Thermostatic Electric Towel Rail | Chrome Cirtowelo Blanco | 755h x 520w mm

Geyser "CIRTOWELO" Cromo (Shiny Chrome), Electric Towel Rail: Full Temp. Control
(755h x 520w)

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Geyser "CIRTOWELO" Cromo (Shiny Chrome), Electric Towel Rail: Full Temp. Control
  • "Cirtowelo" {sir-tow-lo} is a range of cylindrical profile heated towel rails of the very highest manufacturing quality, perfect for a family bathroom full of wet towels, or as a secondary drying facility for your wet laundry in the winter time.
  • The larger the diamater of the bars on a heated towel rail, the more water it holds and the higher the heat output. This range has 40mm diameter bars as opose to the much smaller 22m bars on a standard towel rail, so offers a truly great heat output, equal to any large bathroom radiator.
  • "Cirtowelo" is our best value for money heated towel rails as the BTUs per GBP spent is very high, so they are very economical for the heat they will give you in return for your outlay.
  • Once installed there is plenty of distance behind the rail for getting large bath towels over the large bars and comfortably down the back, whilst retaining an overall projection of 123 to 131 mm from wall to front.
  • We offer the "Cirtowelo" range in a whopping SEVEN different stock colours. Majority of fast selling models are all available as next day delivery from our Bolton, Manchester based warehouse. Some models are a special order on a 4-5 week lead time. The top four colours are available as listed and then the lower three colours are available as listed separately under those.
    • CHROME (cromo)
    • BLACK (nero)
    • PALE GREY (grigio)
    • WHITE (blanco)
      • STOCK:
        • 590h x 900w, 755h x 520w, 1080h x 520w, 1360h x 520w, 1800h x 520w
        • 1580h x 520w
    • CREAM (latte)
    • CHOCOLATE BROWN (metallic chocolate)
    • DARK GREY (metallic gunmetal)
      • STOCK:
        • 590h x 900w, 755h x 520w
        • 1080h x 520w, 1580h x 520w, 1360h x 520w, 1800h x 520w
  • Additionally you could choose your own bespoke custom colour on a 4-5 week lead time. Visit the custom colour category to see what we have on offer.
  • The "Cirtowelo" range is the same bar design as the "Circolo" radiator range, so if you are kitting out a whole house or bedroom and en suite you may want to consider the "Cirtowelo" and "Circolo" range together?
Electrical Specification:
  • This electric towel rail contains a water based heating solution with 2 Fernox glycol compound additives: 1. Boiler Noise Silencer (which eliminates the kettle type sound from within) 2. Rust Inhibitor (which eliminates lime scale, with anti freeze & anti corrosion).
  • The electric towel rail will arrive fully sealed with 3x blank plugs and 1x bleed valve, all with PTFE tape fitted around the threads (for a water tight seal).
  • Your electrician will simply turn the electric towel rail upside down, to remove the left/right underside blank plug (your choice which side) and screw the element into place, which is also pre fitted with PTFE tape.
  • IMPORTANT: Our comprehensive double sided A4 fitting instructions are included, with detailed notes on how to correctly commission your electric towel rail for internal THERMAL EXPANSION, which *must* be carried out during installation by your electrician.
  • 2x heating elements supplied with the largest models of "Cirtowelo" (1580mm high & 1800mm high) to effectively heat the high volume of heating solution in this high capacity model, giving even heat distribution. Both of these elements can be wired into the same fused spur. Click Here for More Info About Installing and Operating 2x Elements.
  • The highly advanced thermostatic heating element supplied (as shown) has '+' and '-' buttons to adjust the temp, across 5 settings, in increments of 7.5 degrees (each LED will flash whilst warming and then turn static once that temp is achieved).
  • Elements also feature a very handy 2HR COUNTDOWN BOOST Drying Function, whereby: 1. if pressed when off will switch on for 2 hours at your chosen temp, then back off again; 2. if pressed when on will run at your chosen temp for 2 hours and return to previous temp setting. Note: Element also works with our separate fully pre-programmable 7 day timer (see accessories section, right).

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