Give your bathroom a fresh new look with a designer radiator

April 5th, 2012

With all the economic uncertainty around at the moment, many people who were thinking of moving house are putting off that move until things get better. It seems safer to improve the home you have already, than to sell at a loss amid falling prices and commit to a new and bigger mortgage for a new home.

One of the most popular home improvements is the bathroom, where a new look can give a fresh new feel to you house. But you don’t have to rip out your whole bathroom suite just to brighten things up. With Geyser designer radiators, you can revamp and refresh your bathroom from as little as £99.

Our stylish designer radiators and designer towel rails are perfect for bathrooms, because they create such a strong statement in such a small space. Vertical designer radiators are especially suitable for bathrooms where there isn’t the wall space for a traditional long length horizontal style. Geyser stock a wide range of radiator styles, both as independent electric radiators and as part of your existing central heating system.

Geyser designer radiators give you the chance to express your style. From the sleek black of the Hudso Nero, to the eccentric twists and turns of the Aeon Twister, Geyser have a radiator to suit any bathroom and any taste. Created with bathrooms in mind, many Geyser designer radiators, such as the Empoli Nero vertical radiators, include an integral mirror panel as part of the radiator itself, saving you even more of that precious wall space.

At the end of the day, radiators don’t have to be dull, and bathrooms don’t have to be ripped out to be revamped. With a little help from the stylish designer radiator range at Geyser, you can create a whole new look and feel to your home with ease.