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Chrome Straight Ladder Thermostatic Electric Towel Rail 900mm high x 900mm wide

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The highly advanced Terma MOA thermostat heater element comes pre-installed and has '+' and '-' buttons to adjust the temperature across 5 settings, in increments of 7.5 degrees between 30 and 60 degrees. An LED flashes whilst warming and then the LED turn constant once your chosen temperature is achieved.

The MOA variable heat thermostat also has the benefit of a built-in timer that when pressed will give your heater a boost on a 2hr time countdown before switching back to your programmed heat setting or off altogether if that is your standard setting.

Additional features of the heating element include water ingress protection (IP Rating) of X5 required for electric bathroom installations, is compatible with a timer and comes with a 1.5 metre flex.

This electric towel rail can be made fully programmable by combining it with the additional purchase of a 7 day, 24hr timer which are available in our Accessories section.

These may be standard thermostatic electric towel rails, but they are the highest quality standard thermostatic electric towel rails in the UK. All our electric towel rails with thermostats have been Geyser inspected at the most advanced specialist electric towel rail manufacturing facility in Europe. In order to drive consistent high quality and to remove human error, all Geyser Prime "Electric Thermostatic Towel Rails" are robotic and machine assembled in every aspect possible.

The chrome plating applied is a superior long-life blend that is far more durable than contract blend coating found on most UK products of a similar price point. This is enhanced by rigorous anti corrosion testing and rust-preventing additives in the chrome plating.

Geyser Prime thermostatic electric towel rails have more horizontal bars than any competing model of the same size. Compare the number of bars on our towel rails and compare to our competition. Our products will always have more for the same size. This is crucial because more bars equal more heat and a superior towel rail. In addition, each Geyser horizontal cross bar is 22mm in diameter. Many other UK retailers have 15mm or 18mm cross tubes on their products which is inferior.

Geyser thermostatic electric towel rails are of the best quality and are manufactured to last. Geyser electric towel rails with thermostats are for sale online for the best price in the UK for the quality. They are cheap when you calculate the whole life cost and longevity of the product. We are transparent with our quality and service. Our customers review us daily with the most well-known independent online review company, Trustpilot .

These thermostatic electric towel rail radiators are plug in in the sense that they use a same sized socket as a standard plug but instead your electrician will wire it directly into a fused spur of the same size. Like other well-known brands such as Dimplex and Kudox, these Geyser electric towel rails are also wired in just the same way. Fused spurs are a cheap, everyday electric accessory which are used widely across the World.

The primary function of an electric towel rail is to dry towels. However, if you are looking to heat your bathroom space as well, use our advanced btu room calculator to make sure you are installing enough heat for the room. This calculator will help you choose an electric towel dryer with enough size and heat that will serve as an electric radiator, electric towel dryer and electric towel rack all in one product.

This is a straight ladder electric towel rail with thermostat which means the horizontal bars have a straight profile. We also have curved models available with a slight curve outward of the horizontal bars. The only noticeable difference between the two is the light reflection off the towel rail, which will be slightly different.

See our full range for models and sizes to suit every application. We have large, small, tall, wide, narrow, compact, slimline, designer thermostatic electric towel rails so you can buy the perfect model for you!

Comprehensive double sided A4 fitting instructions are included, with detailed notes on how to correctly commission your electric towel rail with thermostat for internal THERMAL EXPANSION, which *must* be carried out during installation by your electrician. It is easy but important to do!

More Information
Fuel Type Electric Heating
Style Modern
Orientation Vertical
Watts 400
Height (mm) 900
Width (mm) 900
Depth wall to front (mm) 95
Colour Chrome
Outer Finish Polished Chrome
Core Material Mild Steel
Guarantee 5 Yrs (Rail), 2 Yrs (Element)
Ip Rating X5
Weight 18.0000
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