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Advanced thermostatic variable and fixed heat elements for new or retro fit towel rails and radiators. Fully programmable 24/7 timers to suit elements. Elements with EU/UK energy efficient regulatory compliance and low surface temperature (LST) control and more features.  


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    £87.98 £73.32
    800 Watt Chrome Variable Heat Element ELEM-CH-800W-THE
    800 Watt Element - ELEM-CH-800W-THE Learn More
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    £78.00 £65.00
    7 day smartphone timer and fused spur for electric radiators or towel rails

    Programmable smartphone-controlled timer and fused spur combination

    - ELEM-TIM-FUS-WIF Learn More
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    £73.00 £60.83
    600 Watt White Variable Heat Element ELEM-WH-600W-THE
    600 Watt Element - ELEM-WH-600W-THE Learn More
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    £7.00 £5.83
    White cable masking unit for variable heat electric elements

    Cable housing unit

    - ELEM-HOUS-WH-THE Learn More
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    £7.00 £5.83
    Black cable masking unit for electric variable heat elements

    Matt finish cable housing unit

    - ELEM-HOUS-BL-THE Learn More
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    £87.98 £73.32
    1000 Watt Chrome Variable Heat Element ELEM-CH-1000W-TH
    1000 Watt Element - ELEM-CH-1000W-TH Learn More
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    £26.00 £21.67
    200 Watt White Fixed Heat Element ELEM-WH-200W-ELE
    200 Watt Element - ELEM-WH-200W-ELE Learn More

Items 10-18 of 81

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