Radiator and heated towel rail parts and accessories including thermostatic radiator valves, towel holders, towel rings, towel hooks, dual fuel conversion packs, bleed and vent plugs.

Radiator Valves

Manual Radiator Valves
Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Manual Valves vs Thermostatic Valves?

We offer two broad categories of radiator valve as chosen above.

Firstly, Manual Valves which simply control the water flow in and out of your radiator, much like a tap on a sink.

Secondly, Thermostatic Valves (also known as TRVs) which allow you to control the temperature of the individual radiator. The thermostat on your central heating system controls all radiators, therefore not giving such precision control.

Regarding how they look... Manual Valves typically have 2 matching symmetrical valves and Thermostatic Valves are made up of a larger valve (TRV) and a smaller lockshield (as shown in the inset images above).

Choosing the right Radiator Valves

Our radiator valves come in three orientations (or shapes): Angled, Straight or Flat Front. Each of these allow the central heating pipes to be connected to the radiator or towel rail in a different way.

For more details on which orientation is best for you, click here to read our dedicated guide to choosing valves.

We offer a diverse range of radiator valves in an array of finishes, including:

Need more information?

Should you need more information to help you choose the right Radiator Valves, please visit our Technical Advice pages where you will find our Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Radiator Valves. Geyser offer the highest levels of technical advice in helping you make an informed decision as to what to buy.

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