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We know you will be spoilt for choice when choosing your new radiator... vast amounts of online companies, DIY stores and showrooms all offering lots of different products. So, please let us tell why we think you should buy from Geyser and how we differ from our competitors...

Geyser is a longstanding, reputable supplier of high quality designer heating for both central heating systems and electric heating. Our range encompasses Radiators and Heated Towel Rails.

We design our own products and stock models from leading high end brands such as Bisque, Aeon, Vasco, Irsap and MHS. We have in depth expertise in radiators and we offer products inspired by the latest trends with optimal heat output, supplied in the best protective packaging. Our range is manufactured in our appointed factories around the world including Italy, Turkey, Poland and India.

We physically stock all of our products meaning we can offer you true next day delivery. We don't simply take customer orders and 'drop ship' items from external suppliers, like resellers do. This means if we say an item is in stock.. it will be!!

We offer the highest quality images of our products, photographed from all angles & presented as thumbnails which all open full screen, so you can get up close to the product, as if you were in a real showroom - something important to online shoppers who can’t touch and feel a product.

On our category pages, you’ll also see all product images are displayed with a unique size guide down the left hand side, so all the products are sized and presented in proportion to each other, so you can see how they vary in size, just as if you had them all lined up in front of you.

Our Central Heating Radiator range offers a wide selection of both portrait and landscape designs in a multitude of exterior finishes inc. brushed chrome, sparkling chrome, white & black. At present approximately 75% of the Central Heating Radiators range are available as 'Electric' (and with time we hope to offer our entire central heating range as electric - more new to follow on this).

We are proud to offer one of the widest online selections of Heated Towel Rails in the UK, with over 100 different sizes and designs. There is definitely a perfect model right here for every bathroom. A huge 95% of our Central Heating range is available as 'Electric' (in both single heat or variable heat options).

As the image below shows.. it is easy to switch any product between the Central Heating and Electric options, from the product page itself. Note: If that product isn't available as electric the buttons will simply be greyed out.

Seen an Identical Product Selling Elsewhere? There are 2 reasons this might happen:

1. We sell some of our Designer Radiators and Heated Towel Rails to online resellers (companies who only sell, but don't manufacture), so you may find our products on sale through them (sometimes even with different names). These will be coming direct from us, simply 'drop shipped' on their behalf, so you can rest assured of the quality.

2. Other well known manufacturers will produce very similar designs (which is often the case in an industry where trend prediction dominates the designs in manufacture). Often the Geyser brand will cost less than similar products from high end brands, as we outsource our manufacturing and therefore don't have the same overheads. On the rare occasion you may find products cheaper, be mindful these may have come from China where often there are quality issues with poor manufacturing.

If you have seen a product elsewhere and wish to telephone us to find out how is compares to ours, or to ask if it is ours, we will be happy to discuss this with you

We hope you know all you need to know about us and feel confident in purchasing from us.

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