Hudso Blanco, A White Vertical Designer Radiator for Any Room of the House

June 22nd, 2012

Hudso-White-Portrait-Designer-Radiator Hudso-White-Portrait-Designer-Radiator

The Hudso Blanco 1800mm high range is provingvery popular across all rooms of the house as shown in the images above. The simplicity of this product is what makes it so stylish.

This is a white vertical designer radiator which can be installed as a central heating radiator or an electric radiator and therefore is very versatile for all homes.

Here you can see the Hudso in a kitchen, loft conversion lounge and dining room.

These upright white radiators look very stylish and fit into the narrowest of spaces.

The Hudso Blanco portrait models comes in a wide variety of sizes:

Hudso Blanco 1800×285

Hudso Blanco 1800×360

Hudso Blanco 1800×435

Hudso Blanco 1800×510

Note: The sizes shown can also be mounted as landscape.

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