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Aero White Ecodesign Vertical Slim Electric Radiator - 1800mm high x 470mm wide

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Introducing the Aero Ecodesign electric designer radiator. Conforming to UK & EU Lot 20 certification for eco efficient purposes, this is an aluminium designer electric radiator.

This full height, tall and slim, vertical radiator is complemented by a flawless matt, slightly textured, white finish and a 800 watts heat output. Measures 1800mm x 470mm.

Key Features

  • Electric
  • Aluminium
  • Efficient
  • Programmable
  • Senses ambient room temperature
  • Open window detection
  • Ecodesign Lot 20 compliant
  • Cost effective - every model under £499
  • Modern subtle convex flat panels with virtually no gaps between them
  • Dark grey air flow caps
  • Slimline - low projection, stands just 80mm from wall to the furthestmost outside edge 
  • 100% aluminium, no stainless or steel pins used, fusion welded rather compression constructed
  • Lightweight, even by aluminium standards, good for fitting and couriers
  • All vertical models and the 600mm high x 660mm wide horizontal model can be made into electric towel rails with chrome plated towel bar attachment
  • Read below for even more features….

Eco Design Lot 20 Compliance

It has been written into UK and EU Law that all electric designer radiators should meet strict new energy efficiency guidelines. In 2019, it became illegal to install electric designer radiators that do not meet these guidelines.

This Aero is supplied with the Geyser DYNAMIC heating element. It is a highly advanced heating element that is Eco Design LOT 20 compliant and when installed in your electric radiator or towel rail, makes your electric radiator or towel rail Eco Design LOT 20 compliant and legal to install and use within the UK and EU.

The accumulation of eco features built into this heating element take this designer electric thermostat past the threshold criteria score for Eco design LOT 20 compliance. Here are the ECO features of this electric heating thermostatic element.

24hr, 7 day a week timer programming

Giving you control and flexibility to heat your space as and when you choose. Allows you to save power when the room does not need to be heated or heated to full temperature.

Ambient Room Temperature

The most advanced technical change for ECO purposes, elements installed in electric designer radiators must now sense the ambient temperature of the room NOT the internal solution temperature. A backlit digital display allows you to set the target, comfortable, temperature for the room and the radiator will work to maintain that temperature. This prevents over heating of the room and therefore prevents excessive energy use.  

Open Window Detection

The Geyser Dynamic heating element senses the sudden drop in temperature when a window is opened and switches off. This is done automatically without any setting changes from the user. The heating element will automatically start heating your electric radiator again towards the pre-set comfort temperature after 30 minutes or once the window is closed. This feature is based on the logical assumption that nobody would want to waste energy heating the outside air via an open window.

Additional Features

This Geyser Dynamic element incorporated into this Aero designer electric radiator has additional features over and above those required for Eco design LOT 20 Compliance. These include 3 x pre-set fixed programs and 1 x flexible settable programs. The digital temperature range can be set between 7°and 32°. The heating element is IP44 rated which means it is electrically safe even if accidentally splashed with water. The Geyser Dynamic heating element comes as standard as Class 1 earthed for UK installations. Class 2 for European installations are available on request.

Function Modes

  • Comfort mode - the heating element maintains a comfortable temperature, set by the user.
  • Energy Saving mode - the heating element maintains an ambient temperature, set lower than ‘’Comfort’’ temperature. This will save energy when a higher temperature isn’t required.
  • Antifreeze mode - the heating element maintains the temperature over 7°C.
  • 2hr Boost mode - the heating element activates the heating element for 2 hours, at full heat. At the end of this period, the controller will return to its previously setting. During the 2 hours, (for safety reasons) the ambient temperature cannot go higher than 32°C.
  • Sequence mode - the heating element operates according to a daily program with weekly repetition. The program can be set by the user.
  • Stand-by mode - the heating element is deactivated, but the controller is operative.
  • CE approved

Available in matt black, matt anthracite, matt mid grey and matt white. There are 8 stocked sizes in the range made up of 4 vertical models and 4 horizontal models. These sizes have been carefully selected to suit UK homes and provide a heating solution for every room in new or old houses. In particular, the 600mm high horizontal models make Aero a great refurbishment choice when upgrading from old white horizontal electric radiators.

All vertical models of Aero and the 600mm high x 660mm wide horizontal model can be used as electric towel rails. Just purchase the additional Aero chrome plated towel bar. The bar stylishly loops across the front of Aero and discreetly connects on the reverse. These towel bars are a low cost optional extra and are available in the accessories section. All towel bars are polished chrome plated to contrast with the matt radiator colours.


The Aero is a 2018 re-design of the well-established designer flat panel steel radiators. Now made from aluminium, the Aero is lighter and more efficient and is finished in contemporary matt colours that coordinate with modern UK interior furnishings and design. The harsh rectangular steel flat panels are now replaced with a subtle convex panel with softened edges. The spaces between panels is reduced to almost zero so that the whole electric radiator flows visually from end to end. The side profile of the radiator is more visually appealing than mild steel equivalents and the dark grey air flow caps, both top and bottom, are a desirable design feature. In short Aero is a new breed of electric designer radiator that meets new levels of expectation demanded for the contemporary home.   


Aero are slimline electric radiators. This means that the total projection into the room (from the wall to the front edge of the radiator) is just 80mm, which is very low by designer electric radiator standards. This makes Aero a sleek design that is unobtrusive and ideal for limited spaces (behind doors or in hallways for example) where it is desirable to have your radiator as close to the wall as possible whilst still providing a good heat output. The fittings brackets are also finished in the same colour as the radiators.

Cost Effective

The Aero range brings high class, high quality designer radiators within the budget of most households in the UK. With every electric radiator in the range being less than £500 inc vat and delivery, it is now possible to complete a whole house with electric designer radiators, not just a statement in one room, without breaking the bank. Even the chrome towel bar to convert to a bathroom radiator can be as little as £22 at retail inc vat. These stylish radiators increase property attractiveness and values. 


Aero is very energy efficient because it is manufactured from aluminium. With the hidden hot water tubes distributing heat internally around the radiator, the individual front panels act as heat transmitters, drawing heat from the water tubes at the rear and then convecting and radiating heat out of the radiator and around the room. These panels transmit the heat from the radiator into the air very quickly and because the surface area of these fins is so large, Aero only needs 40-60% of the water content of a similar designer steel radiator to achieve the same heat output. Your energy bills should reduce by installing this aluminium designer electric radiator range.

Construction & Materials

Manufactured using advanced aerospace fusion technology. Unlike most aluminium ranges on the market which are made using compression connections of mild or stainless steel, the aerospace technology allows the Aero range to be made from 100% aluminium. This gives the Aero long term anti-corrosive properties. It also creates stronger and more stable water tight internal connections.


Being 100% aluminium and constructed using advanced technologies means the Aero is one of the most lightweight ranges on the market. The lightweight nature and efficiently low water content of Aero, make it perfect for plasterboard walls and other less strong walls. These are useful advantages over standard, heavy mild steel electric radiators with large water content. Of course, it also makes the radiator easier for couriers to deliver and also easy to fit for the installer.


More Information
Fuel Type Electric Heating
Style Modern
Orientation Vertical
Watts 800
Height (mm) 1800
Width (mm) 470
Depth wall to front (mm) 80
Colour White
Outer Finish matt textured, white
Core Material Aluminium
Guarantee 5 Years
Ip Rating 44
Weight 30.000000
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