Heated Towel Rail | White Curved Ladder Rail | 1150h x 600w mm

Geyser "CURVED LADDER" Bianco (White), Heated Towel Rail
(1150h x 600w)

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Geyser "CURVED LADDER" Bianco (White), Heated Towel Rail
  • This rail is:

    Central Heating (& Dual Fuel)

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    Single Heat Electric (65°)

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    Variable Heat Electric (20-70°)

  • Heated Towel Rails Guide

  • Heated Towel Rails give you the luxury of warm, fluffy towels every time you step out of the bath or shower.
  • They will provide an adequate source of heat for your bathroom, but be sure to use our heat requirement calculator to ensure you buy the right size towel rail for the size of your bathroom.
  • Chrome and White "Ladder Rails" are the entry level range (the towel rail equivalent of a standard white panel radiator). If this is your first time researching towel rails be sure to view the extensive range we offer in addition to standard "Ladder Rails" as you'll be very surprised at the extent on offer:

  • other colours (sand brown, cream, gunmetal, black, bespoke custom colours etc)
  • square profile models
  • larger round profile tubes (with much better heat outputs)
  • etc

  • If afterward researching across all of our ranges, you still choose a standard ladder, this is fine, as these are very functional well known products, but at least you'll know you've had exposure to the full choice available to you.
  • Curved or Straight "Ladder Rails":

  • "Straight" means the horizontal bars have a straight profile, with a 95mm projection;
  • "Curved" means the bars have a curved profile which projects forward, with a 100mm projection (so in actual fact there is little difference between the overall projection).

  • Geyser "Ladder Rails" Features large 22mm diameter tubes (better than the smaller 19mm tubes on a budget end rail). The larger the tube diameter the more water it can hold equalling increased heat output.
  • The Chrome models are manufactured with 'standard' depth chromium plating, containing additives to prevent rusting from within and the outer chrome from flaking off (unlike budget rails with just a 'shallow' depth coating).
  • The White models have a high grade powder coat paint.
  • All our "Ladders Rails" have a high concentration of tubes, to maximise the heat output, with gaps included at appropriate places for the storage of hand and/or bath towels.
  • Remember that chrome offers a lower heat output than a painted finish (due to its insulating thermal properties) so the White models will offer slightly heat the Chrome model size for size.
  • We offer a larger selection of chrome rails than white as they tend to be more popular, although sales of white rails are on the rise again.

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