Radiator Valves "Thermostatic" Brushed Chrome (Straight)

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Radiator Valves "Thermostatic" Brushed Chrome (Straight)
  • Our "Thermostatic" Valves arecompriseboth a TRV and a matching lockshield.
  • Brushed Chrome exterior finish to match stainless steel and brushed chrome products.
  • An Angled Valveis socalled as the waterflow pipe is across a 90 degreeright angle, meaning the pipework entersthe valve on onesideand the product is connected to the valve on the other (on straight valves they are either end of a straight line).
  • 5 settings plus anti-freeze mode. Also features liquid capsule for faster reaction to temperature changes.
  • If you are unsure which valves to purchase Read our Dedicated Choosing Valves Technical Advice Guide.
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