Aluminium Radiators | White Torpedo Blanco Shallow Horizontal | 600h x 595w mm

Geyser "TORPEDO" {Shallow} Bianco (White), Aluminium Radiator
(600h x 595w)

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Geyser "TORPEDO" {Shallow} Bianco (White), Aluminium Radiator
  • Torpedo is a very exciting, stunning, range of extruded aluminium radiators exclusively designed and sold by Geyser.
  • Take the time to read this information we have written here to fully understand the ground breaking advantages of what Torpedo offers you and why it is unique.


  • Torpedo holds 40-60% less water content, compared with a similar sized mild steel radiator, so it's much more energy efficient. The usage of hot water drawn from your boiler is reduced by 40-60%. You will see reduced energy bills!
  • In terms of energy efficiency, Torpedo produces heat from two different methods: RADIANT heat from the water contained within (just as with any standard radiator) and CONVECTED heat whereby the open chambers pull in cold air through the bottom and eject warm air out of the top. This is why the finishing caps across the top and bottom have a neat, little square grill design, to aid this chimney effect of convected heat. These dual forms of heat mean less energy is used and the room is heated by two heat sources at the same time, not just one.
  • So that's 2 major energy efficiency factors with Torpedo: 40-60% less water content and dual forms of heat production: Radiant & Convected.


  1. TORPEDO SHALLOW: The flat, low projection version (at just 73mm from wall to front of radiator), where the bars sit horizontal and flat against the wall, in symmetrical pairs of opposing round ended profiles. Great for rooms where you don't want the radiator to project too far into the room.
  2. TORPEDO PROJECTED: The deeper profile version where every bar projects forward into the room. The radiator can be installed either way round so 1. The rounded profiles face forward creating a convex visual finish or 2. The recessed profiles face forward for a concave visual finish. Great for rooms where you don't have a large amount of wall space but need a high heat output.
  3. TORPEDO OPPOSITES: This third option lines the bars in a projected fashion into the room, but each bar is at juxtapositions to the bar next to it. The visual effect is a wave type combination of alternating projected then recessed bars across the front profile. Also great for rooms where you don't have a large amount of wall space but need a high heat output.


  • Torpedo is available in four contemporary, very, very slightly sparkled, slightly textured, matt finishes. The finishes are:
  1. Blanco (white)
  2. Mocha (sand brown)
  3. Fumo (anthracite)
  4. Silvio (silver)


  • The finer detailing of Torpedo is truly what differs it from any other aluminium range on the market:
  • Finishing caps run across both the top and bottom of Torpedo which is a much hgher specification than normally found in the UK. At Geyser we have focused on the finer details and this makes a striking difference when you see the radiators, being finished to perfection both top and bottom, which you can clearly see on all models as the caps stylishly contrast with main colour.
  • The colour of the finishing caps on Torpedo are a matt, satin chrome (non shiny) colour to better match with the matt textured finish of the radiators. Again, a higher specification than most aluminium radiators in the UK market that have shiny chrome finishing caps. 
  • Torpedo uniquely offers the choice of both SIDE or UNDERSIDE entry for the valves. With the valves entering underneath the radiator you get a much neater finish. Again this costs more to manufacture, hence you don't find something similar elesewhere. We have put design front and centre with the Torpedo range.
  • Torpedo is supplied with unique cover caps to cover the bleed and blank plugs located on the sides. These are in matching satin chrome colour, the same colour as the finishing caps across the top and the same colour as the Geyser branding, once again, the design is coherent.
  • Torpedo is a sensational range when it comes to high heat outputs. You will find radiators in this range with heat outputs upto a staggering 14,000+ BTUs.
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