Geyser Case Study of its intrinsic uses of Exchequer Financial Software

April 20th, 2015

Geyser has put together a case study of its intrinsic uses of Exchequer financial software in running the business. Alex Ramsay, sales & marketing director discusses the ways in which the business has utilised Exchequer.

Geyser Increase its Range of Electric Traditional Column Radiators; now offering up to 2.0 kw Heat Output

April 20th, 2015

Tesi-Blanco-1500x519-Vertical-White-Traditional-ElectricColumn-Radiator-THE-2-COLUMN-DEEP-195x390  Tesi-Blanco-1800x564-Vertical-White-Traditional-ElectricColumn-Radiator-THE-3-COLUMN-DEEP-195x390  Tesi-Blanco-1800x609-Vertical-White-Traditional-ElectricColumn-Radiator-THE-3-COLUMN-DEEP-195x390

Tesi-Blanco-600x924-Horizontal-White-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Electric-Radiator-THE-280x224  Tesi-Blanco-600x1059-Horizontal-White-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Electric-Radiator-THE-280x224  Tesi-Blanco-600x1329-Horizontal-White-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Electric-Radiator-THE-280x224

Geyser has this week increased its range of Traditional Column Electric Radiators. It now offers between 1.2 and to 2.0 kw of heat output (compared with outputs of up to just 1.0 kw previously).

Traditional Radiators are very common in the UK, but less often found in the electric variety. Geyser has spent a long time testing and developing this range to offer the very latest radiators from reputable brand, IRSAP coupled with high performance heating elements from HEATPOL specifically used for this type of installation in column radiators.

Geyser also offers the electric range in: White, Cream or Black.


  • The “Tesi” range of Traditional Column radiators from reputable brand, IRSAP, are extremely high quality products covered by a 10 year guarantee, available in an extensive range of sizes and colours.
  • These are all manufactured in their entirety in Italy (unlike lots of UK column radiator suppliers who import the elements (pieces) and then assemble them here in the UK.
  • The IRSAP manufacturing plant, located just outside of Venice, is state of the art and all radiators are laser welded on huge robotic arms which ensure absolute precision and consistent quality across every model.
  • We have launched the “Tesi” in 3 main colours White, Cream and Black.
  • REMEMBER: This radiator will be heavy once filled with water. It is supplied with standard wall mounting brackets, which are very strong. However if you know you have weak timber frame walls we strongly suggest you also consider the following:
    • ordering welded feet, which are floor standing feet supplied in the same style and colour as the columns of the radiator, so you can physically stand the product on the floor. These have to be fitted at time of manufacture so will incur a 4-5 week lead time.
    • ordering additional gravity support feet for the product (only available in white, black or cream) which will be in addition to the standard wall brackets supplied. These can be purchased here on the website meaning you can have the radiator and the gravity support feet on next day delivery.

    See the expanding accessories section, right for all the different types of accessory we offer including towel bars.



  • This ‘Radiant Heat‘ electric radiator contains a water based heating solution with two Fernox glycol compound additives: 1. Boiler Noise Silencer (which eliminates the kettle type sound from within)2. RustInhibitor (which eliminates lime scale, with anti freeze & anti corrosion).
  • NOTE: Due to the high concentration of columns and the volume of water these models hold, they take a little longer to heat up compared with a standard flat electric radiator. Please allow up to 60 minutes from switching on for these electric column radiators to reach full temperature.
  • The radiator will arrive fully sealed with 3x blank plugs and 1x bleed valve, all with PTFE tape fitted around the threads (for a water tight seal).
  • IMPORTANT: Our comprehensive double sided A4 fitting instructions are included, with detailed notes on how to correctly commission your electric radiator for internal THERMAL EXPANSION, which *must* be carried out during installation by your electrician.
  • The highly advanced thermostatic element supplied (as shown) is specially designed for use in column radiators and has a rotating dial with which to adjust the temp, for smooth adjustment of the chosen heat setting.
  • Note: Element also works with our separate fully pre-programmable 7 day timer (see accessories section, right).

Geyser Increase its “Muro” Flat Panel Range of Raditaors to SIX In Stock Colours

April 2nd, 2015

Geyser has this week increased the selection of stock colours for its “Muro” radiator range to seven stock colours.

Muro-Blanco-Portrait-Silk-White-Flat-Panel-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON  Muro-Latte-Cream-Flat-Panel-Vertical-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Muro-Mocha-Sand-Brown-Flat-Panel-Vertical-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON  Muro-Metallic-Chocolate-Brown-Flat-Panel-Vertical-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Muro-Silvio-SIlver-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON - Copy   Muro-Fumo-Portrait-Matt-Textured-Anthracite-Flat-Panel-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

The “Muro” range of flat panel designer radiators, from Geyser, features slimline, closed gap bars which sit neatly against the wall.

“Muro” offers you the UNIQUE choice of having your radiator valves fitted to the UNDERSIDE or on the SIDES depedant on your installation position – room restrictions in width or height? Typically UNDERSIDE offers the neatest, nicest finish.

“Muro” is available in a whopping SIX different stock colours which are almost all available next day delivery from our Bolton, Manchester based warehouse. Follow these handy links to visit the other colour variations available in this range:

  2. SILK SILVER (RAL 9006):
  3. SILK CREAM (RAL 1013):

Muro-Metallic-Gunmetal-Dark-Grey-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON Muro-Nero-Portrait-Silk-Black-Flat-Panel-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

We also list further special order colours in “Muro”, all available on a 6-8 week lead time:

  3. Plus 16x BESPOKE COLOURS:

“Muro” is available in both single panel and double panel (where you effectively get approx 80% extra heat output from an additional layer of bars across the back).

  • “Muro” is available in 18 different sizes as listed below. The same physical model can be mounted portrait or landscape and as such most models appears in both the landscape and portrait radiator sections of the website:
    1. 600 x 520 (single)
    2. 600 x 1045 (single)
    3. 600 x 1420 (single)
    4. 900 x 370 (single)
    5. 900 x 520 (single & double)
    6. 1200 x 520 (single & double)
    7. 1500 x 370 (double)
    8. 1500 x 445 (single)
    9. 1500×595 (double)
    10. 1800 x 295 (single)
    11. 1800 x 370 (single & double)
    12. 1800 x 445 (single)
    13. 1800 x 520 (single & double)
    14. 1800 x 595 (double) = 10,086 BTUs

Note: We don’t offer bespoke (custom) sizes for “Muro” and you can only purchase from the models listed above, but one of these should suit every possible requirement.

Fast and efficient heat distribution due to a three way collector bar on the rear of the single panel models and four way collector on therear of the double panel models.

We also sell a selection of towel bars for the “Muro” range in case you are planning on installing this designer radiator in the kitchen or bathroom, see the expandable accessories section right.

Geyser Launch New Electric Radiator “Maradja” from Atlantic Group – The Best Electric Radiator in the UK Market, Barr None

March 23rd, 2015

Atlantic-Maradja-Smart-Energy-Efficient-ELECTRIC-White-Electric-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON    Atlantic-Maradja-Smart-Energy-Efficient-ELECTRIC-White-Portrait-Electric-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Geyser has this week officially launch the new “Maradja” range of electric radiator from French manufacturing group, Atlantic.

“Maradja” is new to the UK market and Geyser are the first radiator specialist to offer this range to the UK market. The range is truly in a league of its own and eclipses all other electric radiators in terms of energy saving capabilities, performance and features and benefits.





AVAILABILITY: The “Maradja” range will be available from August 2015 in time for the winter season. If after you have read all about the range you would like to purchase, we can take back orders by phone at any time, where you just pay 50% of the price as deposit. We suggest you consider this as we estimate the first pallets we receive in August will sell very quickly and then it may be September before we get more stock in again. 

“Maradja” {mah-rad-ja} from Atlantic Group in France is quite simply the best electric radiator available in the UK. Let us explain why….

Geyser has been selling designer heating to the UK market for over 12 years and of all the electric radiators we have ever sold / or sell this one impresses us the most.

Geyser is very proud to be the first and only UK supplier to import and physically stock the “Maradja” at its Bolton, Manchester based warehouse for 2 day specialist delivery within the UK.

Click Here to view the full range of landscape models.

Click Here to view the full range of portrait models.


Geyser Launch “Circolo Reflecto”, A New Range of High Output Mirror Radiators, in Seven Colours

January 29th, 2015

Circolo-Reflecto-Cromo-Chrome-Portrait-Mirror-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON       Circolo-Reflecto-Grigio-Pale-Grey-Portrait-Mirror-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON      Circolo-Reflecto-Metallic-Gunmetal-Dark-Grey-Portrait-Mirror-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Circolo-Reflecto-Latte-Cream-Portrait-Mirror-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON      Circolo-Reflecto-Metallic-Chocolate-Portrait-Mirror-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON      Circolo-Reflecto-Blanco-White-Portrait-Mirror-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON


Geyser has this week officially launched the “Circolo Reflecto” range of mirror radiators.

“Circolo Reflecto” {sir-coe-lo} mirror radiator range features… a full length mirror down the centre surrounded by large capacity, cylindrical tubes, which not only look great.. but give a massive heat output compared to a flat panel radiator… a true piece of wall art.

Geyser offers the “Circolo Reflecto” range in a whopping SEVEN different colours, all available as a special order item on a 4-6 week lead time. Use these handy links to switch between colours within the range:

  2. BLACK
  3. WHITE
  6. CREAM

Features super flexible, high quality mounting brackets for easy installation.

We also offer a range of towel bars for the Circolo range, see the expandable accessories section, right.

In case you are planning to install these throughout the home and would like the consistency throughout:

  • Geyser also offers a matching profile heated towel rail range called “Cirtowelo” {sir-tow-lo}.
  • Geyser also offers a matching profile radiator range called “Circolo”.

Geyser Launch its “Lineo” Heated Towel Rail Range in Three Stunning New Colours: Metallic Chocolate (Brown), Metallic Gunmetal (Dark Grey) and Latte (Cream)

January 8th, 2015

Lineo-Metallic-Chocolate-500x500-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Chocolate-500x900-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Chocolate-800x500-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Chocolate-1100x350-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Chocolate-1100x500-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Chocolate-1400x500-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Chocolate-1700x500-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240

Lineo-Latte-500x500-Cream-SH-Electric-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Latte-500x900-Cream-SH-Electric-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Latte-800x500-Cream-Electric-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Latte-1100x350-Cream-SH-Electric-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Latte-1100x500-Cream-SH-Electric-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Latte-1400x500-Cream-SH-Electric-Towel-Rail-120x240  Lineo-Latte-1700x500-Cream-SH-Electric-Towel-Rail-120x240

Lineo-Metallic-Gunmetal-500x500-Dark-Grey-VH-Electric-Towel-Rail-THE-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Gunmetal-500x900-Dark-Grey-Electric-Towel-Rail-THE-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Gunmetal-800x500-Dark-Grey-VH-Electric-Towel-Rail-THE-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Gunmetal-1100x350-Dark-Grey-Electric-Towel-Rail-THE-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Gunmetal-1100x500-Dark-Grey-Electric-Towel-Rail-THE-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Gunmetal-1400x500-Dark-Grey-Electric-Towel-Rail-THE-120x240  Lineo-Metallic-Gunmetal-1700x500-Dark-Grey-Electric-Towel-Rail-THE-120x240

Geyser has this week finalised the roll out of three stunning new colours in the “Lineo” square profile, heated towel rail range.

Three new colours are:

  • CREAM* (latte)
  • CHOCOLATE BROWN* (metallic chocolate)
  • DARK GREY* (metallic gunmetal)

In addition to the previous three colours already stocked (listed below) this now takes the total colour selection up to 6.

  • CHROME (cromo)
  • BLACK (nero)
  • WHITE (blanco)

“Lineo” is a modern range of square profile heated towel rails, with a linear geometric design.

It is available as Central Heating (as per images in the row), Single Heat Electric (fixed temperature) (as per images in second row) or Variable Heat Electric (thermostatic) (as per images in the third row).

Every model is supplied as standard with unique “Concealed Caps” which cover the bleed valve and blank plug at the top of the rail, so they are hidden from view.

Each model is supplied with matching square profile, high quality wall brackets.

“Lineo” is ideal for drying wet laundry in the winter months as the wide open gaps mean you can put your wet clothes across every bar, aming full use of the height. If you can afford the height opt for the 1700mm high model.

Note: In the colour ranges marked with an asterisk we don’t offer every single size as stock and some are special order sizes.

The “Lineo” range is available in 7 different sizes, as follows:

  • 500h x 500w*
  • 500h x 900w*
  • 800h x 500w*
  • 1100h x 350w
  • 1100h x 500w*
  • 1400h x 500w
  • 1700h x 500w.

Models with * are designed with a unique “Splitter Bar” feature, which allows you to store ‘his/her face towels’ or a ‘face flannel/hand towel in separate compartments at the top of the rail, keeping your rail neat and organised.

Geyser offers colour chips for each of the respective new colours  so you can sample the colour at home before you commit to buy.

Colour-Sample-Metallic-Chocolate-Circolo-Lineo-etc-PRODUCT-PAGE-SHOT  Colour-Sample-Latte-Circolo-Lineo-etc-PRODUCT-PAGE-SHOT  Colour-Sample-Metallic-Gunmetal-Circolo-Lineo-etc-PRODUCT-PAGE-SHOT



Alex Ramsay promoted to Sales & Marketing Director at Geyser Ltd

December 18th, 2014


Alex Ramsay has advanced to Sales & Marketing Director within Geyser Ltd as of December 2014, following a solid underpinning in a 6 year role as General Manager.

The G.M. nurtured his commercial acumen in readiness for this Directorship. He was also previously in a further specific role of Marketing Manager with Geyser Ltd for 7 months.

Alex Ramsay comments: “My remit is to autonomously drive the business forward, based on a proven track record of financial success, sheer enthusiasm and commercial creativity / flair. My short term and long term strategies will further strengthen Geyser’s foothold in the designer heating market, giving it a more dominant presence in both the online and physical showroom sales platforms.”

Geyser Ltd, an industry renowned specialist in the designing, importing, marketing and retailing of mid to high end designer heating. The product range encompasses Radiators and Heated Towel Rails, available as Central Heating, Electric and Dual Fuel.

Alex is the only day to day executive Director. Other Directors remain non executive.


Warm up the Winter with “Muro Mocha” Sand Brown Coloured Radiators from Geyser

December 9th, 2014

Muro-Mocha-Double-Panel-Sand-Brown-Flat-Panel-Vertical-Designer-Radiator-Central-Heating-Lifestyle1   Muro-Mocha-Double-Panel-Sand-Brown-Flat-Panel-Vertical-Designer-Radiator-Central-Heating-Lifestyle2

As winter sets in, Geyser customers are warming up with the latest Sand Brown coloured flat panel radiators from Geyser. As pictured in these lifestyle shots this colour is the perfect neutral tone for the modern interior décor.

The “Muro” range of flat panel designer radiators, from Geyser, features slimline bars which will sit very neatly against the wall.

The gap between each of the bars is minimal, creating a very cohesive look across the bars.


“Muro” is available in 4 different stock colours which are all available next day delivery from our Bolton, Manchester based warehouse. Follow these handy links to visit the other colour variations available in this range:

  1. BLACK
  2. WHITE:
  3. SILVER:

“Muro” is available in both single panel and double panel (where you effectively get approx 80% extra heat output from an additional layer of bars across the back).

“Muro” is available in 13 different stock sizes as listed below. The same physical model can be mounted portrait or landscape and as such each model appears in both the landscape and portrait radiator sections of the website:

  1. 600 x 520 (single)
  2. 600 x 1045 (single)
  3. 600 x 1420 (single)
  4. 900 x 370 (single)
  5. 900 x 520 (single & double)
  6. 1200 x 520 (single)
  7. 1800 x 295 (single)
  8. 1800 x 370 (single & double)
  9. 1800 x 445 (single)
  10. 1800 x 520 (single & double)

Fast and efficient heat distribution due to a three way collector bar on the rear of the single panel models and four way collector on the rear of the double panel models.

We also sell a selection of towel bars for the “Muro” range in case you are planning on installing this designer radiator in the kitchen or bathroom, see the expandable accessories section right.


We now also sell colour chips of the “Mocha” finish on the respective product pages.


Geyser Launch the “Pera” Range of Polished Stainless Steel Towel Rails from BISQUE

November 3rd, 2014

Bisque-Pera-Mirror-Polished-Stainless-Heated-Towel-Rail-800x500-Central-Heating-167x334  Bisque-Pera-Mirror-Polished-Stainless-Heated-Towel-Rail-1200x500-Central-Heating-167x334  Bisque-Pera-Mirror-Polished-Stainless-Heated-Towel-Rail-1500x500-Central-Heating-167x334

Geyser is to proud to launch the “Pera” range of polished stainless heated towel rails from BISQUE.

Less is definitely more with this chic stainless steel heated towel rail, as the refined construction allows the tubes to meld gently into one another.

“Pera” brings a quiet elegance to both modern and traditional bathrooms.

As this is made from mirror polished stainless steel you have a elegant bright outer finish and a high quality rust resistant base material which will last much longer than a chrome plated mild steel towel rail.

Available in three sizes:

  • 800h x 500w
  • 1200h x 500w
  • 1500h x 500w


Geyser Launch 15cm x 5cm “Colour Sample Chips” for Customers to Buy & See its Texturised Finishes at Home Before Committing to Buying a Radiator

November 1st, 2014

Colour-Sample-Nero-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110    Colour-Sample-Grigio-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110    Colour-Sample-Metallic-Antique-Copper-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110    Colour-Sample-Metallic-Antique-Nickel-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110    Colour-Sample-Metallic-Black-Pepper-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110

Colour-Sample-Metallic-Chocolate-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110    Colour-Sample-Metallic-Gold-Dust-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110    Colour-Sample-Metallic-Gunmetal-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110    Colour-Sample-Metallic-White-Gold-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110    Colour-Sample-Vibrant-Apple-Circolo-Lineo-etc110x110

Geyser have launched excellent little “Colour Sample Chips” measuring 5cm x 15cm to help customers planning to buy a coloured radiator, see the actual texture and colour with your own eyes, in your home before comitting to buy.

These chips are very well priced at just £2 (plus a £2 Royal Mail postage chart for unlimited quantity of different chips).

Truly great for holding up next to your.. giving you an accurate representation of how your radiator will look under different lighting in your home.

  • curtains
  • carpet
  • wallpaper

These charts show the actual colour/texture, as you must remember that a colour you see on a computer screen (depending how good the screen is) may not be true to the actual colour (although havign said that the images we show are very high quality, as you’ll see from the images above – but nothing beats seeing the real thing).

All of the chips we sell are non RAL colours (as wel also sell a RAL chart full of colours). These chips are more textured finishes or colours which are unique to our radiators, as opposed to standard universal colours.

Colour-Sample-Metallic-Black-Pepper-Circolo-Lineo-etcSQUARE-SHOT  Colour-Sample-Metallic-Antique-Copper-Circolo-Lineo-etc-SQUARE-SHOT

Colour-Sample-Metallic-Black-Pepper-Circolo-Lineo-etcExtra1   Colour-Sample-Metallic-Antique-Copper-Circolo-Lineo-etc-Extra1



Geyser Launch its “Pieve” range of Heated Towel Rails in Chrome, with new Additional 1080h x 550w Model

October 29th, 2014

Pieve-Cromo-Chrome-curved-proflie-heated-towel-rail-780x550-167x334   Pieve-Cromo-Chrome-curved-proflie-heated-towel-rail-1080x550-167x334   Pieve-Cromo-Chrome-curved-proflie-heated-towel-rail-1380x550-167x334

Geyser is proud to launch new addition to its “Pieve” range in a shiny chrome finish. Italian manufactured, curved profile towel rails made up from neat, low profile bars.

Features an open sided design so you can easily slide your towels on and not have to feed them through the bars.

You can mount the “Pieve” either way up so the open side is on the left or the right. The concentration of bars will change in accordance with what you see in the images by mentally rotating it.

Features large flat bars like found on a radiator, as opposed to small 22mm cylindrical bars on a standard ladder rail. Surface area plays a vital role in heat output, so “Palermo” offers good heat output should this be the only heat source in your bathroom.

We offer the “Pieve” in two different stock colours and five different sizes as follows (note: we don’t offer bespoke sizes on this model):

  1. CHROME (cromo)
    • 780h x 550w
    • 1080hx 550w
    • 1380hx 550w
  2. ANTHRACITE (nero)
    • 780hx 550w
    • 1380hx 550w

Remember that chrome offers a lower heat output than a painted finish (due to its insulating thermal properties) so the Anthracite model will offer slightly heat the Chrome model size for size.

The brackets can be fitted anywhere on the rail, so needn’t be placed where we have shown them.

We also offer an alternative design called “Palermo” which uses the same flat bars as the “Palermo” but in a flat design with an upright on both sides. “Palermo” is also available in a sand brown colour as well.

Either-way-up-demo-image  Pieve-Cromo-780x550-Curved-Profile-Chrome-Heated-Towel-Rail-Extra1

Geyser Launch its “Palermo” range of Heated Towel Rails in a Stunning “Mocha” Brown Textured Finish

October 28th, 2014

Palermo-Mocha-820x500-167x334-Sand-Brown-heated-towel-rail    Palermo-Mocha-1200x500-167x334-Sand-Brown-heated-towel-rail    Palermo-Mocha-1500x500-167x334-Sand-Brown-heated-towel-rail

“Palermo” is a range of Italian manufactured, flat panel towel rails made up from neat, low profile bars. The “Mocha” brown colour, is our latest stock colour.

Features large flat bars like found on a radiator, as opposed to small 22mm cylindrical bars on a standard ladder rail. Surface area plays a vital roll in heat output, so “Palermo” offers good heat output should this be the only heat source in your bathroom.

We offer the “Palermo” in three different stock colours:

  1. CHROME (cromo)
  2. ANTHRACITE (nero)
  3. SAND BROWN (mocha)

We offer the “Palermo” in three different sizes:

  • 820h x 500w
  • 1200h x 500w
  • 1500h x 500w

Remember that chrome offers a lower heat output than a painted finish (due to its insulating thermal properties) so the Anthracite and Sand Brown models will offer slightly heat than Chrome size for size.

The brackets can be fitted anywhere on the rail, so needn’t be placed where we have shown them.


Palermo-Mocha-Sand-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-Extra1  Palermo-Mocha-Sand-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-Extra3  Palermo-Mocha-Sand-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-Extra7


Geyser Launch New Radiator Range “Triangolo” in Single and Double Panel, White and Anthracite

October 23rd, 2014

Triangolo-Blanco-White-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON         Triangolo-Nero-Anthracite-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Geyser is to proud to further enhance its designer radiator range with the addition of new model “Triangolo”.

“Triangolo” features triangle profile bars, which are fine enough to look delicate, but have the capacity to hold more water than a flat profile radiator, so offer a higher heat output.

Offers both “Side” or “Underside (central connection)” valve entries so you can have a slim profile if underneath or a shallower profile if on the sides.

Available in a single or double panel variation (double panel gives approx 70% extra heat output than the same size single panel version).

Click either image above to view either range.

Triangolo-Nero-Valve-Demo-Image  Triangolo-Nero-Anthracite-Single-Portrait-Triangle-Profile-Designer-Radiator-Extra3  Triangolo-Blanco-White-Single-Portrait-Triangle-Profile-Designer-Radiator-Extra5  Triangolo-Nero-Anthracite-DOUBLE-Portrait-Triangle-Profile-Designer-Radiator-Extra3


Geyser Launches the VASCO “Beams” Vertical, Super Energy Efficient Radiator, Which Holds Just 1 to 2 Litres of Water

October 21st, 2014


VASCO “Beams” is an aluminium designer radiator that transforms the climate in the home into a unique, purely sensory experience.

The attractive, vertical styling and the extremely polished workmanship ensure that “Beams” always remains very attractive.

Because of the distinct styling and extremely durable characteristics, “Beams” has been awarded many important prizes, such as a Red Dot Award, Henry Van de Velde label and the Ovam Ecodesign Award.

“Beams” is built up out of vertical aluminium profiles and assembled via a patented pressfit.

Each radiator is provided with a protecting basic layer that covers 100% and is then lacquered with a powder coating.

The standard working pressure is 10 bar; the maximum operating temperature is 110 °C.

A “Beams” radiator saves 15% on energy.

VASCO-Beams-White-Aluminium-Radiator-1600x320-Extra11  VASCO-Beams-White-Aluminium-Radiator-1600x320-Extra17  VASCO-Beams-White-Aluminium-Radiator-1600x320-Extra15

“Beams”  is in addition a safe, family-friendly radiator: the water flows through the core and notalong the surface.

“Beams” stores heat rapidly, because it contains much less water than a conventional radiator: 1 to 2 litres instead of 8 to 10 litres.

“Beams” delivers heat much faster, because it conducts four times better than a traditional radiator.

“Beams” prevents heat loss through the wall, due to optimal positioning and dimensions of the convection fins at the back. An ingenious system, developed in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart.

“Beams” is perfectly suited for low temperature systems, such as condensation boilers and heat pumps.


Geyser Launch its BRAND NEW “Bespoke Custom Colour” Towel Rails” Category with the “Cirtowelo” Range

October 20th, 2014


Geyser has this week introduced its BRAND NEW  “Bespoke Custom Colours” category for Heated Towel Rails, following in the same format as previously introduced for Radiators.

Geyser is proud to offer its “Cirtowelo” {sir-tow-lo} range of range of cylindrical profile heated towel rails in any bespoke custom colour of your choice, available as a SPECIAL ORDER item on a 4-5 week lead time.

On the product pages Geyser has presented 16 different popular colours, across 3 palettes to help customers choose their colour:

  • Classic Palette
  • Vibrant Palette
  • Metallic Palette

Classic Palette Selection:

Cirtowelo-Classic-RAF-BLUE-755x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT   Cirtowelo-Classic-SAGE-755x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT   Cirtowelo-Classic-STONE-755x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT

Vibrant Palette Selection:

Cirtowelo-Vibrant-APPLE-590x900-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT   Cirtowelo-Vibrant-AQUA-590x900-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT   Cirtowelo-Vibrant-AUBERGINE-590x900-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT

Cirtowelo-Vibrant-FLAME-590x900-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT   Cirtowelo-Vibrant-FUSCHIA-PINK-590x900-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT   Cirtowelo-Vibrant-NIGHT-590x900-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT

Metallic Palette Selection:

Cirtowelo-Metallic-ANTIQUE-COPPER-1080x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT   Cirtowelo-Metallic-ANTIQUE-NICKEL-1080x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT   Cirtowelo-Metallic-GOLD-DUST1080x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT

In addition customers are welcome to order any bespoke RAL colour of your choice:

Customers can also purchase a physical RAL colour chart to help choose a bespoke own colour. Note: Using a RAL colour chart will give a better representation of the actual colour rather than just viewing the RAL chart on screen.

Geyser Launch the “Vintage 50″ Radiator from Vasco in January Brown Colour

October 16th, 2014

Vasco-Vintage-January-Brown-Landscape-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON     Vasco-Vintage-January-Brown-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Geyser is proud to add the “Vintage 50″ in the January Brown (M304) finish from Vasco.

“Vintage 50″ is a stunning range of traditional column radiators, made from finely made sections of steel.

We list the “Vintage 50″ in two finishes and two orientations, use these easy links to switch to other variations:


  • This truly stunning brown/bronzed finish is achieved through heating the steel up to very high temperatures which give this textured bronzed effect. It is then finished in a clear lacquered glaze through which the bronzed patches come beaming through creates a haunting design with echoes of period styling.


  • A warm, matt, autumn brown colouring.

We list three different depths within the Vintage range:

  • 2 columns (110mm deep)
  • 3 columns (160mm deep)
  • 4 columns (220mm deep)

“50” refers to the gap between each column, you can also order the “Vintage 90″ which features wider gaps, but as such the heat output on these models will be reduced, so we advise the “Vintage 50″

We offer a total of 15 different models of “Vintage 50″ here on our website across two different heights:

  • 600mm high (in landscape category)
  • 1000mm high (in portrait category)

If you would iike a price for another specific size from the Vasco range, please contact us and we can let you know the alternatives available. Note: The Vintage does not go higher than 1000mm high in the portrait models (you cannot get 1500 or 1800 high models).

Note: Click either of the images above to be taken directly to either range.

Geyser Launch the BISQUE “Tetro” Range in Champagne Gold, Cast Style, Decorative, Aluminium Radiators

October 15th, 2014

Bisque-Tetro-Champgane-Cast-Style-Aluminium-Landscape-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON    Bisque-Tetro-Champgane-Cast-Style-Aluminium-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Geyser are proud to launch the stunning “Tetro” range from BISQUE in Champagne Gold.

The BISQUE “Tetro” range of decorative, cast style, aluminium radiators are French boutique chic at its best.

The “Tetro” combines all the benefits of aluminium radiators with beautiful retro styling.

Made from recycled material, this innovative model is high tech but with classic appeal.

Light and responsive and with a high heat output, this is a radiator for the future which compliments the past.

Supplied with freestanding feet as standard, in addition to wall support brackets.

Note: The feet are not a symmetrical design from front to back as shown in the images.

Note: Click either of the images above to jump to either orientation of the range.

Bisque-Tetro-Champagne-Gold-Cast-Style-Decorative-Traditional-Aluminium-Radiator-Extra1   Bisque-Tetro-Champagne-Gold-Cast-Style-Decorative-Traditional-Aluminium-Radiator-Extra5  Bisque-Tetro-Champagne-Gold-Cast-Style-Decorative-Traditional-Aluminium-Radiator-Extra7

Geyser Add the “Deline” Quartz Beige, Heated Towel Rails from BISQUE to its Range

October 14th, 2014

Bisque-Deline-Beige-Quartz-800x500-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334   Bisque-Deline-Beige-Quartz-800x600-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334  Bisque-Deline-Beige-Quartz-1200x500-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334  Bisque-Deline-Beige-Quartz-1200x600-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334   Bisque-Deline-Beige-Quartz-1800x500-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334  Bisque-Deline-Beige-Quartz-1800x600-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334

Geyser are proud to add the “Deline” Quartz Beige range of heated towel rails to its range.

It’s the finishing touches which make this simple towel rail stand out from the crowd.

BISQUE – a leading high brand name, without the usual 500+ price tag which comes with BISQUE.

Discreet Brackets – located on the back of the vertical left/right uprights, so unlike standard ladder rails you cannot see the brackets on show anywhere between the bars.

Hidden Air Vents – supplied with recessed bleed valves which come with a flat cover cap, so there is nothing on show to distract the eye.

Stunning Beige Quartz finish – textured sand brown, light reflective finish which is miles apart from the typical chrome or white ladder rails commonplace across the marketplace.

Bisque-Deline-Sand-Quartz-Beige-Demo-Image  Bisque-Deline-Discreet-Brackets-Demo-Image



Geyser Launch New “Magnetic Towel Bars” for Radiators, Suitable for any Mild Steel, Flat Profile Radiator

October 10th, 2014

Magnetic-Towel-Bars-for-any-Flat-Panel-Steel-Radiator-White-Chrome-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON      Magnetic-Towel-Bar-DEM-IMAGE-for-Any-Mild-Steel-Flat-Radiator-Chrome-Extra1

These “Magnetic” towel bars are an easy retro fit towel rail accessory, simply attach to the front of your existing radiator.

They are designed to sit on any flat profile, mild steel radiator.

They are the perfect accessory for the “Muro”, “Hudso” or “Metropolitan” ranges available from Geyser.

Available in two colours: White or Chrome.

Available in two widths: 400mm or 500mm.

Click the image above to see the options available.


Geyser Launch the “Metropolitan” Designer Radiator from Zehnder in both Portrait and Landscape Orientations

October 9th, 2014

Zehnder-Metropliotan-White-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON      Zehnder-Metropolitan-Landscape-White-Flat-Profile-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Geyser are proud to launch the “Metropolitan” range from Zehnder.

The Zehnder “Metropolitan” features clean lines and a contemporary, minimalist appearance.

Designed in Italy by the award-winning King and Miranda, the metropolitan is available in a landscape or portrait format.

We list the “Metropolitan” in 6 different models here on our website as follows (if you require an alternative size, please contact us to see if we can provide the size you are looking for):

We only list this model in white, but it is available in any bespoke colour of your choice as a special order. Ring us to discuss this.

The open fronted design is perfect for contrasting against differing wall colourings to create a striking design.

Although from the front the “Metropolitan” appears flat it features very nice bevelling detail to the rear where it protrudes outward towards the wall giving it the depth it needs to achieve the heat output on offer.

A very striking design.

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