House", click this link to watch the snippet of footage relating to this designer radiator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGiXMdCBdLU.

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  • As this product is fragile and won't carry through the normal courier network, it will be sent on a specialist delivery service, ensuring it doesnt arrive damaged in any way. This may arrive strapped to a pallet or with a specialist dedicated delivery driver.
  • It is a two working day service*, if ordered up to 2 oclock on the day of ordering.
    • For Example:
      Ordered Mon before 2
      = Delivered Wed etc
      Ordered Mon after 2
      = Delivered Thu etc
      Ordered at weekend
      = Delivered Wed
  • Note: * Some remote locations are longer at a 3-5 working day service. In every scenario once you place your order, you will either receive a phone call from the specialist carrier or an email from Geyser to notify you when you can expect delivery.

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  • Delivery available in Feb (5th - 15th)

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