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Atlantic Oniris White Ecodesign Electric Radiator - 615mm high x 1205mm wide

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Atlantic Oniris white 2000 Watt smart technology ecodesign electric radiator - 615mm high x 1205mm wide

Why Atlantic from Geyser?

Oniris from French company Atlantic Group is a highly advanced radiant and convected heat electric radiator. France are the World experts in electric heating due to their expertise in nuclear power and thus electric power generation and usage.

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Geyser are an Atlantic stockist and have been for many years. We are transparent on our website with our current stock situation. Unlike much of our competition, we actually have a warehouse and that warehouse is 12,000 sq ft in size. At any one time, we have dozens of Atlantic products in stock and ready for same day or next day dispatch. Our Atlantic offer is about much more than price, it is about experience, expertise, service, delivery, having stock ready to send to you, and our well regarded aftersales. This evidence is in the public domain where our customers review us on the most well-known independent online review company Trustpilot.

Geyser is proud to offer 3 ranges of Atlantic electric radiator. Here they are, ordered from standard to highly advanced features:

    1. Tatou (radiant heat diffuser)
    2. Oniris (aluminium heat panel)
    3. Galapagos (oil filled)

The connectivity of these ranges using Smartphone/Cozytouch accessories allows you to mix and match your radiators and the features to suit each room.

Ecodesign LOT 20 Compliance

Over half of domestic energy use is used to heat our water and rooms. This has led to the European Commission introducing the Ecodesign Directive. This is known as Lot 20 legislation in the UK. This product meets the standards of Lot 20 legislation in full.

Lot 20 outlines a minimum efficiency standard that all electric space heaters must comply with in an effort to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat our homes.

More specifically, all fixed electric space heaters with a nominal heat output above 250 watts must have at least a 38% energy efficiency rating. As a result, electric heaters will now need to include multiple energy saving features. The benefit to you the end user is much lower running costs and improved control, such as easy to use digital programmers, to help reduce unnecessary energy wastage.

This radiator meets the minimum 38% energy efficiency rating using a combination of the features listed in detail below.

Internal Functionality

Oniris features an internal, extruded aluminium, heating panel which is the source of the heat, PLUS an additional aluminium heating film beneath the surface. The heating panel is the main source of the heat once the unit is up and running at full temperature.

The additional aluminium film, embedded with a heating element, located under the surface, produces heat very quickly for rapid heat up times of 40 degrees in just 5 minutes. This creates a very homogeneous (even) surface temperature across the unit.

Where to use Oniris?

Oniris is the perfect all round electric radiator suitable for all rooms of the house. It has the quick heat up times for rooms used less often. The energy efficient aspect of Oniris makes it a money saver when installed in heavily used rooms such as lounges and kitchen diners.

Energy Efficiency 

These Atlantic models offer extremely low running costs and use up to 45% less energy than the competing brands. Oniris is more economical to run than a conventional convector heater which only emits hot air into the room.

These radiators are focused on reducing energy consumption and ultimately reducing cost to you as the user. The radiator features an 'Energy Consumption Indicator' which shows you how much energy the unit is using, dependent on the chosen temperature. This is in the form of a light indicator system, where the radiator will display GREEN through AMBER to RED helps you optimise energy consumption.

Open Window Detection

Oniris features an 'Open Window' detection function. If a sudden drop in temperature is detected by opening a window, the unit will shut off, preventing wasted energy consumption.

Programming & human detection

Features a very advanced digital control panel, which displays the ambient room temperature (i.e. 20 degrees), located on the top of the unit under a neat flip top cover (to ensure children do not easily see it).

The Oniris has a fully programmable 24hr,7 day a week timer function. You decide when the unit is to be on or off saving energy and money.

Also included is a very advanced AUTO programming feature. Utilising the units SMART intelligence, it can create its own cycle of heating patterns by monitoring your weekly usage and time patterns in the room. The radiator predicts when and how hot you need the room and auto heats it, cutting off when it knows you do not use it, potentially saving you significant energy costs.

To enable the AUTO programming, models feature a LIGHT and MOTION detectors (located on the front of the unit) which can detect human presence. The unit then collates data for the AUTO programming times and temperature settings.

When there is light and movement detection the unit sends a 5 volt message (from 50 milliseconds to 1 second) to the thermostat to operate. This is high level technical stuff!

Manageable through an app

Oniris can be operated from your SMARTPHONE or TABLET for full remote location control of the heating (only compatible with Android and Apple).

The app allows you to programme the unit, with full visualisation of the energy consumption.

You will need to purchase from Geyser an additional 1 x Atlantic 'Cozytouch' bridging device, plus a free to install app called 'Cozytouch' on your smartphone/tablet. The bridging device enables the connection bridge between your internet router and the radiators.

IO - Homecontrol Connectivity

Oniris also feature built in IO-HOMECONTROL radio frequency functionality whereby if you are installing more than one unit within a room of the home, you can pair them all together.

The radio signal will synchronise the temperatures, operating modes and the absence/presence detection across all units. Effectively in a given zone (i.e. an open plan kitchen/diner) one unit becomes the master and the other paired units then become the slave to that master unit.

You can also zone a floor of the house across multiple rooms unless you have solid walls not partition walls this could block the radio signal between the radiators.

Wiring Information

The units are supplied without a plug on the end and should be wired into a Switched Fused Spur.

These units are 'Class 2' electric products which means they are double insulated and don't require earthing.

The units also feature a black pilot wire, which you can link into a compatible GIFAM code system, such as those offered by Deltadore and Siemens. If you are using the 'Cozytouch/Smartphone' or 'IO Homecontrol Radio Frequency' the black pilot wire need not be used or connected.

Comparison with storage heaters

These radiators are much more efficient than storage heaters and many customers are replacing storage heaters with these devices to save on energy bills and for better performance electric heating.

More Information
Fuel Type Electric Heating
Style Modern
Orientation Horizontal
Watts 2000
Height (mm) 615
Width (mm) 1205
Colour White
Outer Finish Gloss Smooth, White
Core Material Mild Steel
Guarantee 2 Years
Ip Rating 24
Weight 21.0000
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