SOUTH WEST: Swindon, Designer Radiator Showroom

Visit the Geyser Showroom

Our South West based showroom is located at the "National Self Build & Renovation Centre" in Swindon, where we have a large impressive stand with over 70 products on display. The Centre is an excellent resource for all people looking to either build or renovate their own home.

If you are a renovator the centre features a fantastic "Renovation House" which shows a house being transformed from an old dilapidated terrace into a beautiful new home as you walk through it.

If you are a self builder the centre can help with locating land for building on; shows cross sections of different construction methods and helps customers to fund the project.

For all customers to the centre, the "Trade Village" (where our showroom is located) features a whole host of un manned stands where you can browse products at your own leisure, without any pressure from sales people.
Note: There is no entrance fee to see our stand at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre.

We are located just opposite the "Theatre" to the right hand side of the centre. Click Here for More Information about the Centre.

Showroom Opening Hours

10:00 - 17:30
10:00 - 17:30
10:00 - 17:30
10:00 - 17:30
10:00 - 17:30
10:00 - 17:30

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Products on Display in the Geyser Showroom in Swindon
Please Note: You can click any of the links below to be taken directly to the product page for that respective product to give you a better idea of what is on display in our showroom.


Pod 1: Stainless Steel Range &
Alumero (Electric) Range

  1. AEON Twister 1800x400
  2. Elevato 1800 x 300
  3. Cubo 1800 x 350
  4. Strati 1800 x 245
  5. Cylinder 450 x 447 
  6. Blocco 600 x 540
  7. Alumero Blanco (Electric Radiator) 580x644

Pod 2: Stainless Steel Range &
Branded Radiators Range

  1. VASCO Vintage (Clear Lacquer) 600x978
  2. BISQUE Blok (Volcanic Black) 590x873
  3. BISQUE Seta (Metallica Grey) 600x885
  4. MHS Arc (Double Panel) 600 x 750
  5. Flasteel (Double Panel) 1800 x 290
  6. Flasteel (Single Panel) 600 x 890
    - Full Graphic Panel on "Flasteel Range

Pod 3: Muro (Flat Panel) Range &
Tesi (Column Radiator) Range

  1. Muro Nero (Black) (Single Panel) 520h x 900w
  2. Muro Silvio (Silver) (Single Panel) 1800h x 445
  3. Muro Blanco (White) (DOUBLE PANEL) 900h X 520w
  4. Tesi Latte (Cream) 1200h x 339w
  5. Tesi Nero (Black) 300x609
  6. Tesi Blanco (White) 500x534
  7. Tesi Colour Chart (showing all Bespoke Colours Available)

Pod 4: Circolo (cylindrical bar range)
& Empoli (Mirror) Range

  1. Empoli Cromo (Chrome) 1800 x 600
  2. Circolo Grigio (Pale Grey with Silver Speckle) 1800 x 260
  3. Circolo Blanco (White) 500 x 865
  4. Circolo Cromo (Chrome) 500 x 1195
  5. Circolo Nero (Black) 1800 x 480
    - Full Graphic Panel on "Circolo" Range

Centre: Neo (Electric Heaters) Range, Harmos (Plastic) Range

  1. Neo Blanco (White) 370 x 586 Electric Heater
  2. Neo Nero (Black) 370 x 586 Electric Heater
    - Full Graphis Panel on "Electric Radiators"
  3. BISQUE Svelte (Volcanic Black) 1810x300
  4. Siena (Chrome) 780x400
  5. Harmos Blanco (White) 600 x 300 (Sample Size)
  6. Harmos Nero (Black) 1800 x 300 (Sample Size)

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