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Venn Black Horizontal Designer Radiator - 600mm high x 800mm wide

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New for 2019. The Venn aluminium designer radiator. This is the horizontal, low level, wall mounted model with 4,431 BTU output. Finished in impeccable matt subtly textured, RAL9005 black finish. Measuring 600mm high x 800mm wide.

The Venn range is a modern 2019 twist on the classic column designer radiators that first launched on to the market in the early noughties. These central heating radiators are available as upright vertical radiators or as horizontal radiators. The Venn sets a new benchmark for what an in vogue designer column radiator should be. Designs from the noughties are now retro and dated compared to Venn. The clunky, heavyweight mild steel predecessors to Venn, with large gaps between the columns and visible welds are have been put into the shade by this trendy, lightweight, super-efficient radiator.

Venn will be a talking point for all visitors to your home. It's ravishing well-formed beauty, is finished exquisitely in enticing colours and is supplemented by the very practical characteristics of efficient and high heat outputs. Venn is high end designer interior heating for all domestic living spaces including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges, conservatories, halls, landings and cloakrooms.

Tubular Columns

Made from aluminium, in a striated, chunky column design, Venn is made from perfectly aligned, side by side, 80mm diameter columns that are separated by a gap of just 3mm, which is at least 70% closer than mild steel alternatives. This is crucial when viewed up close, because it creates a significantly more attractive radiator. The columns are then sliced and flattened at the rear to create a ¾ complete circular tube. This makes Venn appear almost totally tubular. However, this slicing allows the designer radiator to stand closer to the wall, with no spaces behind the tubes and therefore reduces the overall radiator projection from your wall. The result is a substantial radiator but a radiator that does not impose itself too much into the room space.

High Heat Output

Many designer radiator ranges on the market are low heat output and unsuitable for many rooms in the house. These radiators may look good, be low cost, but are completely impractical if they do not heat the room! At Geyser, we put high heat output at the centre of our design concepts, and this is true of Venn. With high heat outputs of up to 9,059 BTU in the largest sizes, we have a Venn model suitable for heating every room in a typical UK house.


The vertical striations (see the close up photographs) are an especially distinguishing feature that adds a real classy edge to this design. We conducted customers feedback viewings in our showroom to determine interior design reaction to these striations. With two prototypes on display (one with striations, one without) even we were surprised by the overwhelming positive response to the striation addition. If you are fortunate enough to live near our Bolton showroom, come and see for yourself because the trendy effect is hard to capture adequately in a website photograph.

Cost Effective

Firstly, Venn is premium quality as you would expect from Geyser. Secondly, Venn fulfils the main function of a radiator - they have high heat outputs. Thirdly, they look amazing. Fourthly, despite being premium quality, high output and amazing looking, they are also cheap. Every single model, even the anodised champagne gold models, are under £499 delivered to the UK. At Geyser we pride ourselves of sellingqualityfor the lowest price. Our products are built to last and without compromise.We are transparent with our quality and service. Our customers review us daily with the most well-known independent online review company,Trustpilot.


Finished in the most popular RAL colours used by interior design and interior furniture and fittings manufacturers. We have matt black, matt anthracite, matt light grey, matt white and silk champagne gold. All colours have discreet brushed chrome end caps. There are 7 stocked sizes in the range made up of 4 vertical models and 3 horizontal models. These sizes have been carefully selected to suit UK homes and provide a heating solution for every room in new or old houses. In particular, the 600mm high horizontal models make Venn a great refurbishment choice when upgrading from old white horizontal panel radiators, even old double panel radiators.

More Information
Fuel Type Central Heating
Style Modern
Orientation Horizontal
BTU (t60) 4431
Watts 1299
Height (mm) 600
Width (mm) 800
Depth wall to front (mm) 116 to 131 (two possible bracket settings)
Wall to centre of inlet (mm) 62 (Based on minimum bracket setting)
Colour Black
Outer Finish matt textured, black
Core Material Aluminium
Guarantee 5 Years
Weight 15.0000
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