Terms & Conditions

Cosmetically Damaged Products Policy: 48 Hours

Any items which arrive cosmetically damaged will be replaced free of charge, as long as they are reported to us within 2 working days, from the time you sign for your order. The law states you should have reasonable opportunity to inspect your goods after receipt, thus Geyser gives you 2 full working days for this. Sorry, we strictly cannot replace items received by the customer with cosmetic damage, which you have failed to report to us within 48 hours of signing for your product. Outside of 48 hours it is questionable whether the courier caused the cosmetic damage to a product.

Information regarding this policy is clearly stated in numerous places:

  • 1. On the 'Payment & Delivery' page of this website
  • 2. In the 'Dispatch Notice' email we send out to all customers when the orders are shipped
  • 3. On the 'Delivery Note' physically attached to the outside of the packaging
  • 4. (in most cases) On a large A4 size rubber stamping made to the packaging

So, to re-emphasise the point...all items with cosmetic damage (inflicted by the courier) must be notified within 48 hours or by the end of the next working day (if signed for at the weekend).

Note: Additionally items which arrive damaged should NOT be fitted as if they are fitted to your wall this damage could have been caused by the fitter during installation and therefore it is questionable whether the items arrived damaged. Any damaged items should be kept in their box and reported back to us within 48 hours for a replacement to be sent. 

Orders for Non Stock Items (any codes starting “Z-“)

  • Any customer purchasing special order (non stock) items is required to pay a minimum 50% non refundable deposit at the time of order.
  • The remaining 50% balance is then payable when the items are ready for dispatch and must be paid before dispatch takes place.
  • Credit limits cannot be used to pay the 50% deposit payment.
  • As soon as an order is placed, production begins right away, therefore the 50% deposit is strictly non refundable for any special order items once paid.

Orders for Stock Items in EXCESS of Normal Stock Holding

  • Any trade customer purchasing multiple items above the quantity which Geyser hold in stock, (ie we need to put further items in production specifically for your order), the customer is required to pay a minimum 50% non refundable deposit at the time of order.
  • Credit limits can be used towards the 50% balance payments (where credit limit is less than 50% balance the difference must be paid before goods are dispatched).
  • As soon as an order is placed, production begins right away, therefore the 50% deposit is strictly non refundable for any multiple items orders once paid.

Holding Stock

  • For orders where the items are ready and Geyser is required to store the items on site (ie awaiting a delivery date from the customer) we shall only store these for a maximum of 90 days, with a 50% deposit payment in place.
  • Beyond 90 days full payment of the 50% balance is required as we shall not continue to store beyond this time period. At that point if no payment is made we shall dispatch the goods to the value of the 50% deposit and the remaining items will be made available for sale to other customers.

Missing Parts Policy: 14 Days

If you find any parts missing from your packages, please remember that all goods must have been checked for missing items within 14 days of receipt. Please remember that small accessories (valves etc) may have been packed inside the box with your radiator/towel rail, so please open all packaging before you call us to report potential items missing (as most of the time customers call us they are in fact there).

Free replacement of missing parts notified to us over 14 days from the date you sign for the products will not be accepted. This policy is clearly written on the delivery note attached to the outer packaging.

Cancellation Of Order, Prior to Receipt of Goods

You have the right to cancel an order within 24 hours of placing it as long as the order has not been dispatched from our warehouse.

If your item is a special order (ie bespoke colours, sizes models etc) the order cannot be cancelled once the goods are in production (FYI: normally production will begin 3-4 days after your order is placed).

Please ring us to state you wish to cancel an order and you shall be refunded in full. Note: If the item has already been dispatched at the time of your call, then the fees as listed below will be payable as the item has technically been sent at that point.

Change of Mind Policy / Distance Selling Regulations (DSR), Once Goods Are Received: 14 Days 

We are more than happy for our customers to buy a designer radiator or heated towel rail from us and view it at home, allowing you to see it in situ. If you then change your mind and wish to return it to please phone within 14 days of the day of receiving it us on 01204 695 387. We shall then arrange for this to be collected from you by the appropirate courier for the size of the item. Note for accessory only orders you will need to arrange to post these back yourself as we will not send a courier for very small items.

We offer 14 day change of mind to all of our customers regardless of whether you have collected items in person or received them via a courier service under Distance Selling Regulations.

Once it arrives back in 'as new' condition (this means in its original packaging, undamaged and never having been fitted), you shall be refunded minus collection fees as listed below:

  • £25 - for items up to 1499mm in length
  • £50 - for items over 1500mm in length

If more then one item is to be returned (as part of the same order) you shall be charged an additional 50% of the fee for each subsequent item (ie £12.50 for item up to 1499mm high or £25 for item over 1500mm high) Note: If you originally paid for an upgraded delivery, the cost of the upgraded delivery will not be refunded.

Whether you are having a full refund or swapping to a different product the same fees will apply.

If you are planning to swap for a different product you must wait for the returned product to arrive back with us, so we can then use the credit note from this as full or part payment for the replacement product. Otherwise if you need the new item straight away, you can pay for the new one in full and then you will be refunded for the returned item, minus the collection fees once that arrives back.

Note: If you order a bespoke special order item (any stock codes which have a "Z-" prefix, which is manufactured especially for you ie:

  • polished stainless steel
  • bespoke colour towel rail / radiator
  • non stock sizes
  • specific size unique to your requirements

these items are non returnable, as these are not our normal stock items. The items are still covered for faults etc, but not change of mind.

Product Guarantee

Each product has a guarantee as listed on the respective product page and also listed in your order confirmation email next to each item(s) ordered.

The guarantee covers the product developing a fault where it will be replaced with another like for like product.

If the product you have purchased has been discontinued since the time it was purchased you will be offered another product to the same value.

The only liability on Geyser Ltd during the guarantee period will be the entitlement to a refund or replacement product. Geyser Ltd will endeavour to accommodate the wishes of the customer but reserves the right to refund or replace the product with the same model, based on the most cost-effective solution for Geyser Ltd. This is in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act for returned or faulty items. Geyser will not be liable for any additional costs including, but not limited to, fitting costs, return costs and any other consequential loss within the guarantee period.

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase "Clearance Price" products these are definitely being discontinued and will not be replaced once stock has gone, so should they develop a fault you will only get a credit to the value of the price paid. This means you may need to pay additional monies for a replacement product of the same commercial value, utilising a credit to the original value you paid.

Faulty Products Policy

In this unlikely event, firstly we apologise for this. Please could you telephone us on 01204 695 387 to notify us of the problems you're having.

If Replacement Required: You have two options how to replace this.

1. PAY A SMALL HOLDING FEE FOR AN INSTANT REPLACEMENT SENT: We are aware that is it costly to have a plumber or electrican visit your premises twice to first remove and then come back again to fit the replacement. Due to this most customers prefer to have the repacement product sent out before the faulty one is taken down. For this option, we will charge you a holding fee of roughly 50% of the sales price of the item and a brand new one can be sent out. When the faulty one is been taken down off the wall, you can ring and advise us to collect it. Once it arrives back with us, you shall receive a full refund of the holding fee you have been paid. Additionally you may no longer have the packaging from the original product, so by choosing this option you will have the packaging from the new product for sending back the faulty product. (**More notes about the holding fee in the next section below).

2. SEND OLD ITEM BACK TO US AND ONCE RECEIVED A NEW ONE CAN THEN BE SENT: Alternatively, we can arrange for a replacement product to be sent out to you with no charge, but for this option the faulty product must besent back to us before we can dispatch the new one.

NOTE: If you have an electric towel rail or electric radiator and the product is faulty, but the heating element is working fine, we normally ask you to keep the element, as only the rail or radiator itself will need replacing.

If No Replacement Required: We shall simply collect the item from your home.

**Further Terms and Conditions of Holding Fees Policy

These notes relate to holding fees paid to Geyser Ltd to have a replacement faulty / damaged item(s) sent out to you ahead of the faulty item(s) physically coming back to Geyser. Firstly we are sorry you are in a situation where item(s) needs to be replace, (for whatever reason that may be(.

As part of our returns process, will credit your faulty item(s) back into our system allowing this monetary credit to pay for new item(s) being sent out. The holding fee element has been temporarily charged to cover the costs of the item(s) you are  holding onto. Once the faulty item(s) arrive back with Geyser Ltd, the holding fee  will be refunded in full. This is in addition to any other refund you may be due which could be:

  • Postage costs (if for instance you have been asked to send smaller items (valves etc)back to us via the post, as it is too expensive to send the courier to collect small items).

Once a holding fee is paid, it is the customer’s responsibility to:

  • advise Geyser Ltd when the old item is ready for collection (for radiators or towel rails)
  • physically send the item back if it is a small accessory. Once notified we shall arrange a convenient time for the courier to come and collect the old item.

Collections with the courier can take place anytime between 9 and 5, so you’ll need to have the product available in a place where you will also be available. Should you choose to leave the parcel in the porch or the garden for instance and the courier come to collect and the item is missing, this is your loss and not the responsibility of Geyser or the courier. If the item isn’t there when due to be collected and you cannot find it again, you will not receive a refund for your holding fee.

You have a set time limit of three months from the date you paid your holding fee within which to send the old item back to us. After three months your holding fee will be converted into a payment for the goods which have never been returned and you will no longer be entitled to the refund back. Three months is more than adequate time to send the old item back. If you know you will need longer than three months, please advise us and we can log this against your holding fee.

Confirmation of Fault and Adequately Packaging Your Product for Return

We request that you adequately package any faulty item being returned to us. If we are sending you a replacement item (optin 1 above) you can use the packaging off the new item for the the old item. If you are having a simultaneous swap out (option 2) it is up to you to package the radiatro ready for transit with the courier. All brackets etc must be sent back please.

Once the item arrives back with us, it shall be fully tested to ensure the fault you have notified us of is correct. Once verified and as long as the item has arrived back in a suitable condition along with all brackets etc, you shall be refunded your holding.

Our Policy on Tradesmen Fees Associated with Replacing Faulty Products

Geyser guarantees its products for the specified length of time, as stated on the respective product page. Should any item develop a fault within the guarantee period we shall replace the product for you. We will also cover the cost of collecting the faulty product and the cost of sending the new replacement product out to you. However, we are not liable for covering any of associated costs from your electrician or plumber to swap the products.

Should you find that you run into high, unexpected costs in replacing a faulty product, we have pre determined set amounts of money, which at our discretion we may refund back to you towards your costs, on receipt fo a paid invoice from yourselves as proof. On receipt we shall review the costs you have incurred and we may consider partially reimbursing these costs. This invoice must be fully paid and invoiced to you (the customer) and not to Geyser. Any invoices raised to Geyser directly will simply be rejected. This decision on any refund is completely at the discretion of the General Manager and each case will be reviewed dependant on the overall inconvenience caused to the customer and offered as a pure gesture of good will from Geyser.

Communication Between Geyser and its Customers

Typically only the following 3 emails will be sent to our customers, following this you shall not receive any further 'spam' from Geyser under any circumstance.. unless we have a specific update to inform you of about the product you have purchased.

1. As soon as you place your order, you shall receive an "Order Confirmation" email which will list all the items purchased and the total paid. It will also contain further information stating when you can expect your order to arrive.

2. On the day that your items leave our warehouse, we shall send you a further "Dispatch Notice" email, which will confirm the items have been sent and will also list all the information you need to be able to track your delivery with our courier. This includes the consignment number and the contact details for a real time update as to the whereabouts of your order and how to ascertain what time your order may turn up. Please look out for this email arriving with you.

3. Additionally 20 days after placing your order you shall receive a final "Review Request" email asking for feedback on what you thought of our service, which is listed in the "Trust Pilot" open public forum accessible from our homepage for all our future customers to see.

Out Of Stock Items Policy

If an item is out of stock and not available for next day delivery, it will be stated on the product page just below the price. For example "Delivery in July (7th-15th) as Currently Out of Stock" means we expect it to arrive with you during this time period. Please Note: These dates are subject to change, therefore Geyser cannot be held responsible if your order is held back longer than the suggested dates.We will telephone you when your order is ready for dispatch to advise you of the exact date it will be arriving, to ensure you are available to sign for it. If you reach the end of the date period specified and you haven't heard from us, this will mean that your delivery may be further delayed. In this case, please phone us on 01204 695 387 for an update on your order, or check the relevant product page on our website, as this should have the new expected delivery date on it. If your order contains items both in stock and out of stock, we ask you in your order confirmation email to let us know whether you'd like part delivery or full delivery when all items are back in stock.

Delivery Timeframe Policy

Here is simple chart to tell which day you can expect your order to arrive, depending the time and day you placed your order.


  • FRI After 2pm through MON Before 2pm (ie all weekend) = Delivered TUE
  • MON After 2pm through TUE Before 2pm = Delivered WED
  • TUE After 2pm through WED Before 2pm -= Delivered THU
  • WED After 2pm through THU Before 2pm = Delivered FRI
  • THU After 2pm through FRI Before 2pm = Delivered MON

Note: Only exception to the above is an upgrade to Saturday delivery, which wil arrive Sat as long as ordered before 2pm on a Friday.Items will arrive anytime between 9 - 5pm (unless you choose to pay for an upgrade for a specific time of day).

Note: If your order was placed very close to 2pm, we advise you call us on 01204 695 387 to check we receive your order in time, as it may get carried over to the next day.

No liability will be accepted by Geyser for any failure or delay in deliveires which is wholly or partially due to an Act of God, War, Fire, Explosion, Riot, Civil Commotion, Restriction by Government or other competent authority, Strikes, Lock Outs, Failure in supplies or to any cause whatsoever beyond our control.


What If My Tradesman Is Waiting And Items Don’t Arrive?

99% of the time your parcels will arrived as ordered, but on rare occasions the parcels may be delayed due to a wide variety of reasons including: traffic, bad weather, unable to find address, driver out of time, warehouse picking error, miscommunication in order etc. so we recommend NOT booking your plumber or electrician until the product has physically arrived with you and you have opened it to check all items are present as ordered and they are not cosmetically damaged. This is simply to save you money in case anything goes wrong and you end up paying repeated tradesman costs. Just some good advice for you, as Geyser will not reimburse for wasted tradesman visits for late or incomplete orders.


VAT & Payment Processing

Value Added Tax is added to all orders being placed or sent within the UK. Our VAT number is 816 555 223. Online orders are processed via our online credit and debit card payment processing site is a secure area managed by Sage Group PLC. The Sagepay payment gateway uses a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data, thus protecting the cardholder. This includes 3D authentication for customers who have registered for it with their banks. All communication between the cardholder and Sagepay is encrypted to the maximum strength supported by the cardholder browser using TLS or SSL security. More information is available direct from the Sagepay website www.sagepay.com .

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints should be directed to Paul Newby. Email: sales@geyser.co.uk or telephone 01204 695 387.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to change, modify, substitute or remove without notice any information on this website. Prices, goods and availability of products are subject to change at any time. Geyser also reserves the right to withdraw its service at any time, to refuse the service to any customer and to amend these Terms & Conditions, all at any time without notice.

Applicable Law

These conditions shall be construed according to and governed by UK Laws. None of our Terms and Conditions affects your statutory rights as a consumer.

Company Number: 04971321

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