“Blocco”, a Chunky Landscape, Stainless Steel, Designer Radiator Range from Geyser

January 26th, 2012

Blocco 600x415 Blocco 600x890 Blocco 600x915

“Blocco” is a range of Stainless Steel, Landscape Designer Radiators from Geyser. Made from chunky square profile bars, this solid yet stylish design is very popular. It offers great heat outputs due the properties of its stainless steel base material in radiating heat out.

Geyser offer the Blocco in 5 different widths all at a consistent height of 600mm. The model works as both Central Heating or Electric energy types. Note: Geyser used to sell the “Blocco” range under the brand of “Reina Versa Radiator”. The design remains exactly the same and just the name has changed.

Click here to view the Blocco range on the Geyser website, Note: by clicking the link to the Central Heating versions, you’ll be able to find the Electric versions from that page:

Blocco 600×415, Central Heating Version

Blocco 600×540, Central Heating Version

Blocco 600×665, Central Heating Version

Blocco, 600×790, Central Heating Version

Blocco 600×915, Central Heating Version