Designer Radiators | White Vasco Flatline Portrait | 1600h x 400w mm

Vasco "Flatline" Bianco (White), Single Panel Radiator
(1600h x 400w)

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Vasco "Flatline" Bianco (White), Single Panel Radiator
  • Geyser designs and manufactures the majority of its own products, but also sells high end designer brands, such as this premium quality Vasco product.
  • Vasco FLATLINE is a panel radiator range, intended to be one step up from the standard panel radiators found in a DIY store or a plumbers merchant. It features a textured surface and a completely flat front panel both giving it a superior interior styling over cheaper panel radiators.
  • Another unique detail is that the FLATLINE radiator has a water conducting flat front panel that increases heat output, so there is water right behind that surface and this isnt simply a fascia fastened over the front of a fluted panel radiator which you often find with models with this type of look.
  • With FLATLINE you have two options for your valves:
    • 1. You can place the TRV head (only) on the top right (as seen in the images) but in addition this set-up will require a 3/4 INCH BRASSWARE CONNECTOR" fitted at the bottom. Youll simply need to purchase the 3/4 INCH BRASSWARE CONNECTOR and then the TRV head separately for each model you are installing. For these see the expanding accessory accordions located right.
    • 2. A cheaper alternative is to simply fit 1x pair of standard TRVs (TRV and lockshield) located outer left and right at the bottom of the radiator, which is the more common installation you will be used to seeing.
  • FLATLINE is available in three panel types, which vary in projection (wall to front) as follows:
    • Single Panel, Single Layer Convectors (T21): 103mm
    • Double Panel, Double Layer Convectors (T22): 136mm
    • Triple Panel, Triple Layer Convectors (T33): 197mm
  • FLATLINE is available in 3 different height models:
    • Plinth: 200mm High
    • Standard: 600mm High
    • Tall: 1600, 1800 and 2000mm High
  • FLATLINE is also suitable for low surface temperature systems. Please contact us for advice on the heat output these models offer as low surface temperature, as at present we dont list these on our website.
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