Black old style Victorian column radiator. This is a wall mounted vertical designer radiator for your home domestic central heating system. This traditional slim, tubular design is cheap and with a high output of more than 7000 btu. Measures 1200mm high x 474mm wide.

Old Style Slim Black 4 Column Radiator 1200mm high x 474mm wide
(1200h x 474w)

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Old Style Slim Black 4 Column Radiator 1200mm high x 474mm wide

Black old style Victorian column radiator. This upright designer radiator creates a decorative feature in your lounge, living room, kitchen or bedroom. This is a slim tubular wall mounted central heating radiator. Cheap and with a high output of more than 7000 btu. Measures 1200mm high x 474mm wide.

Vintage traditional steel and cast iron column radiators have been classic features of central heating systems for decades. Column radiators are a very versatile range because they are available in large selection of sizes and shapes. Whether it be small, slim, long, low level, high level, space saving or full height, you will find a column radiator to suit all your domestic home heating requirements.

Our Old Style range has tubular columns with rounded shoulders. This gives the range a contemporary twist on the traditional Victorian blade style shoulders. Because of this subtle, softening of the design, the range becomes a stand out choice for all types of decorative home design. No matter what period of styling you choose, Old Style suits ALL interior design themes including Victorian, Retro, Classic, Contemporary, Modern and more.

The vast array of vertical and horizontal designs available in column radiators allow you to buy central heating radiators for all types of rooms including bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. You will even find a design on our website suitable for the smallest rooms in the house such as cloakrooms, utility rooms and conservatories. Your column radiator can also be wall mounted or floor standing giving you even more installation flexibility.

Once you have chosen you height and width, you will then to decide the depth of your column radiator. Each radiator is described with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 columns in the product title. This column quantity will affect how much heat output the radiator can produce and how far the radiator will stand off the wall, known as projection. Visually, the look of the radiator also changes as you add columns. The higher the number of columns equals a higher heat output and an increased projection from your wall. Below are the overall projection depth measurements by column quantity.

  • 2 columns deep, 95 mm
  • 3 columns deep, 130 mm
  • 4 columns deep, 165 mm
  • 5 columns deep, 200 mm
  • 6 columns deep, 240 mm

The choice of colour and finish is extensive in the Old Style range. The most popular colours and finishes are kept in stock for next day dispatch, but many bespoke coloured options are available. Added to a large array of colours is a range of finishes and textures in those colours such as matt, gloss, lacquered raw metal or quartz sparkle finishes and more.

This Old Style range is made at our manufacturers state of the art facility near Venice in Italy. Laser welded by robots, the finished mild steel is then powder coated in the equally high technology painting plant. The result is a quality standard so high that we have the confidence to offer a 10 year guarantee with all our Old Style range. The Old Style range is made from mild steel not cast iron. Mild steel achieves a high heat output faster than cast iron, is lighter in weight than cast iron and is a cheaper alternative to cast iron.

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Important Installation Notes

Although lighter than cast iron, steel column radiators are still heavy once filled with water, especially the large designs. Every model is supplied with standard wall mounting brackets, which are very strong. However if you know you have weak or plasterboard walls we strongly suggest you order some special plaster board plugs from our Accessories section of our website.

For stocked, next day dispatch items, a higher level of weight support would be to order additional gravity support feet. These rest on the floor and work in conjunction with the standard wall brackets already included. They provide additional support. The gravity support feet can be retro fitted to already installed radiators.

For very large models, especially horizontal old style radiators, you should consider ordering your radiator with welded feet. These are free floor standing feet, supplied in the same colour and finish as the columns of the radiator. This allows you to mount the radiator on the floor. The feet must be welded on and painted at time of manufacture, making these special orders with a 6-week lead time.

All these radiators are supplied with an internal diverter which forces the water up and over inside the product. This aids water flow and ensures all columns get equally hot. It is important that the plumber locates the diverter and installs this nearest to the flow side radiator valve. It is rarely required, but the diverter can be removed if necessary, in case the plumber wants to connect the flow into the top of the radiator and the return out of the bottom.

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