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Our Price Match Offer Gives You The CHEAPEST Price You'll Find - GUARANTEED!

Should you find a similar product selling elsewhere for a lower price than Geyser, we will price match it for you, plus give you an additional 20 discount off that price!! The matching product has to be roughly the same design, same material and approximately the same size* (ie 1800h x 290w matched with a 1800h x 305w). The product name needn't be exactly the same as other companies will sell similar products with different names.

To take advantage of this offer, simply fill in the details below and a member of our sales team shall respond to you once we have verified the information, then you can place your order over the phone.
You cannot find a better deal!

Terms & Conditions:
- Comparison must be a like for like price inc VAT & Delivery.
- If the company you are price matching is offering free valves, we shall offer you the same valves for free in addition to the 20 off.
- All products eligible for price match are listed in the drop down menu below (and the product page for the respective product will show the price match offer just below the price).
- Note: We don't price match on standard ladder rails (ie Chrome Straight, Chrome Curved, White Straight, White Curved).
- Note: We do not price match eBay listings. Valid price match requests have to be with non-eBay heating specialist suppliers like ourselves. Ebay is littered with clearance stock, copies and poor quality imports and therefore Geyser will not price match such stock.
- Geyser reserve the right not to honour a price match request for any reason it deems fit. In 99% of cases price matches are always honoured, but we reserve the right not to for any reason which arises dependant on the individual case. Customers are free to submit their requests and wait our response.

Branded Stock Exceptions
- Due to a current pricing re-structure taking place across 'MHS' products, we may not be able to honour the price match if we see the other supplier is still on the old pricing structure (and may be selling off older stock at a lower value). If this is the case, we shall call you to let you know how close we can get to the competitor's selling price.
-* If you are price matching branded stock (MHS, Aeon, Vasco) and the product you are matching isn't the same brand name, we may not honour the full price match, as you aren't buying true branded stock - it will be cheaper stock. In these cases we shall call you to let you know what price we can offer you.
- In some cases if you are price matching Adax stock (the "Neo" range) and the margins are very tight, we may not be able to offer the full 20 off price match. In these cases we shall call you to let you know.

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