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August 24th, 2016

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Geyser Adds 8x New Models to its “TORPEDO” Aluminium Radiator Range – Taking it up to 47 Total Models across 4 Colours

August 24th, 2016


Geyser has added 8x New Models to its “TORPEDO” to its latest range of Radiators, made in aluminium.

These 8 models have all been added to the portrait (vertical) models within the range – in the Projected and Opposites models.

In the existing selection the models started at 445mm wide and went up to 645mm wide. Customers love the range and wanted some narrower sizes less than 445.

The new models are 245mm wide and 345mm wide giving a narrower model. These are available in either 1500m high or 1800mm high (as seen below).

TORPEDO-FUMO-PROJECTED-1500x245-Dakr-Grey-Aluminium-High-Heat-Output-Radiator-195x390  TORPEDO-BLANCO-PROJECTED-1500x345-White-Aluminium-High-Heat-Output-Radiator-195x390  TORPEDO-MOCHA-PROJECTED-1800x245-Sand-Brown-Aluminium-High-Heat-Output-Radiator-195x390  TORPEDO-SILVIO-PROJECTED-1800x345-Silver-Aluminium-High-Heat-Output-Radiator-195x390

Here are some lifestyle images of the “TORPEDO” range installed in customers homes:



TORPEDO-BLANCO-PROJECTED-Concave-White-Aluminium-High-Heat-Output-Radiator-Extra1  TORPEDO-BLANCO-PROJECTED-White-Aluminium-High-Heat-Output-Radiator-lifestyle1

TORPEDO-MOCHA-PROJECTEDSand-Brown-Aluminium-High-Heat-Output-Radiator-Extra3  TORPEDO-MOCHA-SHALLOW-Sand-Brown-Aluminium-Low-Profile-Radiator-Lifestyle3

Geyser Launches “Livorno” Miniature Model Chrome Radiators (C/Heating & Electric), for En Suites and Small Spaces

July 4th, 2016

Livorno-Cromo-Chrome-Landscape-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON      Livorno-Cromo-Chrome-Designer-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

Geyser have launched a new mini chrome radiator range, the “Livorno”. These miniature models are aimed at en suites, small bathrooms or small areas (see more notes on this below).

Geyser offer the “Livorno” in both central heating and electric options.

In the portrait orientation (central heating or electric) (bars running vertically) Geyser offers these models:

  • 600h x 533w (mm)
  • 900h x 386w (mm)
  • 900h x 533w (mm)

In the landscape orientation (central heating only) (bars running horizontally) Geyser offers these models:

  • 533w x 600h (mm)
  • 386w x 900h (mm)
  • 533w x 900h (mm)

Note: Previously Geyser sold the “Hudso” Cromo, mini chrome range, but Geyser has now completely discontinued the “Hudso” in all sizes and colours.

More Information About Chrome Radiators

Radiators in chrome offers reduced heat outputs by approx compared with painted models. So to put this in context if you had two radiators the same size – one finished in a silver power cost paint and one finished in chrome – the chrome model would offer 20% less heat than the painted model. Think of this like tin foil wrapped around the radiator. Chrome keeps the heat inside, for the same reasons you would wrap a joint in the oven inside tin foil – to keep the heat inside.

However even in light of this fact, chrome remains very popular in UK bathrooms. Due to this Geyser offer these miniature flat panel radiators in chrome as in small areas they offer enough heat. However Geyser don’t offer these flat panel chrome models in taller sizes (such as 1500mm or 1800mm high models). Why? They are not worth the investment compared with buying a painted models as the flat bars don’t hold a lot of water and chrome reduces by 20% so you’ll have a very inefficient radiator.

If a customer is looking for a taller chrome radiator Geyser advises you look at its “Circolo” range, which has much larger 40mm diamater bars so it offers a much higher outputs for larger rooms.


Geyser Launch a Loan Sample of the VASCO Colour Chart

July 3rd, 2016


Geyser have launched a loan sample of the VASCO bespoke colour chart, which any customer interested in ordering a bespoke colour Vasco product can use to help them choose a colour.

It costs £40 to order the chart and £26 will be refunded once the chart is returned. The remaining £14 covers the item being sent and colleced from the customer.

In 2015 Vasco launched this new colour chart as it diversifies its range into a much broader selection of colours.

News Coverage of Neil Churton Appointment- Bolton News

June 30th, 2016


“Maradja” Electric Radiator Range from Geyser Featured in the Trade Press

June 30th, 2016

The advanced “Maradja” electric radiator range from Geyser has been featured in a number of trade magazines in June 2016:











Geyser Launch the “Chime” Heated Towel Rail Range from BISQUE

June 24th, 2016

Bisque-Chime-Mirror-Polished-Stainless-Heated-Towel-Rail-1000x500-Central-Heating-167x334  Bisque-Chime-Mirror-Polished-Stainless-Heated-Towel-Rail-1400x500-Central-Heating-167x334  Bisque-Chime-Mirror-Polished-Stainless-Heated-Towel-Rail-1800x500-Central-Heating-167x334

Geyser is proud to add the “Chime” from BISQUE to its heated towel rail range.

This cylindrical profile towel rail has sparkling appeal with tube shaped styling.

Cantilevered rails allow for even the plumpest towels to be easily slid on and off. Great for family bathrooms.


As this is made from mirror polished stainless steel you have a elegant bright outer finish and a high quality rust resistant base material which will last much longer than a chrome plated mild steel towel rail.

Available in three sizes:

  • 1000h x 500w
  • 1400h x 500w
  • 1800h x 500w

Bisque-Chime-Mirror-Polish-Stainless-Steel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Extra2  Bisque-Chime-Mirror-Polish-Stainless-Steel-Heated-Towel-Rail-Extra1

Geyser Launch the “Hot Spring” Radiator Range from BISQUE

June 17th, 2016


Geyser have this week launched the “Hot Spring” radiator range from BISQUE.

Geyser has added this to both its Radiator and Heated Towel Rails categories.

Click the image above to go to the category containing the products.

Four sizes have been added as seen here:

Bisque-Hot-Spring-Brown-Quartz-650x200-Spring-Coil-Radiator-150x300  Bisque-Hot-Spring-Brown-Quartz-1261x200-Spring-Coil-Radiator-150x300  Bisque-Hot-Spring-Brown-Quartz-1562x200-Spring-Coil-Radiator-150x300  Bisque-Hot-Spring-Brown-Quartz-1862x200-Spring-Coil-Radiator-150x300

Quartz Brown is a stunning matt textured brown.


Brilliantly imaginative, the Hot Spring redefined the image of radiators.

This icon of radiator design won a Millennium Product award and is exhibited in the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art.


Bisque-Hot-Spring-Heated-Towel-Rail-Lifestyle1 Bisque-Hot-Spring-Heated-Towel-Rail-Extra4

Geyser Introduce 5 New Colours to its 16x Bespoke Colour Palette (for its “Circolo” Radiators and “Cirtowelo” & “Lineo” Towel Rails)

June 16th, 2016

Geyser have introduced 5x new colours to its bespoke colour palette for “Circolo” Radiators and the “Cirtowelo” and “Lineo” towel rails.


If you visit any of the respective model product pages (found within the bespoke custom colour categories) you’ll find full size shots of each of the images.

Cirtowelo-Classic-BEIGE-755x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT  Cirtowelo-Classic-WHITE-GOLD-755x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT

The 3x Galvanised / Brushed finishes are quite simply stunning and have already proved very popular in the Geyser showroom.

Cirtowelo-Metallic-GALVANISED-COPPER-755x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT  Cirtowelo-Metallic-BRUSHED-BRASS-755x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT  Cirtowelo-Metallic-GALVANISED-NICKEL-755x520-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-SQUARE-SHOT

Geyser can supply colour sample chips of all colours for customers to see the finish before they commit to ordering a special order radiator.

Colour-Sample-Metallic-Galvanised-Copper-Circolo-Lineo-etc-SQUARE-SHOT  Colour-Sample-Metallic-Brushed-Brass-Circolo-Lineo-etc-SQUARE-SHOT  Colour-Sample-Metallic-Galvanised-Nickel-Circolo-Lineo-etc-SQUARE-SHOT


Geyser Launch Issue 5.1 of its Catalogue – New Customers can Book an Appointment with Neil, our Field Sales Manager, to Bring you a Copy

June 14th, 2016

CAT5_1_LowResPDF_Page_001  Neil-Churton

Issue 5.1 (Issue 5 with a few minor revisions and new additions) has been launched now.

Existing customers who have been sent Issue 5 will not be sent Issue 5.1 as the changes aren’t significant enough to justify.

All new customers registering trade accounts with Geyser online will be sent a copy.

If you are new to Geyser you can also book an appointment for Neil Churton our Field Sales Manager to come and visit you in person.

Neil will help you set-up your online trade account, show you how it works, bring you a copy of our catalogue and discuss showrooms samples for your premises etc.

Mobile: 07960 468 232.

Email: neil.churton@geyser.co.uk

Cream Radiators: A Gallery of Inspirational Lifestyle Shots

June 13th, 2016

Considering buying a cream coloured radiator? We have put together this news post featuring some lifestyle shots of only cream coloured installation to give some inspiration and ideas….

Tesi Latte

The “Tesi” column radiator range is available in cream finish (RAL 1013) and here you can see this installed in a variety of rooms. Click on any of the images to visit the category where this range sits:




BISQUE Tetro Champagne Gold

The Tetro cast aluminiuim range from Bisque in a delicate champagne gold finish. Click on any of the images to visit the category where this range sits:



Muro latte Quartz

The Muro Latte Quartx (textured buttermilk cream) is a flat panel radiator range. Click on any of the images to visit the category where this range sits:



Muro Fascia Latte Quartz

This is the Muro Fascia is a sheer flat panel design. Click on any of the images to visit the category where this range sits:


Circolo Latte

Tall cylindrical bar design, Circolo, installed in a variety of rooms. Click on any of the images to visit the category where this range sits:








Geyser Launch Range of Retro Fit Diverter Accessories for any Plumbers working with Radiators having Heat Distribution Issues

June 10th, 2016


Geyser has launched a range of “Retro fit  Flow Diverter” Accessories.

If you have a radiator without a flow diverter pre fitted inside (see below for more info on what this is) and you are having issues with heat distribution you can purchase this device which is fitted between the valve and your radiator, to create a flow diversion for you.

NOTE: We offer two models of this diverter:

  • One for TRVs (with a smaller overnut).
  • Over for Manual Valves (with a larger overnut).

The little rubber disc goes into the radiator and once the flow of water is started it will hit this disc inside the radiator to force the water up and over.

Over the years when customers have reported heat distribution issues, after fitting this device this has fixed the issue for them. The device will add approx 5mm to 10mm to your pipe centres overall.

You will only need x1 of these devices for each radiator and this should be fitted on the FLOW side (water inwards).

What is a flow diverter used for?

  • When you have a tall vertical radiator (ie 1 metre high or taller) sometimes there ca be an internal water flow issue which means the radiator is only hot across the bottom and up the outer L/R bars, but down the centre of the radiator can be cooler or have cold spots.
  • In essence the water will look for the quickest way out of a radiator. So the water comes in for example on the bottom left and then rushes straight across the bottom and out of the bottom right. Some water goes up the first and last bars but then there isn’t enough pressure to spread it evenly so all bars get hot.
  • Lots of radiators are pre fitted with a diverter which acts as a barrier inside the radiator, so once the water comes in on the left it forces ALL of the water up and over and ensures that the radiator gets evenly hot all over.

NOTE: The installation of a pre installed diverter is a judgment made by the manufacturer as not all radiators need them – it may just mean your system has an issue where other people won’t.

This device enables you to retro fit a diverter into any radiator having heat distribution issues.



Geyser Launch the 2nd Video in its Series of Technical Information Videos – on Electric Radiators

May 15th, 2016

Geyser is proud to officially launch the 2nd release in its new series of technical information videos.

The 1st video on “Electric Towel Rails” (with presenters Alex Ramsay & Elizabeth Lomax) was launched back in March 2016 and has since had over 1,000 views on YouTube.

Now, in May 2016, the second video being launched is all about “Electric Radiators” (with presenters Alex Ramsay & Daniel Baker) and is a full consumer orientated guide to buying, installation and operation.


Geyser Launch the “Jazz” Range of Chamfered Edge, Open Sided Towel Rails from IRSAP

May 6th, 2016

Jazz-IRSAP-890x500-Graphite-Black-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334  Jazz-IRSAP-890x500-Latte-Cream-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334  Jazz-IRSAP-1290x500-Mocha-Sand-Brown-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334  Jazz-IRSAP-1290x500-Custom-Colour-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334  Jazz-IRSAP-1700x500-Silver-Grey-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334  Jazz-IRSAP-White-1770x500-Heated-Towel-Rail-167x334

Geyser launch the “Jazz” range of heated towel rails from reputable manufacturer, Irsap.

The “Jazz” range of open sided towel rails from reputable brand, IRSAP, are extremely high quality products covered by a 10 year guarantee. These are all manufactured in their entirety in Italy just outside of Venice, in a state of the art plant.

Features a stunning chamfered edge profile, so as opposed to a completely square profile bar the edges taper back towards the wall at either side. The open sided design provides a very easy access for placing the towels onto the bars.

The towel rail can be fitted either way round so the bars reach out to the left or the right, but reaching out to the right as shown is the standard way and the logo will be the right way up if installed this way also.

Geyser offers the “Jazz” in three different sizes:

  • 890h x 500 w (mm)
  • 1290h x 500w (mm)
  • 1770h x 550w (mm)

Geyser list the “Jazz” in a wide range of colours on its website:

This model can be fitted either way round so the bars reach out to the left or the right.

Features 50mm pipe centres, so if your pipes come through the wall we advise flat front valves as shown in the main image.

Geyser Appoints Neil Churton as Field Sales Manager on the road to see its Customers

April 21st, 2016


Neil Churton has been appointed as Field Sales Manager for Geyser.

Neil joins from Methven brassware supplier where he was National Sales Manager in his most recent role in the business.

His remit will be to visit Geyser customers new and potential in the field to strengthen relationships.

If you would like to book an appointment to see Neil you can contact him below or request an appointment via our sales office.

2016 May NeilChurton_Page_1

Geyser Update the “Traditional Radiators” Section of its Showroom

April 20th, 2016

tesi1   tesi4

tesi2   tesi6

Geyser has expanded and upgraded the traditional radiators section of its showroom.

It has included a physical display of the 16x bespoke colours of traditional radiator it offers which will shortly feature on its website.

The area now features a large graphic (as shown) which shows exactly how the column radiators are configured.

Geyser has also created a new ‘freeze’ over the top of all the products featuring a traditional tiled effect design to bring together the whole section in an otherwise very modern looking showroom.


Geyser Launch the First in its New Series of Technical Information Videos on “Electric Towel Rails”

March 15th, 2016

World Plumbing Day – March 11th 2016 – Free Colour Chips for the month of March 2016, for Plumbers with Registered Trade Accounts!

March 9th, 2016


Friday March 11th is World Plumbing Day – the day to high five a plumber.

To say thanks to our plumbers we are offering free colour chips for the month of March 2016.

Geyser offer colour chips to customers to help demonstrate a colour or finish to a customer before they buy. These have been popular with our customers.

If you are a plumber with a registered trade account with Geyser simply ring us anytime in Match 2016 and we shall send you up to 3 colour chips (per order) free of charge for use with your customers.

Colour-Sample-Metallic-Chocolate-Circolo-Lineo-etc-PRODUCT-PAGE-SHOT  Colour-Sample-3D-Black-Crocodile-Circolo-Lineo-etc-PRODUCT-PAGE-SHOT


Geyser Launch New Promotional Chocolate Bar

February 29th, 2016

Slattery-Visual-2---no-lettering  chocolate

Geyser have launched a new promotional chocolate bar made up of a radiator, towel rail an the company logo.

Will you be lucky enough to receive one of these luxury Belgian chocolate bars?!

Geyser Launch its “Torpedo” Range of Aluminium Radiators as Electric, offering up to 2.4kw of Heat Output

February 26th, 2016

Geyser is very pleased to announce that its “Torpedo” range of extruded aluminium radiators is now available in electric. The range has been on sale as central heating since August 2015 and the range has proved extremely popular with customers to date. At present the white models have been launched as electric and the other 3 colours (sand brown, silver and dark grey).

“Torpedo” offers up to 2.4kw of heat output, which is typically the highest you find on most non cast iron electric radiators. This is achievable due to the fact the largest output model takes 2x 1.2kw elements to meet with the high output capacity of the units themselves. The radiators both convect and radiate heat meaning they can achieve these impressive outputs.

Geyser offers the “Torpedo” in 3 different styles as shown below: Shallow, Projected and Opposites.

For more detailed information about the models scroll down below these images.

Torpedo-Shallow-Blanco-White-Landscape-ELECTRIC-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON  Torpedo-Opposites-Blanco-White-Landscape-ELECTRIC-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON  Torpedo-Projected-Blanco-White-Landscape-ELECTRIC-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON  Torpedo-Shallow-Aluminium-Designer-Electric-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON  Torpedo-Blanco-Opposites-Aluminium-ELECTRIC-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON  Torpedo-Blanco-Projected-Aluminium-ELECTRIC-Radiator-SQUARE-SELECTION-BUTTON

  • Take the time to read this information we have written here (approx 10 minutes) to fully understand the thought process behind this range and why it is so unique in terms of what Torpedo offers you.


  • First and foremost Torpedo holds 40-60% less water content, compared with the corresponding size, mild steel equivalent, so it’s much more energy efficient on the usage of water pulled from your boiler by 40-60%. This means you’ll see reduced energy bills!
  • Secondly in terms of energy efficiency, Torpedo produces heat from two different methods: RADIANT heat from the water contained within (just as with any standard radiator) and CONVECTED heat whereby the open chambers pull in cold air through the bottom and eject warm air out of the top. This is why the finishing caps across the top and bottom have neat little square grill designs, to aid this chimney effect of convected heat. So the dual forms of heat mean less energy is used as the room is being heated from two heat sources at the same time, not just one.
  • So that’s 2 major energy efficiency factors with Torpedo: 40-70% less water content and dual forms of heat production: Radiant & Convected.


  • Torpedo is available in three different styles which all utilise the same extruded aluminium profile (FYI: extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross sectional profile, where aluminium is pushed through a die of the desired cross-section):
  1. TORPEDO {shallow}: The flat, low projection version (at just 73mm from wall to front), where the bars line up flat against the wall, in symmetrical pairs of opposing round ended profiles, for a contoured start and end design.
  2. TORPEDO {projected}: The deeper profile version where every bar is lined up in a uniform fashion, which can be installed either way round: A. So the rounded profiles curve forward for a convex front finish or B. So the recessed profiles curve inward for a concave front finish.
  3. TORPEDO {opposites}: This third option lines the bars up at juxtapositions (direct opposites) to each other so you get a wave type combination of alternating projected then recessed bars across the front profile. This version is unlike any other radiator on the market in its profile and very unique – like a piece of art.


  • Torpedo is available in four contemporary matt finish, colours:
  1. Blanco (matt textured white)
  2. Mocha (matt textured sand brown)
  3. Fumo (matt textured dark grey)
  4. Silvio (matt textured silver)
  • All finishes are stunning matt texture. The fumo, silvio and mocha finishes have an even grainier sand like texture than the matt white and a slight reflective shimmer to them.
  • NEWS UPDATE: In early Nov 2015 the white coloured models was upgraded to a matt, textured finish and no longer supplied in the previous silky, gloss, smooth finish (as listed in our Issue 5 catalogue). The matt finish is far superior and looks a lot better aesthetically than the previous silk, glossy smooth finish. As such, the prices of all the white models were increased to bring them in line with the 3 colours (where prior to Nov 2015 the white models were slightly cheaper).


  • The finer detailing of Torpedo is truly what differs it from any other aluminium range on the market:
  • Finishing caps run across both the top and bottom of the radiator, where most extruded aluminium radiators only have caps running across the top (to save money) and nothing across the bottom. Here at Geyser we have focused on the finer details and this makes a striking difference when you see the radiators, being finished to perfection both top and bottom, which you can clearly see on all models as the caps contrast the main colour.
  • The colour of the finishing caps on Torpedo are a matt, satin chrome (non shiny) colour to better match with the matt textured finish of the radiators. Most aluminium radiators have shiny chrome finishing caps across just the top, which in comparison look cheaper and far less stylish. Go and compare and you’ll see for yourself!
  • Torpedo is supplied with unique cover caps to cover the unsightly bleed and blank plugs located on the sides. Geyser has produced the tooling to produce these caps and this range comes with these caps included as standard. These are in matching satin chrome colour, the same colour as the finishing caps across the top and the same colour as the Geyser branding stickers, so everything is coherent.
  • Both the {projected} and {opposites} versions of Torpedo offer a bar ratio of 3:1 compared with {shallow} version, so both offer triple the heat output of {shallow} size for size and reach heat outputs of a staggering 14,000+ BTUs.

Electrical Specification:

  • This ‘Radiant Heat‘ electric radiator contains a water based heating solution with two Fernox compound additives: 1. Boiler Noise Silencer (which eliminates the kettle type sound from within) 2. Rust Inhibitor (which eliminates lime scale and is anti corrosive).
  • The radiator will arrive fully sealed with 7x blank plugs and 1x bleed valve, all with PTFE tape fitted around the threads (for a water tight seal).
  • IMPORTANT: Our comprehensive double sided A3 fitting instructions are included, with detailed notes on how to correctly commission your electric radiator for internal THERMAL EXPANSION, which *must* be carried out during installation by your electrician.
  • The vast majority of the SHALLOW models are supplied 1x heating element and the PROJECTED / OPPOSITES models are supplied with 2x heating elements. This is to effectively heat the high volume of heating solution in the higher capacity model, giving even heat distribution. If using x2 elements, both can be wired into the same fused spur. Click Here for More Info About Installing and Operating 2x Elements on the DOUBLE panel models.
  • Torpedo requires this golf club style heating element, different to our other electric models, as they have thinner probes inside. All element heads reach out towards the right side, so each element will face the same direction as shown.
  • They highly advanced, have ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to adjust the temp.
  • Elements also feature a very handy 2HR COUNTDOWN BOOST function which will run for 2 hours and switch itself off again after 2 hours. They also feature a 24 hour repeat cycle for this 2 hr countdown, so if you require it on between 8am and 10am for example, it can repeat this every 24 hours. Note: For more advanced timer functionality than this the element(s) also works with our separate fully pre-programmable 7 day timer (see accessories section, right).
  • Your electrician will simply turn the radiator upside down, to remove the left/right underside blank plugs and to screw both of the elements into place, which are also both supplied pre fitted with PTFE tape.
  • Click here if you’d like to read even more technical information about ‘Radiant Heat’ electric radiators and the heating element we supply with them.
  • Finally, Alex Ramsay, director comments: “We are very proud of the ‘Torpedo’ range. A lot of time and effort went into designing this range and I hope this shows. You’ll be hard pushed to find another aluminium radiator range which offers everything described above. If you need any aspects described above explaining further please get in touch. Customers love Torpedo and you will too, I assure you. Thanks, Alex.”


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