Radiator Accessories | Sparkling Chrome Pipe & Collar Set | 15mm Diameter | 284mm Length

"PIPE & COLLAR SET", 15(diam), 284(len), Chrome Plated Copper

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"PIPE & COLLAR SET", 15(diam), 284(len), Chrome Plated Copper
  • A pair of 15mm Diameter Sparkling Chrome "Pipes" and "Collars".
  • These can be soldered onto your copper pipes (as shown in the image above) to give you a much nicer aesthetic finish for the part of the pipework that will be on show (ie the part sticking up through the floor).
  • Note: If you have a Micro Bore system (with 10mm or 8mm diameter pipes), you can simply slide these over the top of your existing copper pipes to give a chrome finish.
  • Typically these are only required if your pipes are coming through the floor (as when they come from the wall you won't really see the pipework behind the valve anyway).
  • Supplied with two circular floor covers (aka collars/shrouds) to hide drill holes.
  • Each tube is 284mm long and can be cut by your plumber to the desired length. (Note: If you would like the pipes to be longer than 284mm please telephone us and we can cut the pipes longer if needed - price for which will be confirmed via phone).
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  • Height (mm): 284
  • Width (mm): 15
  • Guarantee: N/A
  • Base Material: Copper
  • Outer Finish: Shiny Chrome
  • Tube Diameter (mm): 15
  • Includes: 2x Plastic Collars (Floor/Wall Covers)
  • Manufactured: UK

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