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When we are looking to buy products with important aesthetic and functional value, we look to find companies that have expertise, are reliable, and operate with a high degree of professionalism. Reviews are usually the start of our research to find such companies.

Reviews Matter

In almost 9 out of 10 cases, we look for new suppliers by reading online reviews of the company……if they are available. If reviews are not available, we develop anxiety about the company. People consider good reviews to be as reliable as a personal recommendation.

Review Quantity Matters

A psychological science study found that customers are more likely to favour a company or product based on the quantity of reviews. The combined reviews of a large crowd of customers appeals more to potential buyers than a small number of reviews, even if the small number of reviews are excellent.

Recent Reviews Matter

Recent Trustpilot Reviews

After satisfying the quantity criteria, we then tend to look for new, updated reviews. These newer reviews tell us that 1. The company’s products are still relevant and in demand 2. Shows if the company is doing better or worse than its long term review trend and 3. Whether old issues have been resolved. So, Geyser Radiators & Heated Towel Rails – How Are They Performing?


Geyser only use 3rd party, independent review sites, such as Trustpilot and Amazon, to collate reviews about their designer radiators and heated towel rails. These reviews cannot be controlled by Geyser. Geyser does not list any reviews on their site that it has received directly from customers. This helps us to trust the reviews, since we can be sure that they are not Geyser “edited, created or filtered”. Visit Trustpilot and Amazon for more details of how 3rd party review sites work.


Geyser have a high quantity of designer radiator and heated towel rail reviews on Trustpilot, with 2,439 submitted reviews (as at 10th July 2019). This long history has resulted in Geyser having more than 3.5 times more reviews than their nearest rival in the designer radiator and heated towel rails space. The reviews are recent but also span a time frame going back to 2009. Trustpilot are moving to a 5 star system in September 2019 but using their existing “out of 10” scoring methodology, Geyser currently have a 9.4 rating.

Service - The Good Bits

With some many reviews, the number of subjects covered in the reviews are extensive. However, we can get a good flavour of what the themes are by concentrating on the recent reviews and trawling back through a good quantity looking for patterns in the comments on the Geyser service. Soon a picture emerges, and we can see what Geyser are highly praised for...

Geyser on Trustpilot reviews

Service - The Bad Bits

This is what we are really interested in – no matter how hard they may try; no company gets it right 100% of the time. Geyser has a huge amount of reviews (over 2,400!) and of these only 3% are rated poor. Looking into these poorly rated reviews I can see that over half of them are relating to courier and courier damage (Geyser use outside courier services to deliver their products). The remainder of the poor reviews (1.5%) cover a range of issues including faulty items and incorrect items. In each case Geyser have responded to the review in a timely manner looking to resolve the issue.  It's clear to see that Geyser care about their customers and want them to be happy with both their product and the service received. 

Service Product Review

Trustpilot Product Reviews - Geyser

Now even more important that service reviews, customers are keen to see what are the reviews of the products they are interested in? Afterall in many instances people are buying products, not companies, and the product is the hero. We can even suffer a bad service if the product ends up being fantastic, but we cannot stand poor product, even if the company service was good.

Product reviews are relatively new and nowhere near as widely adopted by companies as service reviews. Even Trustpilot only introduced these in late 2018. Geyser adopted the independent collection of product reviews on its designer radiators and heated towel rails by Trustpilot in early 2019.

Because it was introduced so recently, there are not enough reviews to make a strong opinion about the designer radiators and heated towel rails Geyser sells...but the early indications are that Geyser products are excellent with 100% positive reviews. The neat thing about Trustpilot product reviews is that the reviews are shown on the product page on Geysers website. Here is an example...


Geyser are very open and honest with reviews. They embrace independent reviews that are collected and submitted by trusted and well known 3rd party review websites such as Trustpilot and Amazon. These reviews can be responded to by Geyser, but the customers review cannot be edited by Geyser. This provides us with the transparency we need to assess the reviews of Geyser in this “Review of the Reviews” article. Like all companies, Geyser do not have a perfect record, with 3% of reviews being poor or bad. Judging by the Geyser responses on the more recent poor reviews, the company seems to be working at improving the problem areas. There is a notable, much more proactive and positive change in response to poor reviews from late 2018 onwards. Geyser now responds directly to aftersales issues highlighted in reviews and looks to remedy the problem where possible, even after the sale.

Overall, we can determine that Geyser are a trustworthy company with a very high review rating on the back of a very high quantity of reviews received over a long period of time. At least 97% of people and businesses that buy from Geyser rate them as Great or Excellent.

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