Traditional Column Radiators | Bespoke Custom Irsap Tesi 4 Vertical | 900h x 339w mm

Irsap "TESI 4" (Custom Colour), Vertical, 4 Column Deep, Traditional Radiator
(900h x 339w)

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Irsap "TESI 4" (Custom Colour), Vertical, 4 Column Deep, Traditional Radiator
  • Geyser is proud to offer our traditional radiators in bespoke custom colours, available as a SPECIAL ORDER item on a 4 to 6 week lead time.
  • Here we present 16 different colour options, all professionally presented showing you a how the full size radiator will look in each colour.
  • Some of the colours shown above are smooth, flat colours and others are matt, textured colours. See the respective descriptions on each colour for detailed notes of the textures.
  • All SPECIAL ORDER colours are strictly non returnable for change of mind reasons, as the item has been made specifically for you. The items will carry the usual manufacturer guarantee, where should an item develop a fault within its guarantee, once verified by Geyser, it will be replaced with a new item (which will carry the same 4 to 6 week lead time as the original order).
  • All of these colours are on display in our showroom in Bolton, Lancashire. See showrooms page for more details.
  • As you can see the 16x colour selection above includes some RAL colours. However if you'd prefer a RAL colour which is not shown in the 16 x colours above, here is a list of the additional RAL colours you can choose from which ARE included in the price shown for this size model on this page.
  • RAL 3015, Rosa (Pink): Cod. R2
  • RAL 3018, Rosso Fragola (Strawberry Red): Cod. Y3
  • RAL 3000, Rosso (Red): Cod. 05
  • RAL 3003, Amaranto (Claret): Cod. 06
  • RAL 3005, Vinaccia (Grape Marc): Cod. H9
  • RAL 1021, Giallo (Yellow): Cod. 04
  • RAL 1028, Giallo Melone (Melon Yellow): Cod. E7
  • RAL 2004, Arancio (Orange): Cod. 17
  • RAL 8004, Marrone Ruggine (Brown Rust): Cod. E1
  • RAL 8017, Marrone (Brown): Cod. 09
  • RAL 1013, Avorio (Ivory): Cod. 02 (STOCK COLOUR FOR GEYSER - SEE CREAM SECTION)
  • RAL 4006, Porpora Traffico (Purple Traffic): Cod. R6
  • RAL 4005, Lilla Bluastro (Bluish Lilac): Cod. R3
  • RAL 5014, Blu Colomba (Blue Dove): Cod. G9
  • RAL 5024, Blu Pastello (Pastel Blue): Cod. G7
  • RAL 6021, Verde Salvie (Sage Green): Cod. E6
  • RAL 6018, Verde Erba (Green Grass): Cod. N3
  • RAL 6005, Verde Bosco (Woodland Green): Cod. 19


  • The "Tesi" range of Traditional Column radiators from reputable brand, IRSAP, are extremely high quality products covered by a 10 year guarantee, available in an extensive range of sizes and colours. Bespoke custom sizes are also available, more information further down this page.
  • The IRSAP manufacturing plant, located just outside of Venice, is state of the art and all radiators are laser welded on huge robotic arms which ensure absolute precision and consistent quality across every model.
  • All of these radiators are supplied with an internal diverter (radiator baffle) which forces the water up and over inside the product, which ensures all the bars get equally hot. This is removeable in case the plumber wants to pipe in from the top and out from the bottom. In this case the diverter won't be needed.
  • FOR THE FITTER: This radiator will be heavy once filled with water. It is supplied with standard wall mounting brackets, which are very strong. However if you know you have weak timber frame walls we strongly suggest you also consider the following:
    • ordering some special plaster board plugs - see our accessories catagory our website.
    • special ordering your radiator with welded feet, which are floor standing feet, fitted to the radiator, supplied in the same style and colour as the columns of the radiator, so you can mount the product on the floor. These have to be fitted at time of manufacture so your radiator will incur a 4-6 week lead time.
    • ordering additional gravity support feet for the product - only compatible with white, black, cream or lacquered metal which will be in addition to the standard wall brackets supplied. These can be purchased here on the website today allowing you next day delivery of the radiator and the gravity support feet.
  • To the right of this description there are clickable drop downs showing the available types of accessory we offer to match these column radiators.
  • All special order colours carry a 4 to 6 week lead time from order. Lead times are a guide not a promise but we achieve these 90% of the time.
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Note: You can buy any of the colours displayed in matrix above, here on our website by using the drop down below. If you require a bespoke RAL, please place your order by phone.

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