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Radiator Valves "Square" Shiny Chrome (Angled)

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Radiator Valves "Square" Shiny Chrome (Angled)
    • "Manual Radiator Valves" act like a simple open/close tap allowing water to flow in and out of your radiator.
    • Unlike "Thermostatic Radiator Valves" (click to follow) they offer no form of control over the heat of the radiator/towel rail it is fitted to, therefore its temperature can only be controlled by the central thermostat on your central heating system.
    • We offer three profiles (shapes) of manual radiator valve, which you can match up to the profile of your radiator/towel as you choose:
      1. Sphere
      2. Square
      3. Traditional Cross Head
    • We offer two finishes of manual radiator valve, which you can match up to colour of your radiator/towel rail as you choose:
      1. Shiny Chrome.
      2. Brushed Nickel.
    • We offer up to three orientations of manual radiator valve (some profiles less than 3), which you should select based on the advice we offer on the respective product page of the radiator/towel you are installing, which is determined by the tappings (entry points) on the radiator/towel and whether your pipework comes through the wall or the floor:
      1. Angled
      2. Straight
      3. Flat Front

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