Stainless Steel Radiators | Stainless Steel Flasteel Double Panel Vertical | 1800h x 390w mm

Geyser "FLASTEEL" Brushed Stainless, DOUBLE Panel, Designer Radiator
(1800h x 390w)

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Geyser "FLASTEEL" Brushed Stainless, DOUBLE Panel, Designer Radiator
  • "Flasteel" {denoting flat + stainless steel} is made up from brushed stainless steel, slimline panels which will sit neatly against the wall making a stylish but unobtrusive radiator design, where its simplicity is what makes it so striking.
  • This product features a square profile rear collector bar, which helps to strengthen the bars, so for exmaple if anyone leant against this for warmth the bars won't flex in any way.
  • Although the bars are very flat in design, this is Grade 304 stainless steel, so feels very sturdy and strong. Some budget range stainless steel radiators have a very thin wall of stainless, similar in feel to a thickness of a baked bean can. By comparison this product feels as durable as the base plate of an iron.
  • Available in both single and double panel models:
    • "Single Panel" means that this model has a single layer of flat bars.
    • "Double Panel" have an extra layer of bars, giving twice the heat output from a radiator of the same height and width.
  • Some models of "Flasteel" are held in stock and other models are special order items, made to order.
  • This product will arrive in a bespoke size wooden crate, ensuring it is in no less than perfect condition for you.
  • Note: We also sell a Towel Bar for the Flasteel, in case you are considering installing this model in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • MAY 2017 UPDATE: Heat Output Changes for Stainless Steel:
  • The listed heat output for this stainless steel product (as now seen on this page) has been altered from the previously listed heat outputs for the following reasons:
  • 1. the manufacturing plant used to produce this model has been changed
  • 2. the new models have a slightly different internal water flow
  • 3. a different heat output testing lab was used for the tests.

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