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Black Nickel Designer Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valves - TRV & Lockshield Set

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Black nickel designer angled thermostatic radiator valve set containing 1 x thermostat TRV thermostatic radiator valve and 1 x lockshield valve.

Complete Set

Every radiator or heated towel rail needs 1 x TRV & 1 x Lockshield to be installed on a central heating system. Geyser list both items together, so you only need to buy 1 of these sets per radiator or towel rail.


These radiator valves have modern styling to suit contemporary and classic radiator and towel rail designs. Quite neutral is design, they allow the designer radiator or heated towel rail to be the star attraction whilst still being quality manufactured and fulfilling the practical needs of radiator valves.

Thermostat Control

TRV is plumber’s shorthand for ‘thermostatic radiator valve’. The thermostatic radiator valve part of this set is what controls the temperature of your radiator or heated towel rail. It is recommended to be fitted on the flow side (where the water flows into the radiator) and the lockshield is fitted on the return side (where the water flows out of the radiator).

The TRV is the larger of the two valves and has an ergonomic cylindrical control. Features 5 temperature settings including anti-freeze frost protection. Temperature level shows in graduated display with 'max' shown for highest heat setting and a snowflake icon shown for anti-freeze mode. Within the TRV is a liquid capsule that is the clever device that senses the temperature of the water quickly. Thermostatic radiator valves or TRV’s as they are known, therefore act as thermostat control for your radiator.

Which Valves Do I Need?

These are angled valves and are most commonly used on radiators where the radiator connections are on the side of the radiator (nearly all radiators have this set up) and your pipes come up out of your floor. However, we recommend you visit our choosing radiator valves page for a full explanation of the different orientations of valves available and how they combine with different pipework configurations.

If you still don’t feel confident enough to buy the valves you need or the pipework set up has not been decided yet, then just purchase the radiator and buy the radiator valves later. Alternatively speak to your heating engineer who may already know exactly which valves you need. There are three possibilities – right angled valves, straight valves and corner flat front valves. Even if you choose the wrong valves, we will refund you in full for valves returned in brand new condition, so don’t worry if you make a mistake.

Different Pipework Sizes

This radiator valve set connects to the UK standard 15mm diameter pipework. However they are super easy to adapt to fit on to microbore 10mm and 8mm pipework by means of an additional, inexpensive brass pipework 10mm or 8mm reducer fitting. The reducer is brass in colour but it out of sight because it sits inside the connecting nut of the valve and cannot be seen once installed.


Radiator valves can vary wildly in price but can look very similar. The price differences are down to the quality of the brand and the amount of brass (weight) used in the manufacture of the valves. Brass is the raw material used in the manufacture of radiator valves. All Geyser radiator valves are of equivalent quality as well-known brands such as Drayton, Danfoss and Honeywell and are always manufactured with a high, heavyweight brass content. The weight matters because even the highest quality radiator will look much less stylish with lightweight, cheap radiator valves connected to it. Certainly, these radiator valves cannot be compared to Screwfix or B&Q valves.


In order to get better performance out of your heating system, ask your heating engineer about balancing your central heating system. It is an easy procedure, but your radiator valves play an important part in the process. After balancing your system, the result is even heat distribution across all your radiators and towel rails in your home.


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Weight 0.6300
Core Material Brass
Style Modern
Colour Black
Orientation Angled
Type Valves
Outer Finish Black Nickel
Guarantee 2 Years
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