Electric Towel Rail | Chrome Lineo | 1400h x 500w mm

Geyser "LINEO" Cromo (Shiny Chrome), Electric Towel Rail: One Fixed Temp.
(1400h x 500w)

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Geyser "LINEO" Cromo (Shiny Chrome), Electric Towel Rail: One Fixed Temp.
  • "Lineo" is a modern range of square profile heated towel rails, with a linear geometric design.
  • Every model is supplied as standard with unique "Concealed Caps" which cover the bleed valve and blank plug at the top of the rail, so they are hidden from view.
  • Each model is supplied with matching square profile, high quality wall brackets.
  • "Lineo" is ideal for drying wet laundry in the winter months as the wide open gaps mean you can put your wet clothes across every bar, aming full use of the height. If you can afford the height opt for the 1700mm high model.
  • We offer the "Lineo" range in SIX different stock colours:
    • CHROME (cromo)
    • BLACK (nero)
    • WHITE (blanco)
    • CREAM* (latte)
    • CHOCOLATE BROWN* (metallic chocolate)
    • DARK GREY* (metallic gunmetal)
  • Note: In the colour ranges marked with an asterisk we don't offer every single size as stock and some are special order sizes.
  • The "Lineo" range is available in 7 different sizes, as follows:
    • 500h x 500w*
    • 500h x 900w*
    • 800h x 500w*
    • 1100h x 350w
    • 1100h x 500w*
    • 1400h x 500w
    • 1700h x 500w.
  • Models with * are designed with a unique "Splitter Bar" feature, which allows you to store: 'his/her face towels' or a 'face flannel/hand towel' in separate compartments at the top of the rail, keeping your rail neat and organised.
  • Remember that chrome offers a lower heat output than a painted finish (due to its insulating thermal properties) so the 5x non chrome colours will offer slightly heat output than the chrome models size for size.
  • FANCY A DIFFERENT COLOUR?!! You can also order the Lineo range in any bespoke RAL colour of your choice. See the bespoke custom colours category for more information.

Electrical Specification:

  • This electric towel rail contains a water based heating solution with 2 Fernox™ glycol compound additives: 1. Boiler Noise Silencer (which eliminates the kettle type sound from within) 2. Rust Inhibitor (which eliminates lime scale, with anti freeze & anti corrosion).
  • The electric towel rail will arrive fully sealed with 3x blank plugs and 1x bleed valve, all with PTFE tape fitted around the threads (for a water tight seal).
  • Your electrician will simply turn the electric towel rail upside down, to remove the left/right underside blank plug (your choice which side) and screw the element into place, which is also pre fitted with PTFE tape.
  • IMPORTANT: Our comprehensive double sided A4 fitting instructions are included, with detailed notes on how to correctly commission your electric towel rail for internal THERMAL EXPANSION, which *must* be carried out during installation by your electrician.
  • This Single Heat (fixed temperature) element can be used in conjunction with: 1. Our "Temperature Control Plate" (with 2hr boost function); 2. Our separate fully pre-programmable 7 day timer (see accessories section, right, for both of these devices).

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