Vertical Designer Radiator | Metallic Chocolate Brown Circolo | 1800h x 370w

Geyser "CIRCOLO" Metallic Chocolate (Brown), Designer Radiator
(1800h x 370w)

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Geyser "CIRCOLO" Metallic Chocolate (Brown), Designer Radiator
  • Our "Circolo" {sir-coe-lo} radiator range has been designed with large capacity, cylindrical tubes, which not only look great.. but give a massive heat output compared to a flat panel radiator... a true piece of wall art.
  • "Circolo" is our best value for money radiators as the BTUs per GBP spent is very high, so they are very economical for the heat they will give you in return for your outlay.
  • We offer the "Circolo" range in a whopping EIGHT different stock colours, all available as next day delivery from our Bolton, Manchester based warehouse. Use these handy links to switch between colours within the range:
    1. CHROME:
    2. BLACK:
    3. WHITE:
    4. PALE GREY:
    5. CREAM:
    6. SAND BROWN:
    8. DARK GREY:
  • Additionally you could choose your own bespoke custom colour on a 4-5 week lead time. Follow the links below to see what other colours we have on offer:CUSTOM COLOURS:
  • Even more... We have also launched some EXCLUSIVE 3D FINISHES for "Circolo" which are available on a 4-5 week lead time:
  • Features super flexible, high quality mounting brackets for easy installation.
  • "Circolo" is available in 9 different stock sizes as listed below. One of the great features of this range of the same physical model can be mounted portrait or landscape (so the bars run horizontally left to right, or vertically up and down) and as such each model appears in both the landscape and portrait radiator sections of the website (this excludes the 3 models marked with an asterick which are landscape models only):
    1. 500 x 865 (16 bars)*
    2. 500 x 1195 (22 bars)*
    3. 500 x 1470 (27 bars - special order)*
    4. 1200 x 260 (5 bars)
    5. 1200 x 370 (7 bars)
    6. 1800 x 260 (5 bars)
    7. 1800 x 370 (7 bars)
    8. 1800 x 480 (9 bars)
    9. 1800 x 590 (11 bars)
  • We also offer a range of towel bars for the Circolo range, see the expandable accessories section, right.
  • In case you are planning to install these throughout the home and would like the consistency throughout:
    • We also offer a matching profile heated towel rail range called "Cirtowelo" {sir-tow-lo}.
    • We also offer a matching profile radiator with a full lenfth mirror down the centre of it called "Circolo Reflecto".


  • We can offer this range in your own bespoke size. Simply call us with your dimensions or target heat output and we can provide a quote for a "Circolo" to suit your own space.
    • X DIMENSION: Any height up to 2500mm.
    • Y DIMENSION: Governed by the quantity of bars.
  • Lead time for a bespoke size Circolo will be 4-5 weeks from order.
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  • Heat Output: BTUs (delta t60) 6271
  • Heat Output: Watts (delta t60): 1839
  • Height (mm): 1800
  • Width (mm): 370
  • Guarantee: 6 Years
  • Depth [wall to front inc brackets] (mm): 96 to 104 (adjustable bracket system)
  • Base Material: Low Carbon Mild Steel
  • Salt Tested (anti corrosion): ASTM B117
  • Outer Finish: Metallic Chocolate: Matt Rough Textured, Bitter Chocolate Brown (very similar to the colour of Dark Chocolate) with a slight gold reflective sparkle (special non RAL colour)
  • Pipe Centres (mm) Note: We advise not installing pipework until the product physically arrives due to variances.: Sides: 370 plus Valve Widths, Undersides: 330
  • Wall to Centre of Inlet (mm): Sides: 45 , Undersides: 80
  • Tube Diameter (mm): 40
  • Compliancy: British EN442
  • Quantity of Bars: 7 Bars
  • Fixtures: 4 x Easily Adjustable Matching Brackets
  • Includes: Bleed Valve & Blank Plug
  • Total No. of Tappings: 7 (2x valves; 1x bleed; 4x blanks)
  • Side Tappings (Valve Entries): Yes
  • Your Pipes Thru Wall Use: Flat Front Valves
  • Your Pipes Thru Floor Use: Angled Valves
  • Underside Tappings (Valve Entries): Yes
  • Your Pipes Thru Floor Use: Straight Valves
  • Your Pipes Thru Wall Use: Flat Front Valves
  • Directional Flow (Loc. of Water In vs Water Out): All Circolo models supplied with a diverter plug (for even heat distribution) which must be fitted by plumber as per instructions supplied (straightforward).
  • Manufactured: Europe
  • Pressure Tested (bars): 10 Bars
  • Weight (Boxed) (kg): 22
  • H x W x D (Boxed) (mm): 1920x440x85
  • Volume (ltrs) 15.31

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