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Geyser SIM White Heating Element - Fixed Single Heat

Geyser SIM white electric heating element for electric towel rail or dual fuel kit. Available wattages include 100 watts, 150 watts, 200 watts, 300 watts, 400 watts, 500 watts, 600 watts, 700 watts, 800 watts, 900 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts and 1500 watts.

To see BTU output and probe length for your chosen wattage please see the handy table below.

Wattage Probe Length (mm) BTUs (t60)
100 310 341
150 310 511
200 310 682
300 310 1024
400 350 1364
500 350 1705
600 350 2046
700 450 2387
800 485 2728
900 535 3069
1000 575 3410
1200 755 4092
1500 955 5115



This highly advanced Geyser SIM fixed temperature heated element has bi-thermal temperature limiter set at 65°C. It is a safer and more reliable electric towel rail than most competing elements on the market. Geyser SIM also has an extended lifecycle, which can be up to 10 times longer that in commonly sold single heat elements. Contains an internal thermal fuse for protection against dry conditions caused by unnoticed solution evaporation. The small and discreet outer casing which is visible outside the electric towel rail is made from stainless steel.

Where Used

This tubular shaped probe controller kit is for installation or replacement into a fluid filled electric towel rail or converts your existing central heating towel rail into a summer dual fuel electric and central heating towel rail.

If you are purchasing this element because your existing electric towel rail is not heating up or you want instructions to understand how to fit, or how to fill an electric towel rail then you should consider watching ourelectric towel rails video, where you can learn everything you need to know about electric towel rails.

This Geyser element is single heat (one fixed temperature) and will heat to 65 degrees and then works efficiently to maintain that temperature. It does not have an on/off switch on the element. It is turned on/off using a fused spur - an alternative to a standard plug and a common electrical fitting widely available in the UK. Your electrician will supply this low cost fitting.

This element can be used in conjunction with our24hr, 7 days a week, programmable timer.

Excellent colour co-ordination match with silver, grey, chrome, anthracite and black towel rails and radiators. Great with other colours as well but our white elements are best suited to white towel rails and radiators.

Your electric towel rail / electric radiator must be filled with the appropriate solutions. If you are looking for the complete electric towel rail / electric radiator (rather than just this heating element only), then visit ourElectric Towel RailsorElectric Radiatorscategories. Here we sell the complete finished item. The electric radiator or electric towel rail complete with a single heat or thermostatic element and filled and sealed with heating solution.

Technical & Quality

IP67 ingress protection rated - The first figure (6) rating confirms that this element is Dust Tight - No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact. The second (7) rating confirms that Immersion up to 1m - Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion). This is an industry leading rating and what you should be looking for, certainly in a bathroom environment.

Complete with RAL7001 light grey 1.2 metre wire flexible power cable

Stainless steel domed external body

Class 1 construction to EN60335-1

CE Approved

European manufactured

Tested to more 100,000 cycles

In Stock

Geyser are the UK national distributor andstockist of the Geyser SIM element. At any one time, we hold thousands of SIM elements in stock for same day or next day dispatch. Unlike much of our competition, we actually have a warehouse and that warehouse is 12,000 sq ft in size. Our SIM offer is about much more than price, it is about experience, expertise, service, delivery, having stock ready to send to you, and our well regarded aftersales. This evidence is in the public domain where our customers review us on the most well-known independent online review companyTrustpilot.

More Information
Weight 0.100000
Colour White
Wire Length (Metres) 1.2
Ip Rating 67
Product Type Elements
Brand Geyser
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