Aluminium Radiators | White Torpedo Blanco Shallow Horizontal | 600h x 595w mm

Geyser "TORPEDO" {Shallow} Bianco (White), Aluminium Radiator
(600h x 595w)

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Geyser "TORPEDO" {Shallow} Bianco (White), Aluminium Radiator
  • Torpedo is a very exciting, stunning, range of extruded aluminium radiators exclusively designed and sold through Geyser.
  • Take the time to read this information we have written here (approx 10 minutes) to fully understand the thought process behind this range and why it is so unique in terms of what Torpedo offers you.


  • First and foremost Torpedo holds 40-60% less water content, compared with the corresponding size, mild steel equivalent, so it's much more energy efficient on the usage of water pulled from your boiler by 40-60%. This means you'll see reduced energy bills!
  • Secondly in terms of energy efficiency, Torpedo produces heat from two different methods: RADIANT heat from the water contained within (just as with any standard radiator) and CONVECTED heat whereby the open chambers pull in cold air through the bottom and eject warm air out of the top. This is why the finishing caps across the top and bottom have neat little square grill designs, to aid this chimney effect of convected heat. So the dual forms of heat mean less energy is used as the room is being heated from two heat sources at the same time, not just one.
  • So that's 2 major energy efficiency factors with Torpedo: 40-60% less water content and dual forms of heat production: Radiant & Convected.


  • Torpedo is available in three different styles which all utilise the same extruded aluminium profile (FYI: extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross sectional profile, where aluminium is pushed through a die of the desired cross-section):
  1. TORPEDO {shallow}: The flat, low projection version (at just 73mm from wall to front), where the bars line up flat against the wall, in symmetrical pairs of opposing round ended profiles, for a contoured start and end design.
  2. TORPEDO {projected}: The deeper profile version where every bar is lined up in a uniform fashion, which can be installed either way round: A. So the rounded profiles curve forward for a convex front finish or B. So the recessed profiles curve inward for a concave front finish.
  3. TORPEDO {opposites}: This third option lines the bars up at juxtapositions (direct opposites) to each other so you get a wave type combination of alternating projected then recessed bars across the front profile. This version is unlike any other radiator on the market in its profile and very unique - like a piece of art.


  • Torpedo is available in four contemporary matt finish, colours:
  1. Blanco (matt textured white)
  2. Mocha (matt textured sand brown)
  3. Fumo (matt textured dark grey)
  4. Silvio (matt textured silver)
  • All finishes are stunning matt texture. The fumo, silvio and mocha finishes have an even grainier sand like texture than the matt white and a slight reflective shimmer to them.
  • NEWS UPDATE: In early Nov 2015 the white coloured models was upgraded to a matt, textured finish and no longer supplied in the previous silky, gloss, smooth finish (as listed in our Issue 5 catalogue). The matt finish is far superior and looks a lot better aestheteically than the previous silk, glossy smooth finish. As such, the prices of all the white models were increased to bring them in line with the 3 colours (where prior to Nov 2015 the white models were slightly cheaper).


  • The finer detailing of Torpedo is truly what differs it from any other aluminium range on the market:
  • Finishing caps run across both the top and bottom of the radiator, where most extruded aluminium radiators only have caps running across the top (to save money) and nothing across the bottom. Here at Geyser we have focused on the finer details and this makes a striking difference when you see the radiators, being finished to perfection both top and bottom, which you can clearly see on all models as the caps contrast the main colour.
  • The colour of the finishing caps on Torpedo are a matt, satin chrome (non shiny) colour to better match with the matt textured finish of the radiators. Most aluminium radiators have shiny chrome finishing caps across just the top, which in comparison look cheaper and far less stylish. Go and compare and you'll see for yourself!
  • Torpedo uniquely offers the choice of both SIDE or UNDERSIDE entry for the valves. All extruded aluminium radiators (other than Torpedo) only offer side entry for the valves which means you'll have ear like valves on either side. With the valves entering underneath the radiator you get a much neater finish. Again this costs more to manufacture, hence you don't find it, but we have put design at the forefront with Torpedo.
  • Torpedo is supplied with unique cover caps to cover the unsightly bleed and blank plugs located on the sides. Geyser has produced the tooling to produce these caps and this range comes with these caps included as standard. These are in matching satin chrome colour, the same colour as the finishing caps across the top and the same colour as the Geyser branding stickers, so everything is coherent.
  • Both the {projected} and {opposites} versions of Torpedo offer a bar ratio of 3:1 compared with {shallow} version, so both offer triple the heat output of {shallow} size for size and reach heat outputs of a staggering 14,000+ BTUs.

  • Finally, Alex Ramsay, director comments: "We are very proud of the 'Torpedo' range. A lot of time and effort went into designing this range and I hope this shows. You'll be hard pushed to find another aluminium radiator range which offers everything described above. If you need any aspects described above explaining further please get in touch. Customers love Torpedo and you will too, I assure you. Thanks, Alex."
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