"Pieve Nero" Anthracite VH Electric Towel Rail (780h x 550w)

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"Pieve Nero" Anthracite VH Electric Towel Rail
  • PieveNerois a curved fronted design with large bars, great for emitting lots of heat into the room.
  • Itsdesign means itprojects out into the room at the centre, but neatly returns back to the wall at either side.
  • Manufactured in a rough texture Dark Anthracite (almost black finish) this will add a touch a class to any modern stylish bathroom.

Electrical Specification:

  • This electric towel rail contains a water based heating solution with 2 Fernox glycol compound additives: 1. Boiler Noise Silencer (which eliminates the kettle type sound from within)2. RustInhibitor (which eliminates lime scale, with anti freeze & anti corrosion).
  • The electric towel rail will arrive fully sealed with 3x blank plugs and 1x bleed valve, all with PTFE tape fitted around the threads (for a water tight seal).
  • Your electrician will simply turn the electric towel rail upside down, to remove the left/right underside blank plug(your choice which side)and screw the element into place, which is also pre fitted with PTFE tape.
  • IMPORTANT: Our comprehensive double sided A4 fitting instructions are included, with detailed notes on how to correctlycommission your electric towel rail for internal THERMAL EXPANSION, which *must* be carried out during installation by your electrician.
  • The highly advanced thermostatic heating element supplied (as shown) has '+' and '-' buttons to adjust the temp, across 5 settings, in increments of 10 degrees (each LED will flash whilst warming and then turn static once that temp is achieved).
  • The element also features a very handy 2HR COUNTDOWN BOOST Drying Function, whereby: 1. if pressed when off will switch on for 2 hours at full temp, then back off again; 2. if pressed when on will boost the temp up to the highest setting for 2 hours and return to previous setting. Note: Element also works with our separate fully pre-programmable 7 day timer (see accessories section, right).

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