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Flasteel Brushed Steel Tall Thin Ecodesign Electric Radiator 1800mm high x 390mm wide

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Flasteel, brushed stainless steel, tall, thin, single panel, ecodesign electric designer radiator. A modern vertical wall mounted flat panel designer radiator ideal as a simple yet stylish statement feature in kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms in the domestic home. Measures 1800mm high x 390mm wide and a maximum heat output of 1000 Watts.

Unique Features:

  • Exclusive to Geyser
  • Ecodesign Lot 20 compliant
  • European manufactured Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Large out-of-sight rear collector bar for faster and better heat distribution

Ecodesign LOT 20 Compliance

In 2018 is was written in UK and EU Law (regardless of Brexit) that all electric designer radiators should meet strict new energy efficiency guidelines. In 2019, it became illegal to install electric designer radiators that do not meet these guidelines. This Geyser electric designer radiator comes complete with a highly advanced heating element. The accumulation of eco features built into this heating element take this designer electric radiator past the threshold criteria score for Ecodesign LOT 20 compliance. Here are the ECO features of this electric radiator.

24hr, 7 day a week timer programming

Giving you control and flexibility to heat your space as and when you choose. Allows you to save power when the room does not need to be heated or heated to full temperature.

Ambient Room Temperature

The most advanced technical change for ECO purposes, electric designer radiators must now sense the ambient temperature of the room NOT the internal solution temperature. A digital display allows you to set the target, comfortable, temperature for the room and the radiator will work to maintain that temperature. This prevents over heating of the room and therefore prevents excessive energy use.

Open Window Detection

The radiator senses the sudden drop in temperature when a window is opened and switches off. This is done automatically without any setting changes from the user. The radiator will automatically start heating again towards the pre set comfort temperature once the window is closed. This feature is based on the logical assumption that nobody would want to waste energy heating the outside air via an open window.

Additional Features

This Geyser Dynamic element incorporated into this designer electric radiator has additional features over and above those required for Ecodesign LOT 20 Compliance. These include 6 x pre-set fixed programs and 3 x flexible settable programs. The radiator also has a 2hr boost function for a rapid high heat increase before returning to previous temperature setting. The digital temperature range can be set between 7°and 32°. The heating element is IP44 rated which means it is electrically safe even if accidentally splashed with water. A stand-by mode is also included.

More Information
Fuel Type Electric Heating
Style Modern
Orientation Vertical
Watts 1000
Height (mm) 1800
Width (mm) 390
Depth wall to front (mm) 50-90 (adjustable by removing interconnecting bracket barrel)
Colour Brushed
Outer Finish Brushed Stainless Steel
Core Material Stainless Steel
Ip Rating X5
Weight 27.000000
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