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Retro Fit Radiator Diverter Accessory Compatible With Manual Non Thermostatic Valves

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Retro Fit Radiator Diverter Accessory Compatible With Manual Non Thermostatic Radiator Valves

If you have a radiator without a flow diverter pre fitted inside (see below for more info on what this is) and you are having issues with heat distribution you can purchase this device which is fitted between the valve and your radiator, to create a flow diversion for you.

We offer two models of this diverter:

One for TRVs (with a smaller overnut).

Over for Manual Valves (with a larger overnut).

The little rubber disc goes into the radiator and once the flow of water is started it will hit this disc inside the radiator to force the water up and over the columns/profiles/tubes of your radiator.

When customers have reported heat distribution issues, fitting this device this has fixed the issue for them.

Geyser radiators are designed with flow divertors included so purchasing one of these items is not necessary for your Geyser radiator.

This accessory is aimed as a retro fit device for radiators bought from other manufacturers that have not designed in diverters when they should have done. Unfortunately, this is very common.

The device will add approximately 5mm to 10mm to your pipe centres overall.

You will only need x 1 of these devices for each radiator and this should be fitted on the FLOW side (water inwards).

What is a flow diverter used for?

When you have a tall vertical radiator (i.e. 1 metre high or taller) sometimes there can be an internal water flow issue which means the radiator is only hot across the bottom and up the outer Left or right hand bars, but down the centre of the radiator can be cooler or have cold spots.

Water will look for the quickest way out of a radiator. So, the water comes in for example on the bottom left and then rushes straight across the bottom and out of the bottom right. Some water goes up the first and last bars but then there isn't enough pressure to spread it evenly, so all bars get hot.

Well designed radiators are pre fitted with, or are supplied with loose diverters which acts as a barrier inside the radiator, so once the water comes in on the left it forces ALL of the water up and over and ensures that the radiator gets evenly hot all over. Geyser radiators that need divertors have them.

The diameter of the rubber disc is 50mm meaning that the collector bar into which this is inserted must be no bigger than this diameter for this to work efficiently.

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