Geyser Now Lists Over 100 Models of Traditional Column Radiator Online, 36 of which are held in stock for Next Day Delivery

August 16th, 2014

Tesi-Blanco-Landscape-Gloss-White-Traditional-Column-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON          Tesi-Nero-Gloss-Black-Traditional-Column-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON            Tesi-Latte-Cream-Landscape-Traditional-Column-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Tesi-Blanco-Portrait-Gloss-White-Traditional-Column-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON          Tesi-Nero-Portrait-Gloss-Black-Traditional-Column-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON            Tesi-Latte-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Geyser has massively extended its online range of Traditional Column Radiators. The “Tesi” range of Traditional Column radiatorsis a high quality, 10 year guarantee,stunning range, available in an extensive range of sizes and colours.

Geyser physically carry the “Tesi” in 3 different stock colours as listed, but you may special order any bespoke colour you wish.


  • Blanco (white gloss)
  • Latte (cream gloss, RAL 1013)
  • Nero (black gloss, RAL 9005).

Geyser physically carry 12x stock sizes, in each of the three colours, (all available as next day delivery). STOCK SIZES:

  1. 300h x 609w (3 column deep, 130mm)
  2. 300h x 609w (6 column, deep, 240mm)
  3. 300h x 1194w (3 column deep, 130mm)
  4. 300h x 1194w (6 column deep, 240mm)
  5. 500h x 834h (3 column deep, 130mm)
  6. 500h x 834w (5 column deep, 200mm)
  7. 500h x 1149w (3 column deep, 130mm)
  8. 500h x 1149w (5 column deep, 200mm)
  9. 1200h x 339w (4 column deep, 165mm)
  10. 1200h x 474w (4 column deep, 165mm)
  11. 1800h x 339w (3 column deep, 130mm)
  12. 1800h x 474w(3 column deep, 130mm).

In addition Geyser have pictured, priced up and made available to order on its website a further 80+ models (on a 4-5 week special order lead time).

Geyser Introduce its “Empoli” Mirror Radiator in DOUBLE PANEL (achieving 7,500 BTUS) and in Two NEW COLOURS Mocha (Sand Brown) and Silvio (Matt Silver)

July 31st, 2014

Empoli-Silvio-Mirror-Radiator-Matt-Silver-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON  Empoli-Mocha-Sand-Brown-Mirror-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Geyser are proud to announce the introduction of new additions to the “Empoli” family of mirror radiators.

This Italian hand-made designer radiator has unique dual functionality as it combines an elegant flat panel radiator with a fabulous floor length mirror down the centre.

Geyser now offer the “Empoli” in 2x chrome models and 3x painted models:

  • Chrome
    • 1800×600 (single panel)
    • 1800×750 (single panel)
    • (chrome cannot be made double)
  • Painted Finish
    • 1800×600 (single panel)
    • 1800×659 (double panel)
    • 1800×759 (double panel)

Geyser offer four colours of painted finish (note that paint offers up to 20% extra heat output than chrome due to the fact that chrome insulates the radiator, just like tin foil in the oven). Painted Finishes:

  • Blanco (white)
  • Nero (anthracite black)
  • Silvio (matt silver)
  • Mocha (sand brown)

The mirror itself is approx 285mm wide.

Mirror radiators look great in the lounge or kitchen for bouncing extra light around the room and a focal point for all of your guests to savour and look into.

They also look equally great in the hallway or bedroom where they are perfect for checking your outfit in the full length mirror before heading out for the night.

This product is also suitable for the bathroom where the heat from the bars will assist in preventing the mirror from steaming up.

Geyser recently donated one of its chrome 1800×600 Empoli models to the Sky1 TV Show, “Bang Goes The House”, click this link to watch the snippet of footage relating to this designer radiator:

Geyser Increase its Circolo Range to SEVEN In Stock Colours, All Available Next Day Delivery from UK Stock

July 16th, 2014

Circolo-Cromo  Circolo-Grigio  Circolo-Metallic-Gunmetaljpg

Circolo-Range  Circolo-Blanco  Circolo-7-Stock-COlours

Circolo-Latte  Circolo-Metallic-Chocolate  Circolo-Nero

Geyser has increased its Circolo range of radiators to SEVEN stock colours all available as next day delivery. That means that new colours Brown, Cream and Gunmetal are available without a lead time..!!

Designed with large capacity, cylindrical tubes, which not only look great.. but give a massive heat output compared to a flat panel radiator… a true piece of wall art.

Super flexible mounting brackets for easy installation, as many customers have commented how some radiators are hard to fit, as the brackets have to be right first time with no flexibilty.

Geyser Increase its Online Selection of Traditional Column Radiator to 30 Models per Colour (12 Next Day Delivery, 18 Special Order)

July 15th, 2014

Tesi-Latte-300x609-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-2-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-300x609-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-300x609-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-4-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-300x609-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-5-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-300x609-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-6-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157

Tesi-Latte-300x1194-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-2-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-300x1194-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-300x1194-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-4-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-300x1194-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-5-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-300x1194-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-6-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157

Tesi-Latte-500x834-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-2-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-500x834-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-500x834-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-4-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-500x834-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-5-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157

Tesi-Latte-500x1149-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-2-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-500x1149-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-500x1149-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-4-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-500x1149-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-5-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-196x157

Tesi-Latte-1200x339-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-2-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1200x339-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1200x339-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-4-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1200x474-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-2-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1200x474-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150X300  Tesi-Latte-1200x474-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-4-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300

Tesi-Latte-1800x339-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-2-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1800x339-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1800x339-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-4-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1800x474-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-2-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1800x474-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-3-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1800x474-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-4-COLUMN-DEEP-Radiator-150x300

Geyser has increased its online selection of Cream Traditional Column Radiators to 30 models.

12 of these models are available as next day delivery. The remaining 18 are available as special order on a 4-5 week lead time.

As the top right hand image on each model shows the depth is the varying factor across the different models on offer.

Alex Ramsay general manager comments “We are very proud of our online selection of Traditional Column Radiators. This new extended selection gives the customer a much better choice in sizes and the images depict how the model vary as the height, width and depth variables change.”


Geyser Adds New Large Format “Lifestyle Buttons” by Range onto its Category Pages

July 4th, 2014


Geyser has this week began a roll out process to further enhance its category pages.

Once the colour and orientation of a potential radiator has been selected customers will then be presented with large lifestyle icons (as shown) to represent each range on offer within that category.

The key information displayed in the top right had corner shows the price bracket and heat output bracket of that range.

Once the icon is selected all models within that category will then display.


Geyser Launch its Circolo Radiator in “Metallic Chocolate” Brown as a Stock Item – Next Day Delivery

June 25th, 2014

Circolo-Metallic-Chocolate-Brown-1200x260-Designer-Radiator-Window-150x300  Circolo-Metallic-Chocolate-Brown-1200x370-Designer-Radiator-Window-150x300  Circolo-Metallic-Chocolate-Brown-180x260-Designer-Radiator-Window-150x300  Circolo-Metallic-Chocolate-Brown-180x370-Designer-Radiator-Window-150x300  Circolo-Metallic-Chocolate-Brown-1800x480-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-150x300  Circolo-Metallic-Chocolate-Brown-180x590-Designer-Radiator-Window-150x300

The “Metallic Chocolate” Circolo model from Geyser has been available for some time as a special order colour. However due to popualr demand Geyser have added this as a stock item available as next day delivery instead of the previous 5-6 week lead time.

This range now sits in the “Cream & Brown” colour category.

Alex Ramsay, general manager comments “We are pleased to offer this great colour Circolo as next day delivery and we have been able to reduce the price due to the economies of scale in stocking this and not ordering single units as we previously did.”

Note: You can click any of the images above to be taken directly to that model:

Circolo-Metallic-Chocolate-Brown-1800x480-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-Extra2  Circolo-Metallic-CHOCOLATE-BROWN-1200x370-Portrait-Designer-Coloured-Radiator-LIFESTYLE-SHOT  Circolo-Metallic-Chocolate-Brown-1800x480-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-Extra1

Geyser Introduces Separate Product Catalogues by Range, each one Showcasing Lifestyle Shots of One Specific Design

June 19th, 2014


Geyser has this week launched the first in a new range of separate product catalogues by range. The first brochure focuses on the “Circolo & Cirtowelo” range of cylindirical profile, high heat output models.

Previously Geyser had always had one consolidated catalogue of all products it offers, but as the range has increased and diversified the business felt it was better placed to have separate catalogue for each range on offer, much in the same way a car showroom has.

Each colour within a range has a dedicated double page spread showing the different options available in the range, both portrait and landscape. These images work very well for customers as they are able to picture the radiators in their own home much easier.


Geyser has made headway into the bespoke custom coloured radiator offering and the new catalogue showcases this in detail.


Each catalogue features a model selector page which shows all stock colours together along with technical information and prices.


Geyser’s Pale Matt Grey Finish Really is the New Chrome, As Demonstrated by these Stunning Lifestyle shots of “Circolo Grigio” & “Cirtowelo Grigio”

June 12th, 2014

Circolo-Grigio-1800x590-Chrome-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-Lifestyle1  Circolo-Grigio-500x1195-Pale-Grey-Landscape-Radiator-Lifestyle2

Cirtowelo-Grigio-590x900-Matt-Grey-Heated-Towel-Rail-Lifestyle2  Cirtowelo-Grigio-1085x520-Matt-Grey-Heated-Towel-Rail-Lifestyle2

Chrome finish designer radiators are on steady decline in popularity amongst Geyser customers. This is due to the fact that chrome is very expensive to produce, meaning higher prices for this finish and compared with a painted finish, chrome gives approximately 20% less heat output. In response to this industry trend, some time ago, Geyser launched a whole range of pale matt grey radiators in its Circolo Radiator Range and its Cirtowelo Towel Rail Range. This is a much more modern alternative and looks stunning.

Alex Ramsay, general manager comments: “As these lifestyle shots show, the Grigio colour looks stunning across various rooms across the home, this neutral colour fits with lots of differing interiors.”

The ”Circolo” range of radiators is available in four colours:

  • Cromo… (sparkling chrome)
  • Nero… (rough matt black)
  • Blanco… (smooth gloss white)
  • Grigio… (pale matt grey with silver speckle)

Designed with large capacity, cylindrical tubes, which not only look great.. but give a massive heat output compared to a flat panel radiator… a true piece of wall art.

Here is the full range of radiators and towel rails we offer in the Grigio finish. Click on any of these images to visit the respective product page for that model:

Circolo-Grigio-grey-designer-radiator-1200x260-150x300  Circolo-Grigio-grey-designer-radiator-1200x370-150x300  Circolo-Grigio-grey-designer-radiator-1800x260-150x300  Circolo-Grigio-grey-designer-radiator-1800x370-150x300  Circolo-Grigio-grey-designer-radiator-1800x480-150x300  Circolo-Grigio-grey-designer-radiator-1800x590-150x300

Circolo-Grigio-grey-designer-radiator-500x865-196x157  Circolo-Grigio-grey-designer-radiator-500x1195-196x157  Circolo-Grigio-grey-designer-radiator-500x1470-196x157

Cirtowelo-Grigio-590x900-Matt-Grey-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Cirtowelo-Grigio-755x520-Matt-Grey-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Cirtowelo-Grigio-1085x520-Matt-Grey-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Cirtowelo-Grigio-1360x520-Matt-Grey-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Cirtowelo-Grigio-1580x520-Matt-Grey-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240  Cirtowelo-Grigio-1800x520-Matt-Grey-Heated-Towel-Rail-120x240

French Shabby Chic Inspired, Cream Coloured, Traditional Column Radiators from Geyser’s IRSAP “Tesi Latte” Range

June 2nd, 2014

Tesi-Latte-1800x339-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-Lifestyle1  Tesi-Latte-1800x474-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-Lifestyle3

Geyser is proud to present these stunning lifestyle shots of its range of cream traditional column radiators. Displayed on the left in a stunning kitchen diner. Displayed on the right in a high end natural tones inspired bathroom.

Alex Ramsay, general manager comments “Cream really is a stunning finish for these traditional radiators and is seldom found across the radiator market, except for Geyser. The Laura Ashley inspired, French boutique, shabby chic look is very popular across Britain at present and these radiators are a perfect fit to that design.”

The “Tesi” range of Traditional Column radiators is a very high quality, stunning range available in a wide range of stock colours and sizes; in addition you can order the Tesi range in a massive range of bespoke colours and sizes.

“Tesi” is available in 3 different stock colours (and also as a special order for any colour of the customer’s choice):

  • Blanco (white)
  • Nero (high gloss black)
  • Latte (traditional cream)

FANCY A DIFFERENT SIZE?!! Geyser can provide a quote for Tesi in your own specific height, width and no. of columns deep. Please telephone us with your requirements if our stock sizes do not suit.

Click any of the images below to go directly to that respective product page.

Tesi-Latte-300x609-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-300x1194-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-500x834-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Latte-500x1149-Horizontal-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-196x157

Tesi-Latte-1200x339-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1200x474-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1800x339-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Latte-1800x474-Vertical-Cream-Traditional-Column-Radiator-150x300

Stunning Lifestyle Shots of Black Traditional Column Radiators, the IRSAP “Tesi Nero” Range

May 29th, 2014

Tesi-Nero-300x609-Horizontal-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-Lifestyle1  Tesi-Nero-1800x447-Vertical-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-Lifestyle1

Geyser is proud to present these stunning lifestyle shots of its range of black traditional column radiators. Displayed on the left in a landscape, 300m high model fitted with gravity floor supports. Displayed on the right in a portrait, 1800mm high model.

The “Tesi” range of Traditional Column radiators is very high quality, stunning range available in a wide range of stock colours and sizes; in addition you can order the Tesi range is a massive range of bespoke colours and sizes.

“Tesi” is available in 3 different stock colours (and also as a special order for any colour of the customer’s choice):

  • Blanco (white)
  • Nero (high gloss black)
  • Latte (traditional cream)

FANCY A DIFFERENT SIZE?!!  Geyser can provide a quote for Tesi in your own specific height, width and no. of columns deep. Please telephone us with your requirements if our stock sizes do not suit.

Click any of the images below to go directly to that respective product page.

Tesi-Nero-300x609-Horizontal-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Nero-300x1194-Horizontal-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Nero-500x834-Horizontal-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-196x157  Tesi-Nero-500x1149-Horizontal-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-196x157

Tesi-Nero-1200x339-Vertical-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Nero-1200x474-Vertical-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Nero-1800x339-Vertical-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-150x300  Tesi-Nero-1800x447-Vertical-Black-Traditional-Column-Radiator-150x300

Geyser Launch its “Muro” Flat Panel Radiator Range in Bespoke Custom Colours

May 22nd, 2014


Geyser has this week launched its  ”Muro” range of flat panel radiators in any bespoke custom colour of its customers’ choice, available as a SPECIAL ORDER item on a 6-8 week lead time.
Above Geyser has created a montage image showing the full range of models available in the “Muro” range, in a cross section of the different colours it offers.

Geyser is able to supply these radiators in any RAL colour, but to simplify the selection process for its customers Geyser has pre selected 16 different popular colours, across 3 unique colour palettes to help customer choose:

  • Classic Palette
  • Vibrant Palette
  • Metallic Palette


As you can see each palette shows a set of colours which tie together and each will appeal to a different type of customer’s home.

Below is an example of the product page you’ll find for each respective “Muro” model (displayed above). By clicking on the icons shown on the right each respective colour will then display as a full size product image in the left window. This allows the customer to fully visualise what the full size radiator will look like in each of the colours shown.

Alex Ramsay, general manager comments “Geyser is very proud of the way it has launched this online service of bespoke custom colours. We have invested a lot of time in this photography and the on screen functionality to ensure customers can select bespoke colours of their choice, with ease and simplicity.”

A recent customer purchasing a bespoke colour radiator also comments “The pink radiator for my girl’s bedroom was very easy to order and we loved using your website.”




Bespoke Custom Coloured “Circolo” Radiators from Geyser – Stunning Lifestyle Shots for Inspiration

April 10th, 2014

Circolo-Vibrant-FUSCHIA-PINK-1800x370-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-LIFESTYLE-SHOT  Circolo-Vibrant-APPLE-260x1800-Landscape-Designer-Radiator-LIFESTYLE-SHOT

Following Geyer’s succesful launch of the Circolo range of radiators in any bespoke customer colour, the business brings some of the first lifestyle shots of radiators installed in real homes.

As seen above the Fuschia Pink Circolo looks stunning in a girl’s bedroom setting. The Apple Green Circolo lends itself perfectely to the bespoke coloured pool table in the games room.

Geyser is proud to offer its “Circolo” range of cylindrical radiators in any bespoke custom colour of your choice, available as a SPECIAL ORDER item on a 4-6 week lead time.

On the coloured Circolo product pages Geyser has presented 16 different popular colours, across 3 palettes to help you choose your colour:

  • Classic Palette
  • Vibrant Palette
  • Metallic Palette

REMEMBER: In addition, customers are welcome to order any bespoke RAL colour of your choice: To order a bespoke RAL colour of your own choice, please place your order via the phone as you can only purchase the colours displayed above here on the website.

You can purchase a physical RAL colour chart from Geyser to help you choose your own colour. Note: Using a RAL colour chart will give a better representation of the actual colour rather than just viewing the RAL chart on screen.

Circolo-Vibrant-FUSHIA-PINK-1800x370-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SHOT  Circolo-Vibrant-APPLE-370x1200-Landscape-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SHOT

Geyser Launch Three New “Period Style” Wooden Head Radiator Valves to Compliments its Traditional Column Radiator Range

April 10th, 2014

Valves-Period-Style-Antique-Bronze-Angled-110x110  Valves-Period-Style-Brushed-Chrome-Angled-110x110  Valves-Period-Style-Sparkling-Chrome-Angled-110x110

Geyser has launched a new selection of period style manual raditaor valves with a wooden head, perfect for tradtional style radiators and traditional towel warmers.

Available in:

  • Brushed Chrome
  • Sparkling Chrome
  • Antique Bronze

The recently launched “IRSAP Tesi” range of traditonal column radiators are the perfect coupling with this new style of valve, as shown in the images below.

Alex Ramsay, general manager comments “Our range of radiator valves continues to expand  with this new addition of wooden head, period style valves. Our customers are very design conscious and want ultimate choice in their accessories. The wooden head is a nice alternative to a standard metallic chrome valve and a perfect compliment to a traditional column radiator”.

Click any of the images above to be taken directly to the respective product pages.

Valves-Period-Style-Sparkling-Chrome-Angled-Extra1  Valves-Period-Style-Brushed-Chrome-Angled-Extra1  Radiator-Valves-Period-Style-Antique-Bronze-Angled-Extra4

Geyser Further Enhances its Online Offering of Bespoke Colour Traditional Column Radiators

April 7th, 2014

Tesi-Custom-Colour-MAIN-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SHOT  Tesi-Pastel-Blue-1800x474-Vertical-Designer-Coloured-Traditional-Column-Radiator-SQUARE-SHOT

Geyser has increased its online offering of bespoke colour traditional column radiators.

- In addition to the 8x colours displayed above (which can be ordered directly on Geyser’s website), the business also offers a vast extended selection of colours (shown below).
- Geyser’s professional images are a very good representation of the colours, as they are real photos, all shot using the latest expert colour matching digital software.
- Many of the colours shown below are standard RAL colours and display the RAL No. (note: you can purchase a small RAL chart from Geyser to see the RAL colours in person, plus see lots more RAL colours not shown below, as we can manufacture in any RAL colour.
- Other colours shown below are bespoke to IRSAP (ie non RAL and don’t show a RAL No.). If customers would like to see the non RAL colours in person visit one of Geyser’s showrooms.

Geyser is also offering a loan service, whereby you can pay a deposit to loan a full set of colour tubes to see these in person at your own home.

- REMINDER: Bespoke colour orders are strictly non returnable once manufactured.

Click here to visit the portrait custom coloured radiators category.

Click here to visit the landscape custom coloured radiaaors category.


NEW ACCESSORY: Towel Bars for the Popular “Muro” Range of Flat Panel Radiators

April 2nd, 2014


Muro-Blanco-295-wide-Designer-Radiator-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator-Extra112    Muro-Blanco-295-wide-Designer-Radiator-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator-Extra4    Muro Nero 445 wide Designer Radiator Towel Bar for Hanging Towels onto Existing Radiator  Extra1

Geyser have launched a range of towel bars for its Muro range of radiators.

Available in four different stock colours, to match the stock colours of the radiators:

  • Silvio (silver silk)
  • Nero (black)
  • Blanco (white)
  • Mocha (brown).

Available in two 2x different widths:

  • 295mm wide.
  • 445mm wide.

Simply mount onto the strengthening bars which run across the radiator at given locations (depending on the chosen Muro model). 4x screws simply need fixing together to secure the bar in position.

These give you functionality of drying towels if your Muro radiator is to be installed in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Matches the profile and finish of the existing range.

Ideal if you have a large bathroom requiring a large radiator, plus the extra functionality to dry your towels.

Note: The Towel Bars will fit onto the portrait orientation of “Muro” in both single and double panel, but are not suitable for the landscape.

Click any image below to visit the product pages direct.

Muro-Blanco-295-wide-Designer-Raditaor-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator--110x110   Muro-Blanco-445-wide-Designer-Radiator-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator--110x110   Muro-Mocha-295-wide-Designer-Radiator-Brown-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator--110x110   Muro-Mocha-445-wide-Designer-Radiator-Brown-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator--110x110

Muro-Nero-295-wide-Designer-Radiator-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator--110x110   Muro-Nero-445-wide-Designer-Radiator-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator--110x110   Muro-Silvio-295-wide-Designer-Radiator-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator--110x110   Muro-Silvio-445-wide-Designer-Radiator-Towel-Bar-for-Hanging-Towels-onto-Existing-Radiator--110x110

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Geyser Launch a Combined Timer and Fused Spur Device, Negating The Need for 2x Separate Devices

March 31st, 2014


Geyser has this week launched a new Combined Fused Spur and Timer device. This combined unit is very effective for electricians as it combines two normally separated units together into one device. Therefore the overall installation of accessories alongside your Electric Towel Rail or Electric Radiator will be much neater.

Below is an overview of this product.

  • Unique combination device of a fused spur -&- 7 day timer device in one unit. Saves installing 2x separate devices (bothof which will be required for an electric towel rail or electric radiator).
  • The Timer function covers a 5+2 or 7 day week, withup to 4 different ‘on’ and’off’programme blocks.
  • Shortest switching time 1 minute.
  • Permanent “OFF” and timed outputs available.
  • Easy view 24 hour digital clock / timer display.
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover.
  • Self cancelling override.
  • Programme advance and review options.
  • BS1362 fuse replacement from front.
  • Double pole switch for ease of control.
  • Integral memory back up battery retains programmes in event of power failure.
  • Fits a single gang wall box min 25mm deep.
  • This product must not be used on a load greater than 3kw resistive.
  • Click Here to open the instructions supplied with this timer as a PDF file.
  • NOTE: When this timer is used with our variable heat (thermostatic) heating elements, once switched off the element will remember its temp setting and power on again at the same setting again.

As Forefront Supplier of TERMA Products, Geyser Add the KTX Range of Terma Heating Elements to its Website Available on 2-4 Week Lead Time

March 27th, 2014

KTX-3: KTX-3-Grey-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-with-24hr-Timer-SQUARE-SHOT   KTX-4:KTX-4-Grey-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-Remote-Infrared-Sensor-SQUARE-SHOT

KTX-3: KTX-3-Black-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-with-24hr-Timer-SQUARE-SHOT  KTX-4: KTX-4-Black-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-Remote-Infrared-Sensor-SQUARE-SHOT

Geyser have added the KTX 3 and KTX 4 range of superior heating elements from Terma to its website.

These elements are a special order items available on a 2-4 week lead time. Both elements are offered as easy to order “packs” which contain all of the component parts required for each type of element (as they are made up of probe, control box and remote device (for KTX-4).

KTX-3 essentially offers an element with a built in 24 hr timer device. KTX-3 is available in 4x different colours as shown below.

KTX-3-Black-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-with-24hr-Timer-110x110  KTX-3-Chroime-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-with-24hr-Timer-110x110  KTX-3-Grey-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-with-24hr-Timer-110x110  KTX-3-White-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-with-24hr-Timer-110x110

KTX-4 offers a infrared remote control device to both programme the element with a 24 hr timer and acts as a room thermostat picking up the ambient temperature in the room and controlling the heat output of the electric towel rail / electric radiator in accordance with this. KT-4 is available in 4x different colours as shown below:

KTX-4-Black-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-Remote-Infrared-Sensor-110x110  KTX-4-Chrome-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-Remote-Infrared-Sensor-110x110  KTX-4-Grey-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-Remote-Infrared-Sensor-110x110  KTX-4-White-Terma-Electric-Heating-Element-for-Towel-Rails-or-Radiators-Remote-Infrared-Sensor-110x110

Click here to visit Geyser’s Dedicated Heating elements for Electric Towel Rails / Electric Radiators page./

NEW ACCESSORY: Cable Housing Units for Traditional Electric Towel Warmers

March 25th, 2014

Cable-Housing-Unit-Chrome-for-a-Traditional-Towel-Warmer-SQUARE-SHOT  Cable-Housing-Unit-Chrome-for-a-Traditional-Towel-Warmer-Set-up-Demo-Image

Geyser has this week launched a new accessory for its traditional range of electric towel warmers.

Cable Housing Units are designed to give a better aesthetic finish to your Traditional Towel Warmer. This unit can be assembled to fully cover the cap of the element and the cable running up to the wall.

Manufactured in a traditonal style with ball joint and matching chrome of the Traditional Towel Warmers.

Simply fits over the top of both the cap and flex on your single heat element, to cover the parts on show up to the wall.

Simply trowel out your wall to conceal the remaining cable inside and run this to your fused spur (electrician will do this).

Note: The Single Heat (One Fixed Temp) and Variable Heat (Thermostatic) versions of the Traditional Towel Warmers are both supplied with single heat elements. This housing unit is ONLY compatible with a single heat element, as the variable heat traditional models are supplied with an external Temperature Control Plate giving them their Thermostatic functionality

Note: Click the centre image below to visit the respective product page for this product.

Cable-Housing-Unit-Chrome-for-a-Traditional-Towel-Warmer-Extra1  Cable-Housing-Unit-Chrome-for-a-Traditional-Towel-Warmer-Extra2  Cable-Housing-Unit-Chrome-for-a-Traditional-Towel-Warmer-Extra5

Geyser RE-LAUNCH its Cylinder, Stainless Steel Radiator Range, increasing the Diameter of the Tube Profile and Increasing to x11 Models Across Entire Range

March 24th, 2014

Cylinder-500x690-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Landscape-Designer-Radiator-Lifestyle1    Cylinder-1500x270-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-Extra2    Cylinder-1800x270-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-Lifestyle2

Geyser has this week fully re-launched its longstanding Cylinder range. Improvements have been made by increasing the diameter of the tubes from 51 to 59mm and reducing the thickness of the walls compared with the previous design. This has improved the look of the product and improves the heat output it generates.

Cylinder now features stunning large profile, tube shaped brushed stainless steel columns, which not only look fantastic but they generate an outstanding amount of heat. The diameter of each bar is just under 6cm across, therefore when stood together these create a visually stunning display of strength and impact.

Geyser offer the Cylinder range in 3x different heights:

  • 500mm high
  • 1500mm high
  • 1800mm high

Geyser list 11x different model dimensions here on our website (3x available from stock next day delivery and the remainder are all special order). If you require a specific size of your own, call us with the dimensions and we will be happy to price up that model for you.

This product, of all the stainless steel models in the Geyser range, are the interior designers’ choice, creating a focal point in any room of your house.

This product will arrive in a bespoke size wooden crate, ensuring it is in no less than perfect condition for you.

Note: You can click on any of the images below to be taken directly to that model:

Cylinder-500x690-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-280x224  Cylinder-500x900-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-280x224  Cylinder-500x1110-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-280x224

Cylinder-1500x200-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-195x390  Cylinder-1500x270-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-195x390  Cylinder-1500x340-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-195x390  Cylinder-1500x410-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-195x390

Cylinder-1800x200-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-195x390  Cylinder-1800x270-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-195x390  Cylinder-1800x340-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-195x390  Cylinder-1800x410-Stainless-Steel-Cylindirical-Portrait-Designer-Radiator-195x390

Geyser Increases its DUAL FUEL PACKS Offering to 54 Packs in Total, by Introducing “White” & “Black” Packs to Match White/Black Heated Towel Rails

March 22nd, 2014

Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-600WHTH-THFFWH---SQUARE-SHOT  Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-300WHTH-THWHA---SQUARE-SHOT  Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-300to1000WHTH-THWHA---Extra6-4web

Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--300BLTH-THBLA---SQUARE-SHOT  Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--300BLTH-THBLF---SQUARE-SHOT  Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--300to1000BLTH-THFFBL---Extra2-4web

Geyser has added 16 new Dual Fuel Packs to its ever expanding selection taking the total combination of packs on offer up to 54 packs.

8 New Packs have been added consisting of a white element and white thermostatic valves.

Sales of white towel rails are on the rise again after declining for a long period of time.

These white dual fuel packs mean the set-up can be one consistent white colour.

Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-300WHTH-THFFWH---110x110  Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-600WHTH-THFFWH---110x110  Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-800WHTH-THFFWH---110x110  Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-1000WHTH-THFFWH---110x110        Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-300WHTH-THWHA---110x110  Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-600WHTH-THWHA---110x110  Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-800WHTH-THWHA---110x110  Dual-Fuel-White-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element-1000WHTH-THWHA---110x110

A further 8 have been added for black towel rails which consist of a black heating element and black thermostatic valves.

Black towel rails are the fatest growing colour and a matching dual fuel set-up with all black components will offer the neatest overall finish to the design.

Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--300BLTH-THFFBL---110x110  Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--600BLTH-THFFBL---110x110  Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--800BLTH-THFFBL---110x110  Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--1000BLTH-THFFBL---110x110        Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--300BLTH-THBLA---110x110  Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--600BLTH-THBLA---110x110  Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--800BLTH-THBLA---110x110  Dual-Fuel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Summertime-Element--1000BLTH-THBLA---110x110

These Dual Fuel pack comprises everything you to turn a heated towel rail into Dual Fuel. Dual Fuel is where you an use the same towel rail

  • On the Central Heating System (typically in winter)
  • On an Electric Element (typically in summer).


Click Here to read our dedicated Dual Fuel Technical Guide.

Note: These Pack doesn’t contain the rail itself, and you need to purchasea “Central Heating” Rail (not a filled”Electric Rail”).

Comprehensive fitting instructions (with images) will also be supplied as part of these packs, which you can pass to your electrician and plumber respectively. This is really usefulto ensure your set-up matches our images and everything is connected in the correct way.

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